Family Bonding

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Family Bonding My heart is full of love for my family both close and extended - I really mean it. I love them so much that sometimes I go visit them whether I’m invited or not. I also love family secrets; they really keep family members stirred up - especially when everybody is telling everybody else what they’re not supposed to tell, and when family members are wondering what’s a secret and what’s not a secret - they just blab it all anyway. I also love skeletons in the closet and the way that family members let them out, and I love the black sheep in the family; they are more fun than the ones who pretend to be the white sheep. I also love bonding especially with my cousins. In fact, I rushed right down to Georgia a few days ago to try to bond with a couple of them. Why? Because I just found out that they - third cousins seven times removed, or something like that, are in need of family, and that’s who I am, so I rushed down there to do the right thing.

Submitted: June 13, 2022

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