Evelyn's Descent

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This book takes the reader on the journey into Alzheimer's and the stark effects it has on not only the victim, but friends and family alike.

An adaptation of my previous title We All Forget From Time to Time, Don't We?

Table of Contents

Locked In

Chapter 1: Locked In “We’re here,” announced Dale as he drove the car into the parking lot. Judith yawned. “Wake up, kids. We... Read Chapter

The Diagnosis

Chapter 2: The Diagnosis   The next morning, Judith called downstairs to Evelyn. “Mom, ya up?” Nobody answered. Judith w... Read Chapter

The Siblings Meet

3. The Siblings Meet   When they returned home, Judith called her sisters and brothers to organize a meeting regarding Evely... Read Chapter


Chapter 4. Delusions The next morning, Judith helped Evelyn get ready for their trip to the grocery store. Evelyn seemed in good spir... Read Chapter


Chapter 5: Tess As weeks turned into months, Judith began to get annoyed at the lack of help that the family had agreed to give ... Read Chapter

Lost and Found

  6. Lost and Found    As the skies began to get dark, fear gripped Judith’s heart. She had called the rest ... Read Chapter

Hired Help

  Chapter 7: Hired Help   Good news came in the form of a letter just one week later. Evelyn had been approved for ... Read Chapter

Moving Day

Chapter 8: Moving Day It was time for the kids to all get together once more to decide where Evelyn was going to live. Once again, Ju... Read Chapter

A Fond Farewell

  Chapter 9: A Fond Farewell    As the afternoon wore on, Evelyn’s room at Chaffee’s  began to take s... Read Chapter

A Sad Piece of News

  Chapter 10: A Sad Piece of News    Another seven months had passed, and Evelyn was progressively get... Read Chapter

Boxed Memories

Chapter 11: Boxed Memories    Another two months passed, and Judith received the call she had been dreading. Evelyn had... Read Chapter

The End

  Chapter 12: The End   She unfolded the letter and began to read:    Dearest mom, Well, h... Read Chapter

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