The Paranormal Adventures of Christina and Art #6: One Howling Night

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Christina and Josh are having a normal TV night at her house. Nothing can interrupt their entertainment. That is, until they hear the garbage bin knocked over in Christina's backyard.

You are beautiful!” Josh exclaimed and kissed her cheek.

Thanks,” Christina replied. She kissed him back  and ruffled his shaggy black hair. There, thats much better!”

He laughed. Well, you ought to know!”

She kissed him again.

Oh no, what is this?”

Oh God,” Christina said.

Josh grabbed a velociraptor head from the floor and put it on. Raaww!” he exclaimed, waggling short arms at her like a T-rex.

Christina rolled her eyes and giggled.

Im going to eat you.”

Youre such a freak!” She rolled her eyes. Her mouth felt dry. Im going to get a drink. You want something?”

He took the dinosaur head off. No thanks, Im fine.”

OK.” She kissed him again, got up from the couch, and went to the kitchen. She walked to the refrigerator when she saw something outside. She looked out the window but couldnt see anything through the night sky. Must be a raccoon or something. She shrugged and got her drink.

Mind if I turn the TV on?” Josh asked.

Sure… uh, I mean I dont mind.” She sipped her Coke.

Josh turned it on to Adult Swim. Rick and Morty was on. Awesome! I frickin love this show! I also love you, Christina.” He smiled and kissed her. She hopped on his lap, and he put his arms around her.

They watched and laughed at the crude jokes.


Fifteen minutes later, the two were still watching TV when Christina heard something being knocked over outside. Darn garbage bin.” She got up.

Ill get it.” Josh offered.

No,” she replied. There was a rumbling outside like an animal digging through the trash. Nick ran in from the hall. The golden retriever’s hair stood up on his back as he growled and ran to the door. Stay, Nick.” She snatched the Coke can on the table, the first object she saw, then went to the door.  She opened it and stepped outside. She quickly slid the door shut behind her.  Cool air hit her as her hair slightly waved in the wind.

HEY!” she shouted and threw the Coke can. It made a bang as it hit the garbage bin.

The night became quiet as the creature topped digging in the garbage. Then it pulled its huge, black, furry head out of the bin.

Christina screamed as the wolf snarled at her. She looked into its wild yellow eyes as fear paralyzed her. It crept toward her on all fours.

Go away!” she exclaimed but it only growled. She slowly backed up against the wall. JOSH!” she screamed, and he ran out.HEY, GET AWAY FROM HER!”  Josh hollered, getting the wolfs attention.

It growled and turned to him. It crept toward him as Josh backed up.

Nice wolf.”

It growled.

Its OK, Im not gonna hurt you.”

The wolf snarled, its eyes wild with hunger.

Ill get you a big, juicy steak if you dont eat me.”

It snarled again.

I prom—”

To Christina and Joshs bewilderment, it rose up on its hind legs as their eyes rose with the wolf. It stood on the grass and howled, easily looming over the two humans.

At least it’s not a vampire, ” Josh said.

How can you think  of vampires at a time like this?!” Christina rushed back in. Come on, Josh!”

Just then, a cloud covered the full moon and the wolf started changing. Josh and Christina watched as its fur receded and skin appeared. Its pointy ears seemed to melt down on its head. Its long, fat snout began to scrunch in. As the beast was changing, it shrunk.

Then the cloud quickly passed and the moon showed. The half human transformed back.

The werewolf glared at Josh as he rushed toward the house. It swiped a huge paw at him. Josh ducked just in time and made it in. He closed the glass door and locked it.

Ill call animal control,” Christina said.

And say what? A werewolf is out in your backyard?”

Well, if you have a better—”

The werewolf ran toward the house and bashed into the glass door, making a huge crack in the glass. It stumbled backwards, dazed for a second, and shook its head. Christina and Josh screamed as it let out a howl. Then it ripped the ruined door out of its tracks.
Shit!” Josh exclaimed as it stalked in menacingly. It uttered a low growl as it came toward them.

