Killing the President: My life as a Serial Killer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic


KILLING the PRESIDENT is a dark, raw, and uncensored page-turner chronicling the growth of a psychopathic killer from his first shocking, childhood mutilation. Charlie, his best friend in grammar school, and Jamie Carver, the first girl he ever loved, snuff out the spring of Teddy's life just as sure as if they plunged a knife into his heart. An autobiographic diary of the evolution of Ted's psychopathic maturation, KILLING the PRESIDENT presents the chilling and often grisly insight into the murky recesses of a tormented and troubled mind. The last person anyone would suspect, Ted progresses through life as a model citizen, raises a family, and flourishes in business, political, and social circles. When his sordid past and considerable pernicious talents are discovered by a secret right-wing organization, Ted is blackmailed and presented with two choices: KILLING the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, or be publicly exposed for the atrocities he has committed. Unwillingly, he agrees to the assassination.

Table of Contents


FOREWORD Ted Roth’s mind cyclones, recalling the events leading up to the assassination. Exhaling slowly, gutturally thro... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Chapter One   "My name is Ted Roth. I used a knife to kill my first victim. His name was Charlie. He was eleven ye... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two   The sultry August morning when Charlie died is as vivid to me today as the day it happened. I had no remorse t... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three   I began to tremble uncontrollably, my legs felt like rubber, and I thought I was going to collapse flat on t... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four   For the remainder of the afternoon, I played with some of the toys in my room. Most people, especially a kid,... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five   I thought for sure my mother would come up to see me, but she didn’t. I guess she listened to Detective Bax... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six   I heard my father answer the door and exchange greetings with Detective Baxter. The cop didn’t sound all tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven   After graduating from eighth grade, I entered the public school system in Teaneck. My parents couldn’t aff... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight   I was jarred from my plotting cerebral fantasies when I perceived the faint echo of a voice close to me. “... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine   Quite by accident, my first encounter with Jamie Carver was behind a drug store off of Cedar Lane, the main d... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten   Frankie arrived at my house at seven-thirty, Saturday night. He had already picked up his date, Joan. I jumped... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven   I waited until ten AM the following morning before I called, which was as long as I could stand, without he... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve   As our lives grind along,  and the zest of our spirit smothers,  and the craving for our ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen   I stood there surveying my rampage, the carnage I'd inflicted on the two lifeless bodies. An empty, hollo... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen   The natural process of genetic engineering, my mother and father falling in love, blessed me with a myria... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen   Apparently, at ground zero of another raging August thunderstorm, my room was strobe incessantly as if a p... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen   Mom and Dad, to say the least, were surprised by much of what I’d said to Baxter. If they believed my ta... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen   About three-thirty PM, I was sitting in the den watching TV when the doorbell rang. Mom answered and was... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen   At Fairleigh, I majored in Business with a minor in Data Processing. It might as well have been a minor i... Read Chapter

Chapter Ninteen

Chapter Nineteen   I first saw Kayley Tegan O’Brian in the fall of my Senior year at FDU. I sat directly behind her in... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty   I was waiting for Kayley outside of class. As she walked up, she skirted around two other students, noticea... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-one

Chapter Twenty-one   We relaxed in our cozy booth talking about anything and everything: St. Anns, former students Kayley th... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-two

Chapter Twenty-two    “It happened almost five years ago,” Kayley began. “I was happy with my station in life, se... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-three

Chapter Twenty-three   “I was picking up the last of the boxes at the rectory with Father Andre when Father Harold walked ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-four   Kayley nudged back from our enfold. “Ted, it’s getting late, would you like to stay over? I could ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-five

Chapter Twenty-five   I watched the news on TV the next morning before heading off to class. There was no mention of Father ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-six

Chapter Twenty-six   A week later, the telephone rang in my study. “Hello.” “Hi Ted, this is John.” “H... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-seven

Chapter Twenty-seven   On the way home, I pieced it all together. Even if Blaney was telling the truth about all of Boatman... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-eight

Chapter Twenty-eight   That afternoon, I reviewed the President’s itinerary and settled on a fundraiser that was scheduled... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-nine

Chapter Twenty-nine   That morning, I slept in. When I awoke, Kayley was gone. I found a note in the kitchen saying that she... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty   In the enclosed space, the detonation was devastating. In a twenty-foot semicircle from the wall behind the... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Interesting. You must check out my book "Poetic Crime (Serial Killers & True Crime)

Sun, July 10th, 2022 12:24am


i will

Sun, July 10th, 2022 2:18pm

Jake J. Harrison

Hi Edmund,

This first chapter flows better than the prologue. Your writing seems to be more relaxed in the first person and you've jumped smoothly into the main character's head and brought us into his world.

You do a nice job describing Ted's world and his friendship with Charlie. As a reader, I realized that nirvana wasn't going to last forever and the introduction of the third wheel in Johnny certainly seemed like the trigger. The scene where they were masturbating together was brilliant, throwing together betrayal as well as sexual overtones and discomfort, which seem to be triggers for serial killers. You've certainly primed me as a reader for what's coming and made me anticipate what will likely be a grisly outcome.

In terms of improvement, I am a bit curious as to why Ted is so furious. Most people would be a bit mad and hurt but they would stay that way for a day or two and then move on. What makes Ted different? He had a middle class upbringing. I think this is what fascinates the public about serial killers. Can you give us more insight into why Ted reacts so psychotically to this betrayal? Going a layer deeper into his feelings would help.

I think with every first chapter, the writer should tease the reader with some key question. That's what creates tension and makes the reader want to turn the page and learn the answer to the question. I'm reading this and wondering what is the event and the mental steps that lead this person over the edge into becoming a serial killer? You've started to tell us. Provide even more detail and you'll have a start that a reader won't be able to tear their eyes from.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.


Mon, July 11th, 2022 1:41am


Sorry Jake, that is not the chapter i wanted you to review however I take your suggestions openly.

Sun, July 10th, 2022 9:18pm

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