Remember when we were kids

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Remember when cars were once bicycles,

When complex algebra was once plus simples,

When broken hearts were once scrapped knees,

When stressed minds were once at ease?


Remember when sad songs at night were once bed times stories,

When love was once the least of our worries,

When tattoos were once shapes drawn with a pen,

When growing up was once just turning ten?


Remember when crying in silence was once crying to get attention,

When non exitance was once another dimension,

When walking around puddles were once jumping in them,

When competition was once blowing the biggest bubble gum?


Remember when staying in a conner was once chasing around with your friend,

When staring at the phone were once talking about school without an end,

When dressing to impress was once dressing up just for fun,

When staying inside with the phone was once running out in the sun?


Remember when hiding our emotions were once hiding from the seeker till zero,

When our biggest ambition was once to become a super hero,

When sitting on the couch was once playing along with cartoons,

When wars were once just playing with water balloons?


Remember when getting anxious was once enjoying the moment without a doubt,

When getting stage fright was once speaking our hearts out,

When being sad was once because we couldn’t get our favorite candy to keep,

When faking a smile was once faking sleep?


Remember when being awake at midnight was once sleeping till nine,

When walking on the floor was once walking though lava on the line,

When made up heroes were once our parents,

When earning money was once given free by our grandparents?


Remember when a house to live in was once made out of sheets,

When not going alone at night was once running along the streets,

When meeting strangers was once making new friends,

When goodbyes forever were once goodbyes till tomorrow without an end?


And remember when we were kids, all we wanted to grow up big and strong,

But now all we want is to go back to when we were little and nothing was wrong

Because we were just kids after all not knowing about life,

Just living with a stress-free mind, enjoying every minute without no strife.


So, do you remember how we wanted to grow up so bad?

But now we realize what a better life as kids we had.

Submitted: May 18, 2022

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