Run!” Christina shouted and they bolted for the front door.

The werewolf launched itself at them. Josh and Christina shrunk back in terror as it landed in front of them. As it opened its mouth, a thick string of drool dripped down. They could feel its hot breath. The fleshy, meaty smell almost made them puke.

In your room!” Josh exclaimed and grabbed her hand. Josh grabbed a screwdriver that was laying on the desk and used it to jab the werewolf squarely in the eye. It let out a furious cry and backed off for just a moment. Josh zoomed through the hall with Christina. The werewolf howled and chased after them. Josh made it to the end of the hall when the werewolf jumped right over him. Christina screamed as its claws angled toward her.  Josh punched its nose, but it didnt even flinch.  OW!” He rubbed his hand. The werewolf growled and swiped at him. Damn!” Josh exclaimed and ran back in the living room. He rubbed his hand again and looked around the room.  He grabbed a wooden chair and threw it at the werewolf.  It missed the werewolf by inches. The werewolf howled, shook its head,  and crouched down, getting ready to pounce on Christina and Josh.

Nick continued barking at the werewolf. It looked at him, ripped the screwdriver out of its eye, and chased him.  When Nick ran past the coffee table, his tail swept a Jurassic Park DVD off and sent it flying.

The eye started growing back as the werewolf ran after him, knocking over the couch.  It kicked the pedestal fan over. As it passed the low TV cabinet, it raised its tough, furry fists up and smashed the Wii into pieces.

Man, OUR Wii!” Josh groaned.

The werewolf knocked pictures off the shelf, including one with Christina, Josh, and Nick. It tore down a huge poster of Doctor Who and punched a big hole through the wall where it had hung. Nick jumped on the couch and barked madly. The werewolf lunged at him.

NICK!” Christina screamed and slugged the werewolf. Nick leapt back down as the werewolf snapped at Christina. It threw the cushions off the couch with one swipe of his front paw and ripped up the couch, filling the room with stuffing. It howled and leapt up onto the ceiling fan.

What the hell is it doing?” Josh said, staring up at it.

Its crazy!” Christina exclaimed.

Nick barked as the werewolf swung from the wiggling fan. Both of its paws held on tight to the blades—then with a bang, the fan and the wolf crashed to the floor. As Christina and Josh watched in disbelief, a large section of ceiling plaster followed it down. Pieces of the ceiling scattered all over the room. Christina and Josh noticed the werewolf laid on its back with the motor of the fan on his chest. The werewolf, apparently unfazed by the fall, grabbed the fan motor like a Frisbee and sent it flying back up in the air. The motor hit halfway up the wall and ricocheted toward Christina and Josh. Still trying to process what was happening about two feet in front of them, they barely ran out of the way before the motor flew through the spot where they had just been standing.

Jesus! That thing is strong! Dija see how it threw the ceiling fan like it was nothing?” He looked at Christina.

She  glared at him.


The werewolf got back up and howled.  With one swipe of its paw, the werewolf knocked the widescreen TV off the wall. Nick ran out of the way just before the TV fell to the floor.

Josh and Christina ran up to the wall. Just before they could turn, the werewolf whipped its head at them. They screamed as it snarled, saliva dripping from its mouth. As it prepared to pounce on him, Josh ducked and slid under the werewolf.  The werewolf growled and spun around.

Josh and Christina ran toward the front door. Grabbing the doorknob, Christina heard something fall, followed by a loud yelp.

Nick!” Christina exclaimed. The computer was on the floor. Nick jumped away. The werewolf howled, swiping its paw. Nick leapt away, causing the werewolf to bust the wooden coffee table.  Nick bared his teeth as it growled.

Josh spotted Nicks toy on the floor and grabbed it. Hey, Sparky!” he yelled as the werewolf looked. Josh waved the toy around.

What the hell are you doing?” Christina asked.

He squeezed it and it squeaked. You want it?” he asked as the werewolf growled. Go fetch!” He threw the toy, but the werewolf only stared at him hungrily. It started coming to him. Well, that didnt work.” He continued to run.

