The Paranormal Adventures of Christina and Art #7: Girls' Day Out

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Art runs into a young woman named Cassandra, he thought she seemed normal enough. But when Art visits her house, he has a life-altering experience. Can Art learn to be a woman? Or will he fall flat on his pretty face’?

God, that was an awful movie!” I exclaimed, walking out of the theatre.

Yeah, and what was with the airplane? It looked fake,” Christina replied.

Dunno. I guess they had a tight budget.” I shrugged and threw my 3D glasses in the recycle bin.

But it was shot in 3D. You would think if they could afford it, they could have better graphics.” 

Yeah,” I agreed, looking at her face as we fled towards the exit.

My eyes were still locked onto Christina when she yelled, ”Art! Watch out!”  I looked just in time as I bumped into a young woman. She toppled over.

Oh my God!” I said. Im so sorry, I wasnt looking where I was going.” I felt a little foolish.

Its OK.”

Are you alright?” I asked and helped her up.

Yes.”  She brushed herself off. She collected her long black bag

She looked about my age. She wore a black blouse with blue jeans. The blue lipstick she sported kind of made her resemble a goth.

Good,” I said.

Thank you,” she replied.

Its no problem.”

She looked down. Ha, thats a funny shirt.”

I glanced at it. I realized it was the one with a box of French fries and a potato. Oh, yeah. I purchased it at Hot Topic.”

Whats your name?” Christina inquired.


Cool. Im Christina.”

And Im Art,” I said.

Its a pleasure to meet you, Christina and Art.” She looked at me. “Nice ponytail, by the way.”

Thanks.” A chuckle escaped my oral cavity.

Are you two from around here?”

Yes,” Christina said.

Cool! Me too.”

Well, its been nice to meet you,” I said.

Thank you. You’re so kind! the world could use more men like you, Art!” Cassandra smiled, emulating her dimples. She checked her watch. “Well, Id better get going. Dinner isnt going to cook itself!”

Yeah, us too. Bye.” I watched the rhythm of her coxas, swaying back and forth...

You were checking her out,” Christina said.

No, I wasnt,” I replied.

Right.” She rolled her eyes.

I really wasnt examining her.” I reinstated my argument.  We strolled to the door and I held it open for her.

Its OK Art, I look at boys sometimes.”

What about Josh?”

He doesnt need to know.”

Youre bad!” I exclaimed and started trekking to Bumblebee, which was my ’68 Camero.

Suddenly, something above caught my eye. What the…”

What?” Christina said.

I looked up. I thought I saw something.”

Maybe it was a bat?”

Dont think so. It was too big.”

Maybe an airplane?”


Come on, lets go.”


The next day, I was riding my skateboard.

It was unusually warm for an October afternoon. The sun was beating down as I heard chirping. I looked up at the red and yellow trees. Birds were chirping in them.

, I saw Cassandra plodding to her mailbox.

Hi,” I called.

Oh, hey Art!  Youre the one I ran into at the movie theatre!”

I laughed. Yes.”

How are you?”

"I am performing pretty superb. You?”

Im doing good. Just getting my mail.”

Cassandra had black lips and black nails this time.  Her silky long hair was black and her hazel eyes were wild.  She was dressed all in black.

So, do you have studies?” I asked.



Smith University.”


What about you?”

"I  currently attend Parker Community College."

Awesome, get your associate’s degree. Smart move!”

Thank you.”

Then she gave me a funny look. Hey, would you like to come in for a drink?”

Um…  sure.”

OK.” She led me in. Sorry. I havent cleaned for years.”

The room was slovenly with books, candles everywhere, boxes, and junk.  I could hardly see it was so dark but light enough to see the furniture was covered with two inches of dust, but not the books. There was a musty smell, unlike anything I could describe.  

Its OK. I dont keep up with picking up very well too,” I replied.

Do you live alone?” she asked, clumsily making her way into the kitchen.

Yeah.” I could see her going through the opening.

Me too.”


Im not sad or anything.  Living alone has worked out for me.” She opened a cupboard door.

Im the same way.”

Thats good, um, look away for a sec.”

OK, why?”

I have to do something,” she replied. 

I looked at her dusty bookshelf. She must be a bookworm like me.

OK. You can turn around.”

I did while I wondered what that something was.

Thanks,” I said as I wondered how she had made it cold without using the refrigerator.

Its no problem.” It smelled a little funny, but out of curiosity I stupidly took a sip.

