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Everything in our world is connected. To have things come to you, you need to emotionally focus on them.

This essay tries to make sense of why the Law of Attraction works and what it really is.

What makes a person get what she wants?

That person must be fueled by desire to have the object, the sound plan how to get it and above all, she must have the right connections to other people.


Successful are those people in our society who have the right friends.


I dont have any friends in the book publishing business and books dont sell.


I dont have any friends in the movie industry..thus I cant make movies.


Let us change that.

So how does the famous "Law of Attraction" come into play?


You need the right friends, so you need to socialize and you need to offer the right stuff to get something in exchange.

So you need to energize yourself because without energy, you simply cannot do anything.

Its like in a car, to get moving, you have to stir up the engine.

And this is where the exercice of "Law of Attraction" comes in, also called "The Secret": its a tool-kit to motivate yourself and to direct that motivation towards your goal by following a chain of steps.

Lets be honest, to get something, you have to get out there and do stuff.

And to be motivated to do all that, you have to plant and raise your motivation first.


There is more to motivation: the more convinced you are about the rightfullness of your desire, the more you will listen and obey to your subconscious, and believe me, this is superbly important.

Your subconscious known far better how to proceed than rational thinking.

It has a great overview over all your experiences and all your knowledge. It is some kind of "Google" for finding all kinds of bits of information that you have to stick together to find the path to your goal.


Optimism and love for the goal is VITAL for goal achievement.

Honestly, how many indifferent pessismists do you know who rush successfully from one achievement to the other?

Exactly: NONE

How many loving optimists do you know who do it?

Well, every successful person really.


That is no coincidence, for the reasons I have stated before.

Your Success-Mechanism can only work for you if you are energized with Optimism and Love for your Goal. You have that Success-Mechanism within you. You just need to ignite it and use it.


I am the artist "Pink Wish" here on SoundCloud:


I am using my Success-Mechanism (Optimism + Love for Music) to keep myself going through the toughest road in order to become a popular music maker.


Guess how I work to improve and one soon day collaborate with those Music Makers (Billie Eilish, Thomas Bergersen, Tarja Turunen) that I am looking up to? I am using my Success-Mechanism: I focus on the LOVE that I am feeling for the music that those wonderful people are producing and I am staying optimistic.

It wont happen today, it wont happen tomorrow. But my Success-Mechanism will help me make sure that it will happen some day soon. Maybe already this year!


In the End, this Success-Mechanism is pure Common-Sense: it is a Method for keeping Me going while the going is hard. Nothing more.

But that is enough and it gets me forward.

Submitted: May 24, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Pink Wish. All rights reserved.

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