Josh and Christina ran back in the hall. The werewolf dropped on all fours and gave chase. They made it to Christinas room and opened the door. They rushed in and closed the door just before the werewolf slammed into it.

AAAAAWWWWRRRRR!” came the muffled cry.

Shit!” Josh exclaimed, his heart beating a mile a minute. What are we gonna do?”

Blockade the door?” Christina suggested.

And do what?” He put his back against the door and pushed. The door shook behind. He opened it slightly and said, No, bad werewolf!”  He immediately closed it.

Josh, what the hell? You idiot! Are you trying to get us eaten?!” Christina looked at him as the door jiggled behind.

What? It was worth a try!”

Idiot,” Christina murmured under her breath as she sighed and looked around. She looked at the window by her bed across from her. Lets climb out the window. And by the way, I didnt see you groaning when the werewolf knocked the picture of us down.”


You practically cried when the werewolf smashed the Wii, but you did nothing when the picture fell!”

What? Can we talk about this later?” Josh asked as the werewolf howled in the hall.

OK. Lets climb out the window now.”

Thank you!” he replied as Christina began dragging the wide bookshelf to block the door. Books and a couple figurines including a ceramic Golden Retriever toppled down to the


When she got the five-foot shelf close enough to the door, Josh moved out of her way.

Here,” he said and shoved it to the door. They backed away. BANG! The shelves shook, almost causing more books to fall, including Stephen Kings Cycle of the Werewolf.

Huh, thats ironic,” Josh said.


Cycle of the Werewolf fell to the floor and a werewolf—“

Josh, honey, focus.”

OK.” He looked at the shelf as another bang shook it. Thats not gonna hold for very long.”

Christina climbed on her bed. Well, come on, lets get out of here!” She opened the window when she heard Nicks fierce growling from outside the room.  Nick!” she exclaimed and ran to the bookshelf that blocked the door.

Christina, NO!” Josh grabbed her arm.

Let me go! I cant leave him!”

We have no choice,” he said… and with a heavy heart she put her foot out the window. Luckily, the window was low enough to ensure a safe landing. She jumped and landed on the lawn when she heard a BANG.

JOSH!” she shrieked, turning around. She gasped. Looking through the open window, she saw the bookshelf knocked over with the door busted off. The door was laying on the bed.

Christina could see the werewolf standing in the hall-light. She saw the yellow glow in its eyes as it glared at her. Just then, Nick ran in the room, limping on his hind leg. The werewolf swiped its paw at Nick. He snapped his head around and sank his teeth into the werewolfs ear.

NICK!” Christina shouted.

Nick saw the opened window, quickly limped to it, and jumped.


He landed on his feet and stumbled. He looked like he had forgotten how to walk.

Christina ran to him. Jesus!” What if Nick is hurt? How can I escape the werewolf if I have to carry Nick?  All she could think about was protecting him. Nick!” Christina exclaimed again. She put her hand on his back as though it would help. He wobbled a few more times.  Once he regained his balance, Nick turned and began barking madly.

CHRISTINA!” Josh shouted. She looked up as Josh climbed out the window.

She saw the werewolf preparing to slash at him. LOOK OUT!” But it was too late. Josh put his foot out on the window sill, and the werewolf pushed him out the window.  Before Christina could do anything, the werewolf leapt right on top of Josh and tore into his stomach. As she watched her boyfriend being torn apart, horror and sadness overcame her. Her chest felt heavy.

Her eyes watered up.  Tears spilled onto the grass. She felt as though part of her was gone. Christina closed her eyes in disbelief. Im in my bed. Im going to wake up any moment. But she didnt: this was real. Josh was really dead. The werewolf smeared his intestines all over the ground.

NOOOOOO!” Christina screamed and ran to the werewolf. Blood sprayed on her. She screamed again. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

The werewolf stopped. It turned to her and growled with a large chunk of bloody flesh hanging from its mouth. Blood covered its muzzle, chest and front legs.

