The Inspection

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The Inspection:


Glancing from her hotel window Bianca Smurkenson was astonished to see how peaceful Llandudno, North Wales unlike the noisy street traffic back in London where she lived.

Bianca was a hotel inspector and had been told to inspect the Hydra Hotel which belonged to comforlax company of the holiday hotels. The company had received numerous complaints from several hotel guests on the customer care from the staff, the food, and the rooms.

Bianca had decided to pay the Hydra Hotel a visit to see for herself. She had booked herself there for a fortnight to complete her investigation. She decided to go under cover as a guest and booked on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner).

In the evening she went down for dinner and ordered her meal and what was brought to her was not what she had expected the food was cold and looked very unattractive to eat. In her opinion the food was at a very poor standard. She used under cover cameras to record everything during her stay. Also the staff service was poor as each staff member was allocated to numerous tables and left her waiting for ages the same customer care was appalling as when she asked to see the manager the receptionist also made her wait for ages until she was serviced.

She even spoke to some of the guests about their view on the hotel as well as looking at the a coach company booklet called Alfa Travel and saw the difference of the picture inside the booklet and the reality state the hotel was in. The rooms were like a box room  it looked more like a storage cupboard then a hotel room and couldn’t fit her suitcase anywhere and the décor was outdated.

So all the complaints about the hotel was true. At the end of her stay revealed to the manager in a confidentality manner of who she was. The manager couldn’t believe it!

“I’ll send you a report of my findings and what needs to be improved on. Your hotel needs to follow the improvements as in my view it’s in a poor standard. I’ll be back in eighteen months time to see if the changes have been implemented!” Bianca explained.

The manager nodded in response.

Bianca checked out of the Hydra Hotel hoping and praying when she returned in eighteen months time that there would be improvements made to the hotel.


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