The Paranormal Adventures of Christina and Art #8: WOOF!

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“HEY! HEY! HEY!” I shouted to the dogs on the other end.






Before I could reply, I heard the neighbor yell at him. I ran away from the fence. That dog wasn’t worth it anyway. I ran around the yard for a while. Leaves fell off the trees. Cool breeze felt good on my body. I saw a squirrel scamper across the fence. I ran over to it  I looked up and saw a flock of birds flying by. I wondered how they could fly. If I could fly, I would-  CAR!

I raced over to the gate and wagged my tail. I didn’t see who it was.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door open. I rushed over to the back door and barked. I could see a dark figure in the house. The lights to the living room were off so I could not see. I barked again. “Just a minute, Nick!” I recognized her voice. It was my human mom.I wagged my tail and barked again. “Just a minute!” I was so excited I couldn’t help it.

Just then, I heard an airplane so I ran to the middle of the yard.  I saw something fall from the plane and it fell close to me.  It landed with a thud.  I barked madly and raced to it.  Pieces of what looked to be a box were scattered all over. I sniffed around and saw glowing green ants. I sniffed the ants. I had heard they had good protein (whatever that meant), so I licked them up.

“Nick!” Christina exclaimed. I turned around. “What the hell?” she said, looking at the pieces on the ground. “What happened?” She bent over one and examined it.  I barked and sniffed the pieces.Christina shouted for me to get away from them.


Later that day, I was chewing on my TOY in the kitchen. It felt good on my teeth. I had tried many times to tear it apart but the only good I could do was give it bite marks. I bit on the end and it rolled away. I jerked my head and quickly caught it before it went too far.

I had heard Christina call someone on the phone. She sounded concerned. I guessed it was about the pieces. I was not worried, although I had never seen glowing green ants before.

I heard a car pull up. I felt my ears perk up as I listened. I heard two car door  open and close. My tail wagged. My head was still, my mouth closed, waiting for something to happen…

The doorbell rang. I got up and ran to the door. My tail wagged as Christina hurried over and opened it.

“You called about some sort of wreckage in your backyard?” a mysterious man in a black suit said.

“Yes.” She motioned the two men in. They were dressed the same. They also were wearing black sunglasses.

I sniffed them.

“Sorry. He won’t hurt anyone.” Christina said then turned to me. “Nick, stop it!”

I stopped.

“Sorry,” she said again but they didn’t say anything. Their expressions remained stiff.

“Did you see where the debris came from?”

“No, I was in the house and heard a thud out back. So I went out and saw the black metal wreckage.”

They went out back. I followed them with Christina.
The men looked at the wreckage. One bent down and touched it. He stood back up.

“Ma’am, I need you to come with us.”

“What? Why?”

They didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, I felt weird. My legs wobbled a little. I looked down at my legs and saw them grow a little. I barked.

“What’s going on?” Christina asked, then looked at me. “Nick, what’s wrong?” She looked at my legs. I stumbled around as they continued to grow. I felt kinda dizzy but not really. The two men looked too.  She gasped with them as the ground seemed to leave me. My head felt funny. I didn’t know what was happening but I was changing! “What the hell?” she said as I rose so high up that my eyes met hers.

The men only looked at me.

“What’s going on?” I heard Art’s voice behind. I turned around in time to see him gasp in the backyard. “What happened to Nick?”

“I don’t know. He just started growing,” Christina replied.

“Weird, who are they?” Art asked, looking towards the men.

Christina told him.

“What?” Art blurted out.

“And now Nick started growing a few minutes ago.”


I grew again. My head stopped feeling weird.

I could see over the fence.  The neighbor’s backyard was filled with different colored leaves.  There was a shed that was opened.  I could see a lawnmower in the shed.  Squirrels were scampering around -- Darn squirrels! I turned my head and saw a car zooming past in the street.  I also saw houses and a man that was getting his mail.  Suddenly, someone with a dog turned the corner.  I barked and jumped over the gate, busting the side of the house.

“Nick!” I heard Christina shout after me. I usually come when I am called. But this time, I didn’t care. I knew I was being a BAD DOG, but I just wanted to bark at the dog. “WOOF!” I heard an extremely loud bark. At first, it scared me. I looked around and saw nothing.

Just then, I realized it was me. It caught me by surprise. The man and the dog were looking at me. They were unusually small. The dog was black and looked like a barking chew toy. The dog stared at me while the man screamed. I barked again and he ran away with his dog.

I panted and tilted my head to the side. Why did the man run away? I only wanted to say hello and maybe sniff the dog’s butt.

“NICK!” Christina screamed. She sounded mad so I looked back. “COME BACK HERE!” I started walking back with my tail between my legs when I smelt BARBECUE! I remembered the time when Christina had many people over and she grilled. She picked a large, juicy, steak up and dropped it on the grass and she made me “clean it up.” It was yummy! I pictured the big, juicy steak, and I licked my chops. A really loud growl made Christina and I jump.

“What was that?” she asked.

Was that my stomach? It growled again. Yes, it was. I had to find that barbecue. I sniffed and started following the yummy aroma.

“Nick, where are you going?” Christina shouted behind.

A car turned into the street and headed for me. It quickly swerved and hit a mailbox.

When I got to the end of the street, I raised my head and sniffed. I turned in the right direction… wait! I was big!! I could hop over fences to get to the food. So I sniffed around, then I ran to a gate and hopped over. BOOM! The ground shook. What was that? I looked around the yard and saw a pool. The water looked so refreshing. I walked to it and lapped the water up. AAH! That’s better! I felt the water  drip from my mouth.