Nick snarled.

No, Nick,” Christina grabbed his collar. He pulled and continued to snarl.  The werewolf uttered a low growl and started coming toward them. Christina turned and ran on the grass and into the street with Nick.

AAAAARRRROOOOOOOO!” Christina heard the howl behind. She looked back.

Shit!” she exclaimed as the werewolf chased her. It ran on all fours and was catching up. It reached for Christina. She yelped and jumped away.

Christina turned the corner and saw Arts old yellow Camaro in the street. She ran a couple houses down and turned into his driveway.

Nick was way ahead of her.  He ran up to Arts door and barked.

Christina was on the porch when the door opened.

Nick?” Art said and looked up at Christina.

A werewolf is chasing us!” she blurted out and ran in.

What?” Art said and noticed the blood on her face.

Nick ran in too.

She closed the door. She told him everything.

There are no such creatures as werewolves.”


You sure it wasnt a regular wolf?”

Yes, you idiot! It started to transform into a human and reverted back to a frickin’ werewolf when the moon was out again…  and now Josh is dead!” The words seemed to hit her. Hes… dead.” Tears ran down her cheeks.

Christina?” Art said softly.

Hes really dead.”

What happened?”

She told him as she began to sob.

Im sorry.”

And I got angry at him for a stupid pic—”

They heard howling outside. Nick barked.

Shit! Its close!” Christina exclaimed.

Art went to the door and looked through the window. I see nothing,” he said… then the werewolf jumped up, its face streaked with blood. Its eyes glared at him through the window.  Art screamed, jumping back when the huge, hairy beast kicked the door down.

Nick started barking while Arts cat, Cat Von D appeared to say, oh hell no, I aint getting involved in this, before running back into the hall.

Art saw his gun on the table where he had been cleaning it. He ran and snatched it off the table.

The werewolf howled and started turning toward him. Art pulled the trigger but nothing happened.

Damn!” he exclaimed and ducked as the werewolf thrusted its claws at him. Art raced into the kitchen, and the werewolf followed. Christina, distract it while I get more bullets,” Art yelled. The werewolf flailed its arms, knocking pans and dishes all over the kitchen.

HEY!” she yelled and the werewolf looked at her. Yeah, you! You flea-bitten mongrel!" It growled, and from the kitchen, it leapt. Christinas eyes were wide as it landed on top of the couch eight feet away. She paused for a moment, gathering the last of her strength and composure. You think youre so tough?” she said as Art rushed in the garage. The wolf snarled. Come on and get me!”

It snarled at Christina and jumped. Christina darted out of its path as it landed on top of the counter. It howled and knocked Arts cell phone off. It looked at Christina and lunged at her. Christina screamed and ran out of the way. The werewolf landed on its feet and howled.

Suddenly, Nick growled and jumped on it.

NICK, NO!” Christina screamed as Nick bit into its neck. The werewolf yelped. She managed to pull him off before the werewolf could get him. ART!” she yelled again.

The werewolf stood back up. It growled as saliva dripped onto the floor. Still holding onto Nicks collar, Christina looked around for a weapon. She looked back and spotted the shelf full of Arts DVDs.

She ran to them and started throwing DVDs at the beast. Stephen Kings Silver Bullet” hit the werewolf between its eyes. The werewolf swatted it away.

It growled as the hard cases hit its body. It started coming to her. Christina frantically looked on the shelf for heavier objects to throw but there were only more DVDs. ART!” she screamed as Nick growled. She knew Nick would fight the werewolf if she let go and moved out of the way. She took a deep sigh, began to loosen the tight grip she had on his collar, and started letting go of him.

BANG! The bullet zoomed and bounced off the werewolfs back.

Huh?” Art said as the werewolf turned to him. He pulled the trigger again. The bullet did the same thing. What the hell?” He shot it again and again. Each time, the bullets bounced off.

Oh! You need silver bullets!”  Christina exclaimed.

Well, I dont have any!”

