The Paranormal Adventures of Christina and Art #9: The Glizzes

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When Christina and Art visit their friend Rupert on his fifty-acre property, they hear strange noises, but Rupert tells thems it's probably fine. But, when a reptilian creature kidnaps Rupert, it's up to Christina and Art to rescue him.

Were here!” Art announced, pulling up to the rocky driveway.

Great!” Christina exclaimed and unbuckled her seatbelt.

Yeah, I cant wait to see Rupert.”

Me too, it has been too long!”

Art stopped the car and shut it off. Yeah.” 

A dog started barking in the house as soon as Christina hopped out of the Camero. Somebody is excited to see us.”

I love that dog!” Art exclaimed, hopping out. And also this farm-like community… I know its not exactly a farm, but I want to live out here someday!”

Ruperts house sat on fifty acres of beautiful, rich land in Quaintown, New Mexico; fifty miles from Strangeville, New Mexico.

Art! Christina!” a voice shouted. 

Hey, Rupert!” Art called out, looking up.

The jolly man in his lucky thirties saluted them. His brown ponytail bounced up and down as he jogged over. Im so glad you guys came out!” He loomed over Art.

Thanks for requesting our presence to your magnificent facilities. I missed you!” Art said and hugged him.

Jesus Christ, Art! Why don’t you just read the entire dictionary to us?” Christina murmured.

I missed you too. Its been so long.”

Yeah, it has, sorry we havent visited you more often.”

Its OK, we all get busy,” he replied and looked at Christina through his burgundy glasses. And howve you been?”

Good.” She hugged him.

Good? Not fantastic or wonderful?

She smiled, OK. Im fantastic!”

Awesome! Hows Josh?”

Hes doing good.”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. Oh, good! Tell him I said hi!.”

OK, I will,” she replied and opened the trunk.

Here, lemme get that for you,” Rupert said.

Thanks,” she replied as Rupert grabbed her suitcase and Art grabbed his.

No prob.” They stepped into his house through the kitchen door. Would you like something to drink or eat?”

Nah, we just consumed a hardy repast,” Art replied.

WHAT THE FREAK, ART?!” Christina blurted out.

OK… Well, lets talk, whats going on with you guys?” Rupert asked as he put their bags in the hall.

Oh nothing much,” Christina replied. Another bark erupted in the house.

"I'm going to let Buttercup in.  Brace yourselves!" Rupert said and opened the living room door.

A Rottweiler zoomed in. She was pretty big for her breed, maybe even bigger! She ran to Art and Christina. "Chill, Buttercup!” Rupert exclaimed, but she ignored him and jumped on Christina, knocking her on her butt. She licked Christinas face.

Buttercup, stop!” Christina exclaimed and laughed.

Rupert pulled the big happy dog off. Sorry, Im still trying to train her.”

Its OK. Nick sometimes still gets too friendly.”

Rupert laughed. Id imagine so. How old is Nick?”


Cool. Hes still young,” Rupert said. And doing great?”

Yeah, hes a good dog.”

Unlike Buttercup,” Rupert said and looked at her. Im just kidding. Youre a good dog! But you need to learn not to jump on other people!” He rubbed her chest.

So, hows work?” Art asked.

Eh, could be better.”

Oh… yeah. I understand.”

What about you?”

Im still attending Parker Community College," Art said.."Im doing fine, but I still dont know what I want to do after I graduate.  Im still working at Radio Shack. I fancy all the electronics and stuff, so maybe Ill pursue some engineer business or something,” 

Hey, if thats something youre interested in, go for it! Its a huge field to go into! Who knows, you might love it and invent the next big game console or computer tablet…. Or even a robot that helps people! Now, I dont know about you two but Im ready to eat.”

Although Art told Rupert that he and Christina had just eaten, he didnt say anything.


This is delicious!” Christina exclaimed and took a bite of her tuna sandwich.

Yeah. Your sandwiches have always kicked ass!” Art exclaimed. 

Thank you,” Rupert replied and took a bite.

Rupert did not consider himself a chef, but he made the best tuna sandwiches. He always included canned tuna, midget sour pickles chopped, sweet gherkins, mayo, chopped celery, and finely chopped apples.

An odd clicking noise outside sounded.

What was that?” Art asked.

I dont know what that is. It started a few weeks ago when I was cleaning my garage and I heard that noise. I looked all around but couldnt find anything.” There was a crease above his eyebrow as if he was either deep in thought or concerned.

Maybe its the clothesline hitting the house.”

Maybe. Who knows?” He shrugged.

It made the noise again. Buttercup barked.

“Quiet!” Rupert exclaimed but she continued barking.  “Buttercup, shut up!” She didn’t.

The clicking noise was getting louder, so Art looked out the window. I dont see anything out there.”

Im sure whatever it is wont bother us,” Rupert said yet there was a slight uncertainty to his tone.


The next morning, Buttercup wandered into the guest bedroom and sniffed around as Art turned over in his sleep.