Just then, I felt weird. My whole body started twitching. Hey, whats going on?”

Cassandra gasped.

What?” I said and felt my chest tingling. I put my hand on it. There was kind of a prickling feeling on my legs so I inspected them and saw the hair on them disappear. My crotch started feeling weird. What the-“ My voice went up. I covered my mouth.

Cassandra stared wide-eyed as my waist shrank.

What the hell?” I said in a voice I didnt recognize.

Damn! Thats not what I wanted!”


She sighed. Im a witch and I accidentally turned you into a girl.”

What!?” I said as my chest expanded.

She hastily grabbed a book and searched through it Yeah, it was supposed to make you more handsome, but instead… yeah, youre a girl.” [1] 

Why did you want me to be more handsome?”

To date… um, dont get me wrong, but-

Oh, screw you!”

I understand youre hacked off but-

Can you turn me back?”

Im afraid I dont know how. I suck at making potions.”

Oh, thats great!”

Look on the bright side.”


Youre pretty.”


Cassandra had informed me she would find a way to change me back soon.  For now, I was stuck being a female.

In a panic, I went to Christinas and pounded on the door.

It opened. Hello?”

Christina, its me, Art.”


Art, your best friend.”

This is a joke, right?”

No, Im really Art.  Cassandra turned me into a girl.”


The girl I ran into the movie theatre. She complimented my green shirt. The one with the fries.”

This is a joke.”


OK, if youre really Art, what happened to me on Labor Day four years ago?”

You got drunk and made out with that girl from your Spanish class.”

Oh my God, youre really Art!”


 “What happened?”

I told her all the details.

What? I didn’t think witches were real!”

Yeah, I didn’t either. The worst part is she said she didnt know how to change me back. So Im stuck as a… Oh, crap!”


I have to go to work today.”

Cant you call in?”

I really need the money.”

Christina smiled. Why dont you go get a job as a stripper. They get a good amount of money, plus youve got great ones.”

Very funny!”

Well, you cant go anywhere like that. Come in. Lemme go get you some clothes.
“I express much gratitude by your action.” I ambled in.

“What the freak? I see your diction hasn’t changed much. That’s good, I guess?”

I went into her bathroom and closed the door. I dropped Christinas clothes down and took my cargo shorts off, then my boxers. I examined what was down there. Something was missing.

I sighed and took my shirt off.  Cold air rushed onto my breasts. It felt weird… well not exactly. My brain didnt know how to register it. It was kind of like Phantom Limb Syndrome but in reverse. I grabbed the bra and fiddled with it; holding it up to my chest.

“Um, Christina?”


“Do I really have to put on, uh, you know…”


A bra,” I called back.

If you dont want your boobs to sag, yes, you do.” 

What if I dont care?”

Art, you need to wear a bra.”


Its the lady thing to do.”

But, Im not a lady.”

She sighed.  Art, just put the bra on.”


Put it on.”


Then, Im coming in.”

No, dont come in!” I said and dove into the shower. I reached for the curtains when the door opened. She barged in. 

I felt my face turn red.

You could have at least put your panties on.”

I looked down and yanked the curtains in front of my crotch, almost ripping them down in the process.

Dont be embarrassed; Ive seen it before.”

Yeah, but this is weird. I used to be a guy!” I couldnt believe I said those words.

Oh, just get out of the shower and let me help you out.”



Get out!”

Its not like something I havent seen before, you know.”

Get out!”

Do you want me to help?”


Thats not an answer, she replied and lifted the curtain.

CHRISTINA!” I yelled and felt my face getting hot.

I saw it… Again! Can I help you now?”

Fine,” I said. But, that was a very inappropriate thing to do!” I dropped the curtain and stepped out. I lowered my head

OK, hand me the bra.”

I grumbled and gave her it.

Art, I know youre embarrassed, but I want to help you. Youre my best friend, and when you have any kind of problem, you can always count on me."

”I know. Thank you,” I replied, my face still warm.

She placed it over my breasts. Then she put my arms through the straps. I felt a little uncomfortable. It was as though I was helpless and needed help putting clothes on. I felt her hook the back up. Snap! There, youre hooked!”


Youre welcome. Now, I assume you know how to put panties on.”

Yes,” I sighed and grabbed them. She picked up my shorts and shirt as I put the panties on. I cant believe this,” I murmured fingering the silky panties.

“Art, stop” Christina squatted my hand. “That’s  not very ladylike!”


