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The crew of the Enterprise crash lands on an alien planet and has trouble not breaking the Prime Directive to save their own lives.

Something I write between my real stories.

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Chapter Two

Every inch of his body ached as Kirk pulled himself to a standing position in the wreckage of the bridge of the Enterprise. How many were... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Unedited, and for fun, thanks.
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Chapter Four

StarDate: Andromeda, Day 03. It will be dark in approximately an hour, Kirk mused. Twilight, when the hunters liked to hunt... The ve... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Andromeda Warp Three years after crash.

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A Gorn in the Side of the Federation

Unedited, Ending to the episode.....

Open to thoughts and ideas, and any grammar corrections or fixes for glaring mistakes, other then the blase writing. Thanks,


06/04/22 Hope you are well and stay out of the sun!
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