The werewolf looked into his frightened eyes. It licked its chops and leapt on him in a heartbeat.

ART!” Christina shouted. Art screamed as the huge, furry monster bit into his arm.

Suddenly, Nick broke free of her grip and leapt on the werewolf. Nicks teeth tore into the werewolfs neck. It howled as Nick shook his head.

Art stood up and felt dizzy. The room spun around him. He stumbled around. Suddenly, he felt hot. Whoa! I feel weird!” he exclaimed and looked at his arm. Skin hung off and blood dripped down. It didnt hurt. It felt numb.

ART, WATCH OUT!” Christina shrieked as he lumbered toward the fight. Sweat dripped off his forehead as he turned around.

Just then, his arm felt itchy. He looked as black, thick fur started to grow on it.

A-A-rt?” Christina stammered as his legs started growing. She could hear his bones crack and crunch as she saw them move and change under his skin. He screamed as pain shot throughout his body. His pants tore as black fur grew out. His ears disappeared while his nose stretched out.

AAAAAAHHHH!” he screamed again as his nose stretched and fattened out into a snout. The thick black hair covered his face like a fast-growing chia pet. He looked at Christina while his irises suddenly acquired a yellow tinge. Black, furry, pointy ears formed on top of his head. Long, thin whiskers slowly grew on his snout.

The werewolf howled and jumped at Art.

The furry Art fell down and the werewolf scratched his face. Art yelped. He punched it in the stomach with his tough black paw, and it backed off. Art got back up and kicked it down. The werewolf growled and jumped back up. It glared into Arts yellow eyes. It kicked him down and started clawing his face.

AAARRROOO! Art howled as sharp pain jolted through his body.

Christina couldnt tell which one was Art.

Suddenly, before Art could react, Nick jumped on the werewolf, knocking it off Art.

NICK!” Christina screamed. Nick bit into its throat and shook. His teeth dug deep into its flesh as it howled. He continued shaking until the werewolf went limp. He spat a chunk of fur and bloody flesh out, then sniffed the werewolfs body.

Art got back up. He went to the body and looked into its eyes. They were wide open and didnt move. He poked the body with his paw. It didnt move. He poked it again, just to make sure, and then looked at Christina.


Three months later, Christina went to Arts and rang the doorbell.

The door opened. Hi, you ready for this?”

Yep, I brought my stuff,” she said as Art motioned her in.

Awesome! You can drop it anywhere.”

Christina dropped her bag on his couch.  Hey I like that movie!” Cujo was playing on Arts wide screen TV on the wall.

Listen, thanks for coming over tonight,” he said.

Its no problem. You would do the same thing for me,” she replied.

Yeah. How are you coming along?”

It still hurts. I cry every day. He was the kindest person… he always cheered me up when I had a bad day. Always taking me out. Always cracking lame jokes…” Tears welled up in her brown eyes. Oh, Art, I miss Josh so much!” she buried her head in his chest.

Im so sorry.” He put his arms around her. I miss that goofball too!”

Its OK.”  She wiped the tears off her face.

Is there anything I can do?”


Josh was an awesome guy.”

Yeah.” She sighed. Theres one thing that confuses me though.” She pulled away from him.


I thought when someone gets scratched or bitten by a werewolf, it takes a month for that person to become one.”

I guess the legends are wrong.”

They chatted for fifteen minutes.

Art looked at his watch. Its time.”

OK. Im here for you.”

Thanks.” And his face started growing fur.

Cat Von D looked at Art funny as if she was saying, what the hell? Unamused, the striped tabby went back in the hall.

Christina dug in her bag while he finished transforming. She pulled a tennis ball out and bounced it on the floor.

Art watched enthusiastically. His yellow wolf eyes bounced with the ball.

You want the ball?”  she cooed but he didnt care.  He got down on all fours and barked. Christina opened the backyard door. You want it?” She waved the ball.  Go get it!” She threw it outside and he ran after it.






In loving memory of my awesome dog, Nick

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