My stomach growled. I had to find that barbecue! I took a deep breath and ran for the fence. I jumped when I got close enough, but hit the fence when I leapt over.  There was a loud noise behind. I looked back and saw the broken fence. I had hit it pretty hard. It was a huge gap! I wasn’t hurt though. I heard dogs bark in the house. Uh-oh, I’d better get out of here! So, I continued running. I damaged houses on my way. I busted roofs and smashed fire hydrants, causing huge water fountains.  I even stepped on a few cars. Nobody was in them that I could see. I really tried to be careful though.

A few houses later, I could really smell the food. My mouth watered. I could eat until my stomach exploded! I stopped and looked around.

Just then, I saw smoke in the distance. Something told me it was not dangerous. I ran toward it.

A minute later, the park came into view. I remembered Christina took me there often. She would play FETCH with me. I loved to run farMost of then time, I caught THE BALL, but sometimes, she threw it just a little and it landed in front of her and I wondered what she was doing. And then, I would grab THE BALL, keeping it away from her! I loved her anyway.

It was sunny and bright. Kids were running around and chasing each other. I barked and rushed toward the park.  People were chatting, sitting on blankets; I even saw that some had dogs! They were playing fetch. I would join them, but I was feeling really hungry.

Just then, I saw the grill. On the table was food. I started running when the people saw me and started screaming and running. I ran to the table and accidentally knocked it over.  I did not care. I began snarfing the food down. I found the steak. I gobbled it down in one bite. It was the best thing I ever had!

When I ate all the food, I licked my chops and belched. It echoed, rippling through my neighborhood and the next!

Suddenly, I heard sirens in the distance. I had heard them before in my yard. I didn’t know what they meant, but I hadn’t seen anything bad happen as a result, so I ignored them and sniffed around for more food.

A minute later, they were getting louder, so I looked around and saw flashing red and blue lights.

Just then, a yellow car zoomed down the street. I recognized it as it sped closer. It was Christina! I barked and ran toward it, expecting to go for a ride—wait! I was big. I wouldn’t fit in the car.


The flashing lights were also getting closer. They were ahead of Christina. Suddenly, I saw they were cars.

The cars arrived and stopped. Policemen got out. They looked around.  I barked and started walking to them. They pulled guns out. I backed away. I had seen people use guns on TV. They hurt people. Why did the men want to hurt me? I was good!

Christina’s car rolled around the corner and pulled to a screeching halt. I wagged my tail. I was glad to see her. She got out.

“Wait!” she yelled and ran in front of me. “Don’t shoot! He’s my dog.” She grabbed my fur.

“Ma’am, step away from it please.”

“No! He won’t harm anyone!”

“Step away from the dog. This is your last warning.”

She turned to me. “Nick.” She petted my foot. I bent down and licked her, causing her to fall on her back. She got back up drenched.I bent down and licked her again; sorry I caused her to fall.  I raised my head and whimpered. “See? He won’t hurt anyone!”

The men lowered the guns.  “OK, we won’t shoot, but that dog needs to be restrained!”

“I know. What are you going to do?”


A minute later, a cop went to Christina and said, “We’re calling the zoo for tranquilizers. They won’t kill him.”

“OK,” Christina said. “But be careful, he’s my dog.”

“We will do our best.  In the meantime, don’t let him run off!”


Christina kept an eye on me as I lay down. Often, she would pet me and tell me that I was being good. She put her arms around me and told me she loved me.

Just then, a car arrived and a man with a long black case stepped out.

“Jesus!’ he exclaimed, looking at me. He opened the case and pulled a long gun out. I felt scared. I stood up.

“Nick,” Christina said, petting me. “It’s OK. He’s not going to hurt you.”

“Yes, I’m just gonna make you fall asleep,”’ the man said but I didn’t believe him. I backed away. “It’s OK, boy.” His voice was kind, but I kept looking at that gun. As I started to run, I felt weird. It was the same feeling I had before I grew.

Suddenly, I noticed everything around me starting to grow.  My legs felt strange. I looked down and saw them shrink.

I heard a noise. Something sharp hit my hind leg. I yelped and continued running as everything spun around me. I felt my body shrink. I stopped as my legs wobbled. I looked at the houses, the people, the fire hydrants, the cars—they were big and normal again. I took one last step and fell over.

I felt a hand on me, so I looked. Christina was petting me.

Thank God!” she exclaimed. She picked me up and we went home.



I woke up on a couch. I looked around and recognized I was in a different house. The room looked familiar. I had been here before. I hopped down and sniffed around.

Hey, Nick,” a familiar voice said so I looked up.  It was Art. I took you to my house for a little while.” I wagged my tail. Christina is OK. She cant have you in her house until things settle down, but she will come and take you back home soon.” He petted my head.

Arts CAT (Cat Von D) casually walked in the room! He looked at me coldly. He passed me and went into the kitchen. I didnt know why he hated me so much. All I did to him was chase him around the room one time because I wanted to play. He avoided me ever since.

The doorbell rang. I ran to it. Art went over and opened it. Christina came in. I barked and wagged my tail.

Hey, Nick!” she exclaimed and hugged me.  She looked at Art. They came over and I told them I didnt know where Nick was.”

Did they buy it?”

Yes, my acting was perfect! I thought of a depressing novel and I cried.”

Oh, good!”

Yeah, Id do anything for Nick.”

Me, too.” Art looked at me.

“Thank you for taking him.”

No prob.”

I licked her. I love you, Mom!

“Yes! I love you, too!” I’m so glad youre back to normal!” she exclaimed and scratched me behind the ears and it felt great! What a day! Now, if only I can learn to fly like the birds.

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