Trust this Gesture

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Emptiness beyond the climate challenges, we have our promised home worthy from this beginning what can master the days ahead into greater interests as humble kindness. Let this promise keep you alive every moment you are here.

“Never see what has been done. Only see what remains to be done.”

Teacher: How will you visualize a land where one part is flooded, other destination is facing severe drought and the remaining shores are where people is facing extreme wildfires? Do you just explain this as our climate challenge?

Sam: How there remains a challenge left unattended?

Teacher: What will you do if you were the last Caesar of the great Rome?

Sam: I would have proclaimed a bull fight with lots of gladiators arranged around the uproar of the arena and watched with anxiety how they will evade every human thought.

Teacher: How will you explain this narration if you are the real kind king?

Sam: I would come back to the reality. With utmost trust I will send all my wise men and army into these three destinations to make every moment a sweet memorable day with smiles and happiness that we will overcome even this memoir. I wouldn’t visualize that my duty is finished. I will make their day filled with blessings and love. And I shall proceed to the next destination.

Teacher: How a very special moment before this entire reunion may your cup overflow with peace, love and pure awesomeness be better where you are happy?

Sam: Life is better when I am happy. But life is best when other people are happy because of me. Thank you, Lord, for giving me so many good people around me.

“Some persuations fall into blindness not because their eyes cannot see. But because the blind faith is invisible to the naked eye and is not achieved by sight until it hurts. There are so many things in life that you cannot see no matter how hard you try. Every fall is a real touch of the greatest truth to be loved loves life so much. May there still be an infinite birth on this living Earth to see everything. That mercy of God forgets every coinciding concerns today for every moment we worship in this duty. If we think back a moment, we will realize that it lies far ahead of any uncertain situation. This history was made by man on Earth. God, time and space are only an attitude of this true love. The wheel of time will once again bring us back to this Earth. It’s not just in the pages of history that everything happens. The greater your faith, the greater the success of every moment of your life. Let us know only the moments when love touched us again to this thought competing with time. How long will this commitment keep alive the greatest memoir to worship the moments I understand as the destination ahead? You are not alone but your destiny is greater that this vision. It’s time for you to be there, but it’s time for you to get there. These are the widest adventure of living moments. Understand everything is pre-destined and move forward with good intentions. Go ahead and succeed.”

Submitted: June 09, 2022

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