Prisoner of the Super Store

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Patrick Coburn found himself imprisoned in the Save Moore Super Store.

Table of Contents

No Exit

For the last several months Patrick Coburn wouldn't stand within six feet of another person without a face covering, yet now his mouth wa... Read Chapter


  It took Patrick Coburn three days working nonstop to pack the freezers with anything perishable. He discovered additional walk... Read Chapter

25 Club

Clive sat at the number six command center flipping the main monitor from camera to camera in order to keep up with six’s running pace.... Read Chapter

Hello Clive

Norm Erickson was at the main command post in the center of the Solus 12 lab studying the trading patterns of the 25 Club and saw somethi... Read Chapter

Status Mole

HELLO CLIVE! MY NAME IS GEORGE. Clive was in a sheer panic. He looked down at the console and moved his shaking hands across it. He w... Read Chapter

Entry Points

Dr. Freeman met with Norm Erickson in a small conference room to discuss subject number six's project. “Talk to me about his progress, ... Read Chapter

Stealth Team A

Number eleven was having a party in the produce department. He had tall cardboard posters of women modeling underwear propped up around h... Read Chapter

Cameras Watching Cameras

It was Friday night and Patrick Coburn was grilling pork chops in the garden center. This was supposed to be the highlight of his week bu... Read Chapter

The Notebook

As Dr. Freeman cut the cake, he didn’t notice the ashes from his cigarette sprinkling down on the icing which spelled out, “Solus 12,... Read Chapter


“I walk the aisles alone, No signal on my phone. I want to leave but there is no door, I am stuck forever in the Save Moore... Read Chapter

Fresh Pot of Coffee

Tuesday morning, Solus 12 Lab. Clive sat at the number six command center and Norm stood behind him as they stared up at a ... Read Chapter

Checkpoint 3

Coburn didn’t shoot the man who claimed to be Clive, but neither did he lower the shotgun. He watched the man cautiously and occasional... Read Chapter

The Peyote Springs Herald

In its heyday Willow Inn seldom had a vacancy. It was a convenient stop for travelers on their way to Las Vegas. When the new highwa... Read Chapter


Roger caught Freeman and Norm as they were about to enter the elevator. “Dr. Freeman, what do we do about number six’s ‘flight... Read Chapter

A Seed in the Desert

As the story mushroomed, The White House demanded answers, yet both the CIA and Defense Department denied any knowledge of the facility. ... Read Chapter

Oculos 16

The liberated super store prisoners became instant celebrities. Jack Owsley, the Peyote Springs Herald reporter who broke the story was n... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


You had me at the title. *Shudders.*

Quite the intriguing premise, all the little details like expiration dates make it feel like you thought it through and is making me take the story a lot more seriously.

There are a lot of instances of "he did this and he did this" which slows things. A lot of this is necessary, so you can point out the things like expiration dates and the idiosyncratic television show... Others less so like him making his coffee and then drinking it. In these parts I wanted to skim, though I resisted as I didn't want to miss the clues you were leaving.

I am looking forward to chapter 2!

Sat, July 2nd, 2022 10:48am


I don't know why, but the lady paying for all the food she was eating stuck out at me as the kind of thing that improves the whole. I forgot to mention it.

Sat, July 2nd, 2022 10:49am

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