All roses aren't red~

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All roses aren't red,
And violets aren't blue.
Roses can be white instead,
Violets are violet so it isn't true.
Most people are fake,
Most people get played.
Believing in others is a risk we take
In the end we get betrayed.

This generation lies very well,
Cause the elder generation doesn't spot
Living in this generation is living in hell,
Cause all we do is pretend to be someone we are not.

Trusting is hard these days,
And even harder is choosing whose true
Cause many people have lied with the phrase,
"I promise to never hurt you"

Sure people say sorry if trust is broken,
But sorry would only work for a mistake.
Still people don't really care if there misspoken,
Once there needs from you are done they turn to a snake.

Just because someone's happy,
Doesn't mean they always have to smile. 
And just because someone's unhappy,
Doesn't mean they'll act hostile.

People break promises which hurt a lot, 
Break a promise and everything becomes one big lie
They start to replace your spot
Time while not heal instead it'll just pass by.

Roses aren't always red,
And violets aren't actually blue.
Now the roses are dead,
And violets are too.

Submitted: June 21, 2022

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