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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 43

For thirteen weeks Fire reigned over the Canadian World desecrating everything and everyone in his sight day and night without ceasing and causing major damage controil.

Everyone scattered in all directions trying to find a place to hide to no avail on their part because Fire made sure there wasn't anywhere to hide from him because he to be the last thing they see before their death. Nobody was safe from terrible nightmare, including.

Fire's fire was beyond eighty thousand degrees that can kill if it is not handled properly. When he was thirtteen he accidentally burned his familed to death in their home while having dinner together by trapping them inside on purpose whis fire protected him from death, danger and harm. (His parents always believed his siblings over him and always took their side). Being the black sheep never helped his cause.


Kai saw what happening to his world and decided to do something about least that's what he thought at that moment in time. He could only save seven hundted people by taking them to a hidden place that nobody knew about to this day except him and gave strict instructions to remain inside no matter what they heard and then he left. He returned to the crime scene seeing the actual damage control made him realize his would world never truly recover from this terrible nightmare for centuries to come for the future,

He just missed a fireball at his head by ducking downquickly. When he looked up and saw Fire standing a few distance from him staring at him with a gingerly cold look in his eyes and that's when he realized that fireball was meant for himdeliberately. He realized saving those people had cost him life somehow and Fire wasn't pleased about it at all.

"Damn me to my fate." Kai whispered to himself. He could smell death and heavy black smoke all round him because it filled the air completely. He and some others were trying to find their way out from Death's door before he came calling and that's not for anyone because he plays by his rules only.


He began collecting the bodies on his list as usual but this time was deeply different; he could feel it in his spirit. He knew something wasn't right about this destruction. Who wanted the entire Canadian World to become ruins forever? Why the whole world and not half of it? Whoever it was knew exactly what they were doing. He has boundaries tothe deaths he caused but never to wipe out an entire world from existence...his world. He feared the reason behind his world's destruction may never be revealed.


Davis wiped out the majority of the Canadian People with one strike of her deadly poison that hovered in the air for thirteen weeks straight without ceasing. Her deadly poisons are severely toxic to all living things regardles. (Her deadly poisonsare invisible to the naked eye). For example, she could walk oast you without knowing you're poisoned, etc, because it is a silent poison that can't be smelled, touched, felt or're dead within ten minutes.

She called The Death Destroyer because she doesn't need any reason to's her DNA. Just ask the people who barely survived her death wrath last century and they're still recovering from it to this was an ugly sight.


June would come in to wrap things up by concealing all living things by destroying them leavinng no trace of her handy work for all to see. She's all business.

For the last nine months she had been having interference with getting the job done because her infatuation for Vyktorious drove her literally insane. Her mind wouldn't stop infatuating over him day and night from the moment she laid eyes on him. She couldn't do anything right because of jhim and even her dreams dreamt about him every night and she doesn't like at all.

June knew something had to be done before she loses her mind completely. She wouldn't accept defeat  overthis false infatuation over a guy she might have an attraction for...nip it in the bud permanently. and she knew exactly how to do it and that would give her mind peace. She stalked him withou his knowledge  and when the time was right she made her move...when the Canadian World became ruins.



He had risen from the ashes from the ruined world and made himselfna home in the swap area that once was Public Square by growing mosquitoes to infest his land to protect it from trespasspers and intruders.

His mosquitoes weren't blood sucker creature of today at all...their stings are called paralyze stings that actually paralyze the muscles to keep the victims alive while leaving useless.

Mosquito had complete power over his children and he controlled them with his mind and words believing the power of the tongue and the mind are the true weapon to everything regardless of right and wrong. He didn't become the man is today with negative thinking thinking words was the key to his sucess today.


Ten thousand centuries ago  a group of twelve men from the Montgomery World came  to this unknown world thjat had nothing to gain. They decided to make this place home by building homes and the first Public Square and planting vegetables, etc. It took fourteen months for completion and was named Canadian World.

Six men from the group were gathering wood for their homes when they stumbled upon six young ladies giggling at them from the distence, smiling at them and they responded by making them their wives.

Within Ten months os being married the young wives began enchanting their husbands by controlling them without their knowledge to the point they began having conflict with other six men because they didn't approve of their wives. They knew they had a prolem on their hands with those men their husbands had told them and they needed to figure out how to deal with them before they ruined everything for them.

The remaining six men kept their distence from the married men because of their wives and knew something wasn't right with them. There were two particular men didn't bow down to the lies of deception of those wives' wickedness that spread like wildfire throughout the land. They could see what was really happening everyday. They convinced the others four men to join forces with them to desecrate the threat from their new world and it almost succeeded at the campfire four months later.


The remainng six were sitting around a large open pit campfire minding their business when they became surrounded by the six husbands, their wives and their wives' brothers blocking their exit. They were ambushed and outnumbered by eighteen by six and they couldn't even defend themselves with the weapons they had at their homes.

The wives' brothers grabbed hold of the remaining six two to each man to ensure security by forcing them to bow down before them but they refused and that pissed off the wives. So the husbands ordered the desecration of the men by having them burned to death inside the open pit.

 The hidden people came out from hiding when they saw a severe bright blue yellow high flame rise up from the open pit desecrating the eighteen within secounds leaving no trace of them and were amazed.

The bright blue yellow high flame lasted for forty long mintes before its true form began to appear. The remaing six ashes had become infested with mosquitoes forming into a living body of a young male of seventeen. There was something about him that the hidden people chose become his permanent mosquitoes for all eternity...until next time.


Submitted: June 23, 2022

© Copyright 2022 I.D. Banks. All rights reserved.


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