The Great Guilds of Esyrene: Valorforge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Co-written by C.L. Speranza and R. Booker.

The story of Valorforge follows a small and dysfunctional guild of adventurers in Grimros, a cold and mountainous Orcish region in the human province of Nelthemar. Based in the lower level of an unfittingly lavish public tavern, the guild has mostly been taking odd jobs to get by. With the help of their landlord's diffident young daughter as an ultimatum for keeping their headquarters, the guild has begun taking on new contracts wherein they find themselves slowly uncovering greater secrets beneath seemingly mundane endeavors. Though they draw ever nearer to vampires, necromancers, and perhaps the most fearsome monster of all-people with motives-some things remain truly much simpler than they seem.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Jessa approached the guildmaster's door with a meek slouch, her fingers nervously and repeatedly brushing through a lock of chestnut br... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

A cold, strong wind blew over the taiga landscape, causing trees to rustle and the snow to whip about the faces of the intrepid travele... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Tatsidi made his way down the streets of Kho'Gul as the clouds darkened the morning sky. A heavy yet windless snowfall blanketed the city... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

"Hold still, please," Anna sighed in desperation as she combed Lydie's scalp to assess the bump. The disgruntled young woman squirmed and... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

A single snowflake kissed the tip of Jessa’s nose, the sudden cold shock instantly dissipating as it melted. She sighed and looked ah... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

A wrought iron gate stood nestled among the hedges, behind which stood a stone wall that protected a vine-covered chateau. Orioles flew o... Read Chapter