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"Forgotten Memoirs Verse" (Dansonn Beats)

When I clap with this rap, a gagging order they slap/
And twice in my life now, the court's have done that
With no freedom to talk, on these thoughts that I rap/
If they live to catch me slipping, then of course it's a trap
Never let em take my spirit, like some Jack on the Rocks/
They wanna see me up and down, like a Jack In The Box
If I didn't know my worth, I'd be stacking in shops/
Back in the day, with the dirt, I was cashing from crops
A lot of stories I've got, would get us a day in the court/
And being more than Hip-hop, they have to stay in my thoughts
I've heard the lamest of talk, from what these Satanists spew/
Whilst the lamest of fools, do what these Satanists choose
Like if Satan don't exist, isn't the biggest lie told/
Then why are these dozy divs, trying come for my soul
I got thrown out in the cold, then they stole all that I owned/
With a soul they can't control, look at me, I hold my own.


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Submitted: May 29, 2022

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Good rhythm, I enjoyed reading this

Sun, September 18th, 2022 9:01pm

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