After I got dressed the rest of the way, I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful girl with black shiny hair and rosy red lips.  My clothing attire consisted of a red button-up blouse with black slacks.  My jawbones were smooth and my nose was shorter.  I didnt even recognize my eyes, they were blue.


Wow, I cant believe youd ever wear girls clothing!”

Shut up.”

You do look pretty, Art.”

Whatever,” I said and looked in the mirror again.  No ones gonna recognize me,” I said, sighed, and called work. 

Hello,” my boss said.

I lowered my voice. Hi, this is Art.  I cant attend my duties today. I have fallen into an illness.“ I coughed.

Christina cuffed my arm and whispered, “Art, yiou dork. You don’t say that when you’re sick!”

Sorry, I hope you feel better,” my boss responded.

Thanks,” I said, forgetting to lower my voice. I mean, thanks.” I hung up and went back into the living room. I called in sick. I cant go to work this way.”

What are you going to do?” Christina asked.

Im going to make Cassandra change me back.”

But you said she didnt know how.”

Too bad. She can figure it out. She made me this way.”

Ill come. But you really should consider joining a strip club.” She smiled.



I knocked on Cassandras door. It opened a few seconds later.

I want my body back now!” I demanded.

I know, I told you I dont know how,” Cassandra said.

You dont understand. I cant go to work; I dont look anything like my driver’s license.”

Im sorry. I have been working on it.”

Good cuz Im not leaving until you do.”

She sighed. Come in.”

We did.

Im really sorry.”

Just fix me, OK?”

She nodded and went into the kitchen. Im going to try some experimental potions based on the book.”

What book?”

She went to a cupboard, opened it, and pulled out a yellow and black book. My book of spells and potions,” she replied.

Doesnt it plainly say how to reverse this?”

No, it gives riddles and I have to figure them out.”

What?! Great,” I said and noticed the title, “’ Spells and Potions for Dummies!? What the… Is this a joke?”

No, its not. Dont worry, Ill get you back to normal,” she replied and pulled a caldron out from the kitchen. She opened the book and flipped pages. I rolled my eyes.


Christina and I  watched as she poured lime green liquid into the cauldron. It bubbled and smelled sweet. She added thick red stuff that looked like pudding and stirred it up.

Its ready.” She poured it into a cup and handed it to me. I looked into it and cringed. It looked like bloody snot.

It wont kill you.”

Christina looked as if she was about to regurgitate.

Youre sure?” I asked.

Cassandra nodded and I took the cup. I took a sip and gagged on the chalky texture.

Oh, dont be a baby.” She rolled her eyes.

It tastes like milk of magnesia!”

Just drink it,” she said and I choked down the rest.

How do you feel? “Cassandra  asked

“About the identical feeling I had before.”


“About the same

“Oh. Why didn’t you say so?”

“Yeah, Art, what the freak?” Christina said.

Give it time to work,” Cassandra said.



An eternally long half-hour later, I was on her couch reading a Harry Potter book I nabbed from Cassandra’s mantle  while Christina played a game on her mobile phone.

How do you feel now?” Cassandra asked.

Still normal,” I answered.

Really? You dont feel anything down there?


Um, you know…”


Your…” She whispered

No.’” I felt my face heat up feeling embarrassed and frustrated at the same time.

Let me try another experiment.”

After consulting her book the potion she brewed was orange and smelled like rotten oranges. I drank it. It tasted; vaguely like apple ]juice.  My stomach bubbled.


I burped. I still feel normal.”

Thats it. Im calling my grandma. That potion shouldve worked instantly.” She clapped her hands and in that instant, a cell phone appeared.

Cool, I wish mine could do that!” I exclaimed as she tapped the screen.

Wait, cant you just conjure her up in your mind or something?” Christina asked.

No, she prefers to use a phone.”

Oh,” I replied and looked at Christina. She looked puzzled so I gave her a Who knew” look.

Hi, grandma. I have a problem.” She paused. I accidentally turned someone a guy I met into a woman.” She paused again.  Ive tried snake snot juice, chicken death-“ she stopped.  No, I really intended to make him more handsome.” Paused. Yes, I really intended to.” Paused. OK, Ill tell him.” Paused. Thanks, I will tell him. I love you too! Bye!” She hung up.

What did she say?” I asked.

You have to think and feel like a girl in order for me to change you back.”


She turned to Christina. Take Art to the mall, go shopping, have him try on girls clothing.”

