The Attack Of The Cyborg Pirates

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The Attack Of The Cyborg Pirates:

Whoosh! Somewhere in the deepest and darkest of space a pirate spaceship was speeding across space at top speed. Inside the ship there was Androy and Andriodrika  the pirate emperor and empress accompanying them were the elementary space cyborg pirates they included Asura the air cyborg pirate, Esha the ether (space) cyborg pirate, Earlina the earth cyborg pirate, Fawkes the fire cyborg pirate, Waterino the water cyborg pirate, and Wickendro the wind cyborg pirate.As well as their demon botronsTheir aim was to rule over space as well as earth.

Meanwhile on the realm of heaven Lord Indra the king of the godly guardians. They included Varun the god of water, Vayu the god of wind, Agni the god of fire, Surya the sun god, and Kuber the god of wealth as well as  Biriaspati  the Guru Dev (teacher)  of the gods. They were having their meeting as usual when suddenly a guard of the heaven realm came running in.

“King of the gods! I have just received news from Lord Chandra the moon god that unidentified object is heading towards the solar system” he told them.

“We must act fast guardians before something catastrophic happens!” Lord Indra said to them.

The other guardians nodded and made their way to the solar system. Androy and Andriodrika along with elementary cyborg space pirates faced the celestial beings of the solar system who were Lord Mangal was the celestial being of planet Mars,  Lord Budha was the celestial being of planet Mercury, Biriaspati  the Guru Dev (teacher)  of the gods was the celestial being of planet Jupiter, Lord Shukracharaya the  Guru Dev (teacher) of the demons was the celestial being of planet Venus, Lord Shani was the celestial being of planet Saturn, Rahu was the celestial being of the Solar Eclipse, and Ketu was the celestial being of the Lunar Eclipse.

“We’re here to take over the solar system and earth!” Andriodrika announced.

“None of you will be able to stop us!” jeered Androy.

“We’ll see about that!” shouted Lord Indra as mounted on to his animal vehicle along with the guardians.

Both sides were poised and ready for the fight. All sudden Goddess Bhumi, Goddess Durga, Goddess Chamunda, Goddess Chandi, Goddess Kali, and Goddess Kaushriki appeared. All of the celestial beings, Lord Indra, and the guardians greeted the goddesses.

“Nobody will take over the solar system or earth!” Goddess Kali yelled angrily.

“Just wait and watch!” screamed Andriodrika.

The pirate emperor and empress, and the elementary space cyborg pirates as well as the demon botrons charged towards the gods and goddesses.

Lord Indra took on Androy, Goddess Kali took on Andriodrika, Goddess Kaushriki battled with Asura, Goddess Durga battled with Esha , Goddess Bhumi fought with Earlina, Lord Agni faced Fawkes, Lord Varun faced Waterino, Lord Vayu faced Wickendro. Goddesses Chamunda, Chandi, and the celestial beings of the solar system faced the demon botrons. The battle lasted for a thousand and eight years.

The gods and goddesses combined their spiritual energies together and in the end Androy. Andriodrika, their elementary cyborg pirates and their demon botrons were destroyed along with their spaceship  which was was burnt by Lord Agni and Lord Surya who combined their fire and solar powers together. The solar system and earth were now safe. Goddesses Bhumi, Durga, Chamunda, Chandi, Kali, and Kaushriki left to continue their duties. Lord Indra and the guardians went back to the realm of heaven to continue their duties also as the solar system and earth was now safe.

Submitted: June 22, 2022

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