These are thoughts that are both spiritual and intellectual.


Essenceuality is a new word coined from Essence and it denotes a syncretistic absorption of the Good in all religions.  For example, the trapezoid altar of the prayer room (I am changing my views of it being Satanic) in the United Nations is an occult blending of a cosmological principle and it can be shown as an example of essenceuality. Another example would be our effort made by our souls and spirits to attain the perfection to realize the sublime in us as manifestation of Christ-hood.

Sympathons and Empathons

Sympathons and empathons come from sympathy and empathy and they denote the intutionary, vibratory capacities of the thinking, feeling and willing mind.  The inherent will of the mind can be programmed with sympathons and empathons to achieve a higher self with altered states of consciousness.


I am compelled to redefine time into two sorties and they are Dionysian time and Apollonian time. Dionysian time is the lived inner time and it means the fictional technique of streams of consciousness and in this time we experience thoughts, perceptions, feelings, passions and emotions. Dionysian time creates the self-hood of symbolic order of occult pharmacology of existing life to celebrate the meaning of a purposeful life. It is a time that transcends time and space and it is also a time that manifests supernatural miracle and realities. Apollonian time is the scientific time governed a coherent picture of realities and it’s an objective time of cause and effect.

Free Will

Is free will determined or free? The occult embodiment of the will is the spirit and soul. The native language of the free will is the material desires of the body. The body has to dance with the catharsis between the free will given to the soul and the spirit with the balance to harmonize the material needs of the body.

Submitted: June 19, 2022

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