What about GameStop?” I asked. Girls play video games too.”

Yes, but it probably wont help. You need to be in a girly environment so you can learn to think and act like a girl.”

OK.” I sighed.

Dont worry Art, Ill help you out,” Christina said, smiling.


This is embarrassing,” I said entering JC Penny’s.

Oh Art, it wont kill you. Besides you might learn something important about women.”

Like what?”


As we went into the womens clothing section, I sighed and rolled my eyes.  Christina shuffled over to a bunch of blouses and looked.  She grabbed a purple blouse and gave it to me.  Then she picked a black blouse, a dark blue long-sleeve shirt, and a red sweater. 

Come on, lets go and pick out skirts,” she said.  I groaned and followed her.



I tried on the purple blouse first with a black skirt. The blouse felt so soft and molded my body so well.  The skirt emphasized my hips and made me feel so dressed up.  The sleek blue blouse brought out my eyes elegantly.  The black slacks fit my new curves and I felt… SEXY!

I twirled around in the small changing room. When a giggle escaped my throat. 

My face heated up and I ambled back out.

Are we done? That was boring.  All those outfits made me want to kill myself.” There was no way I was going to tell her what had really happened in there.

Yes, now we look at... Wait!” Christina stopped.


I forgot. We havent gone to the shoe department.”

OK.” How long could it take to try on a couple of shoes?



First, we need to measure your feet,” Christina said, walking into the shoe department.

But, I know, Im a size twelve,” I replied and sat down.

Yeah, in men… besides your feet probably shrunk.”

Oh, yeah.” I took my shoes and socks off. God, this has been a weird day!”

I know, but you're very pretty!” Christina replied then called an employee over to measure my feet.


Youre a size eight.” The shoe clerk showed us where size eights were on the sale racks.

Thanks, well take it from here,” Christina replied.

OK, let us know if you need anything else,” he said and left.

Christina picked up a pair of black high heels. These will look good on you!”

Alright.” I sighed and tried them on.

Now, walk.”

“’Kay.” I took a step and tripped.

Christina laughed.

What the hell? What happened?” I took another step and tripped again.

Its the shoes. You dont know how to walk in high heels!”

”Apparently not!”

Christina continued laughing. I gotta get a picture of this!” She pulled her phone out and she held it up.

While I practiced walking in high heels, Christina sorted through boxes of shoes for me to try on.

Jesus,” I murmured, looking at the boxes of shoes. Am I going to try on all of these shoes?”

No.  That will take too long.  You will try on some of these.”

I sighed.  If I must.”

Twenty shoes later I was going crazy!

Come on, we have to get our nails done.”

Do we have to?”  I whined.

Yes, Lets go.”


Bye Bye Bye” played through the intercom when we entered the salon. I never had an interest in 90’s pop music.  I sighed and took a minute to look around. 

Looks like we came on a busy day!” Christina exclaimed. Everyone laughed and chattered a mile a minute.  Customers lounged in cushy chairs as some of the nail artists joggled their hips to the music.  There was even a young boy getting his nails painted, a smile on his face.  I couldnt get over the smell of the perfume and the nail polish; there was a table loaded with the stuff and a tray holding what looked like surgical instruments.

What the hell are those things?!” I asked pointing to the tray.

For your nails.  They arent going to hurt you,” Christina replied.

A stunningly beautiful woman with black hair adorned with blond highlights came over, seeing new customers had entered the shop.  Hi, what can I do for you?”  she inquired.

My friend wants her nails done. She’s new to this.”  Christina smiled then hit my back. Chica!”

I could tell she was really enjoying this a lot.

Cool! Im Patty. Girl, sit in this chair while I get my tray.”

I sat down in a recliner.

Lean back, Art, its part of the ritual.” Christina quoted with her fingers.

OK,” I said and to my surprise, she learned my chair back for me.

There. Thats better, huh?”

Yes,” I replied and relaxed as I watched everyone.

Patty sauntered  back and asked me to soak my hands in this soft and warm scented water. Now, what color do you want for your nails?”

I looked at Christina.

Art, you pick the color.”

I looked back at the tray and cringed as I pointed at Hot Pink. 

OOH girl, I always loved that color! Great choice! Lemme get ready.”


Hold your hand out, please.”

