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Chapter 11: Truth About Ozma


It has been twenty years since Ozma rescued me from Loki. I have not seen Ozma since we escaped Loki’s castle. I was worried about Ozma and I was hoping she was able to escape. I was living in New York with Sebastian and his adopted sister Sarah. I was happy to have two sisters and two brothers. I did not hate Loki. I just did not want anything to do with him. He-Man, Man-At-Arms, his daughter Tesla and Gwildor were trying to get back the Cosmic Key. I wish I could help, but He-Man said it was too dangerous for me to help.

One day when I was walking home. I heard someone calling for help. I went to see what was going on. I saw some boys trying to hurt Gwildor. “Stop! Leave him alone!” I screamed. “What are you going to do if we don’t!” The boy laughs and he grabs my face. “Leave the woman and her friend alone!” I heard a man yell. The boys got scared and ran. “Thank you, Sir,” I replied. “My name is Edward Cullen,” Edward introduces himself. “My name is Dorothy Gale and this Gwildor. “Thank you, Edward,” Gwildor replied.



“What are you doing here?” I asked Gwildor. “I was able to get the Cosmic Key away from Loki and I accidentally came to Earth,” Gwildor explained. “You are not from this planet,” Edward inquires. “No, he is not, but please do not tell anyone about Gwildor!” I pleaded. “I will not tell anyone,” Edward agrees. “I am glad you got the Cosmic Key back,” I replied. “I am having problems getting home to Eternia. Loki must have done something to the key. I was trying to go home,” Gwildor explained. “I am sure He-Man and the others are looking for you,” I assured Gwildor.

“How is everyone in Oz doing?” I ask. “They are doing great. They are still trying to look for the lost queen,” Gwildor replied. “Who is the lost queen?” I ask. “The lost queen is Ozma. Many years ago, Loki killed Ozma’s parents the king and queen of Oz. Ozma’s nanny hidden her from Loki. No one in Oz knows where Ozma is,” Gwildor explained. “We have to find Ozma. Ozma helps me escape Loki’s castle,” I replied. “You saw Ozma,” Gwildor questions. “Yes, I have,” I replied. “The queen of Oz is still alive. A lot of people thought she was dead,” Gwildor explained.




I was worried about Lily. “What is the matter?” I ask. “I am scared to tell you. I am afraid you might not like what I have to tell you,” Lily replied sadly. “I love you Lily and I want you to marry me,” I ask. “Yes, I will. I am pregnant,” Lily replied. “Lily, I am not upset, just surprised. I cannot wait to tell my dad that he is going to be a grandfather,” I replied happily. “When do I get to meet your dad?” Lily asks. “My dad is coming to visit this weekend,” I told Lily. “I think we should invite our families out to eat and we can tell them about the baby,” Lily suggests.

I could not believe I was going to be a father. I was scared. I have not told Lily I was a werewolf. I am scared if Lily finds out I am a werewolf she will leave me. I love her and I cannot lose her. Sam walked into my apartment. “What is the matter?” Sam asks. “Lily is pregnant,’ I told Sam. “Have you told her that you were a werewolf?” Sam asks. “No, I am scared to tell her,” I replied. “Are you going to tell your dad about Lily being pregnant?” Sam asks. “Yes, I am,” I replied.

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