I did as she requested and shyly held my hand out.  She grabbed it and ran the cold, wet brush on my index nail.  It was shocking for a second, unexpected, and yet quite pleasant.  I was being taken care of by a professional.  She was looking out for my best interest.  I looked at her face, which in turn looked focused and competent.  It was then I knew that this was going to be okay, regardless of the loss of manhood.

My fingertips were pleasantly cold; I never knew they could feel heavy, and I did get the satisfaction of holding my phone in the 'My Nails are Drying" grip.

Next Im going to buff them for you.”

What? Youre going to buff my nails?”

Yeah, to make them all smooth and shiny, girl,” she replied and got a rectangular thing out and grabbed my hand. It looked like a chalkboard eraser.

It wont hurt, Art,” Christina said.

Art?” Patty blurted out

Yeah, uh, its short for Artina,” I replied.

Oh, Ive never heard of it,” she said.
Yeah, my parents made it up.”

Girl, get outta here! Thats cool!” she exclaimed and rubbed the buffer on my nails.  Goosebumps ran down my body. It was kind of like I was scratching sandpaper.  I did not like it at all. My face must have been cringing because she said, Sorry, some people dont like to buff their nails, but it makes them stronger. It also helps the circulation underneath your nails. And if you like growing your nails out, regular buffing helps prevent split ends. Also, it helps make my job go quicker.” She smiled.

Oh, I didnt know that!”

You learned something today.”

Yes, I certainly have!” I looked at Christina as she smiled.

She stopped I relaxed in my chair. I actually was enjoying having my nails done! Except the buffering part. I couldnt believe it! I looked at Christina again. You know, this isnt bad.”

See? I told you it wouldnt kill you.” Christina hit my back.


We went back to Cassandras and I knocked on her door.

It opened. Im ready for you to change me back,” I said and flashed her a big smile.

Great! Come in. Lemme go get my wand,” Cassandra replied and Christina and I followed her in.

I had him get a manicure, too,” Christina said.

Cool! Cassandra exclaimed, grabbing her wand from the couch. It was black and looked wooden. Now, Art, Im going to perform a spell on you and I want you to think back at what you did at the mall.”

Wait, how do I know you wont screw the spell up?”

Cassandras smile faded. You know what? FORGET IT!”


Its not easy being a witch-in-training. I try my best, but some things just go wrong! You havent changed!”  She tossed her wand on the table, plopped down on the couch, and buried her face in her hands.

I stood there, unsure of what to say. I looked at Christina. She only, looked at me. I couldnt tell if she was angry or disappointed. It didnt matter.

Cassandra sobbed. Im sorry I messed your life up. It was selfish for me to try to change you. You are what you are and I shouldve realized that. Im so sorry Im such a screw-up.”

I walked to her. No, youre not; its me who should apologize. I acted like a bitch, literally. I criticized you at every attempt and didnt believe in you. You were really trying to help me and I mentally pushed you away and thats not right.” A few tears trickled down my cheeks.

She sniffled Thank you. I really appreciate it.” She stood up and clenched her wand. She sighed. If you think being sincere will help me turn you back, it wont. The spell doesnt work that way. It should, but magic sometimes just does not make sense. But thank you.”

Its cool, Im ready.”

She wiped the tears from her cheeks. Awesome, now think.”

 I remembered the outfits I tried on, then the shoes.  They were so hard to walk in and Christina chose so many.  I dont know how girls do it.  Then I remembered the nail salon. How I had to soak my hands in water; the feeling of getting my nails buffed. How I chose the color for my nails.  They do look good in pink.

Cassandra waved her wand around me and chanted in Latin. I thought about how my nails shined afterwards. I looked at them. I had to admit they look cool.

Suddenly, I noticed my breasts start to shrink. My legs tingled. I looked down and saw hair growing.

Dont stop thinking now,” Cassandra said. Act like a girl. Show me how pretty your nails are.”

I held them up so she could see. I told her about the salon. How the stylist was nice, the process I went through.

Cassandra gave one big flick of her wand and I felt a jolt.

There, its done, youre back,” she said and I looked down. My arms were muscular again and my hands were back to their normal size. Was my voice back to normal?

Thank you!” I said in my voice.

Youre welcome.”

Christina went over to me and hugged me. Im glad youre back!”

Me too. Being a woman was alright but Im glad Im a man again.”

Now you enjoy manicures, maybe sometime youll get one again?”

Hey, maybe I will,” I said.


Submitted: June 22, 2022

© Copyright 2022 charliemmurph. All rights reserved.

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