She saw him and jumped up on the bed.  Art was snoring loudly. Buttercup licked his nose and he turned over again. He mumbled something as she licked his nose once again.

Dont,” he muttered. Buttercup whined and put her paw on Arts face and he jumped awake. What are you doing here?” he said as she wagged her tail. Art sat up and stretched. Buttercup barked. What? You want food?” She barked and hopped down and ran into the hall.

Im coming.” Art got up and yawned. He got dressed as Buttercup barked. Hold on! Im coming!” He followed her into the kitchen and started looking for her food. She went to the pantry at the far end of the kitchen. She barked and Art followed her. Your foods probably in here, huh?” He opened it and saw the bag of Eukanuba.

Hi,” Rupert said behind Art.

Splendid morning.” Art turned around.

I heard Buttercup barking.”

Yeah, she came into my room and woke me up for some healthy substance.” Art grabbed the bag.


Its OK, I dont mind, do I, girl?”  Art said as he looked at her. She wagged her tail. Wheres her bowl?”

Hold on… Before you feed her, lemme show you her new trick.” He went to the jar and snatched a Milk Bone up. Buttercup panted and wagged her tail. Buttercup, pushup.” She laid down then sat up. Good girl!” He gave her the treat.

Wow. Great job! You didnt need to motion the treat up and down! Awesome!”

Thanks. Shes a smart dog! Now, if only she learned not to jump up on people…” Rupert walked to the counter.You want bacon and eggs for breakfast?”

Before Art could reply, there was a crash. Art, Rupert, and Buttercup jumped.

What was that?” Art asked as Buttercup started barking.

It sounded like it came from the garage.”



When Art and Rupert scrambled into the garage, they first noticed that the door to the outside was open. Rupert looked around and gasped. Tools were scattered all over the floor.

What the hell?” Rupert said. The ladder that Rupert kept hanging on the wall was knocked down on the ground. Pails of paint were scattered around the room, their contents covering the ground.  It looked like a small tornado had gone through his garage. 

What happened?” Art asked.

Somebody broke in.”

Or something! Look!” Art pointed to the floor. Rupert went over and looked at the large claw near the door. 

It looks like it came from an animal, like a big cat, but there isnt a zoo out here.”

You never know…” Art replied.

Rupert looked around the garage then stepped outside. He looked for more clues but couldnt find anything else. Ill call the pol-” Rupert started before noticing movement in a nearby hedge.


Shh, I saw something move in that hedge.” Rupert snuck up to it.

Whats going on….?” Christina inquired from behind.

At the sound of Christina’s voice, a lizard-like creature the size of a lion popped up. The three screamed as it leaped out of the bush. It was as tall as a crocodile and stood on two legs. Bright yellow dots were scattered all over its dark-green body.

It hissed as it came closer.  Its yellow eyes stared menacingly at the three humans.

RUN!” Rupert yelled.

Rupert, Art, and Christina ran as it chased after them. Before Rupert knew it, the lizard creature caught up to him and grabbed his arm.  Rupert let out a cry.

RUPERT!” Christina shrieked as the lizard creature punched him, knocking him out.

Let him go!” Art exclaimed but it kicked him in the stomach. Art doubled over as the lizard creature picked Rupert up in its arms and ran. Come back here!”

Christina chased after it but the lizard creature sped up. COME BACK HERE!” She frantically tried to catch up but the lizard creature disappeared into the woods before she could tell what had happened. Christina dropped to her knees.




The path was strewn with branches and rocks.  The lizard creature was able to keep hold of Rupert while it jumped nimbly over the obstacles.  It ran gracefully and fast.  Trees passed the lizard creature in almost a blur. A trailer came into view.

The lizard creature ran up to it and kicked the door open. From within the trailer, three lizard creatures looked up.

CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.” (You know, you could have knocked).

The lizard creature went in and dropped Rupert on the couch. It clicked, There were other humans back there but they couldnt catch me.  I dont think they are chasing me anymore.”

But they will call the police.  You idiot! Why werent you more careful not to get seen?”

Dont worry, the police wont believe them.”

Youre right.” It seemed to smile.




Art called the police and did not mention there were evil lizard creatures involved, but all they could say was to wait forty-eight hours. So, he and Christina did the next best thing; to take Buttercup to look for Rupert.

I hope hes OK,” Christina said.

Me too,” Art replied, slapping a mosquito on his arm.

Squirrels scampered up the trees. Chirping of birds echoed as they flew high above. Christina and Art thought they saw deer dashing through the trees.

They looked for some sort of clue as to where Rupert was but couldnt find anything. No footprints, no nothing.

What if hes hurt or worse?” Christina asked.

Christina, dont say stuff like that.  Well find him and hell be OK,” Art replied.


Christina, stop worrying; he will be OK.”

Before Christina could say anything else, Buttercup started barking. 

What is it, girl?”  Art asked, looking around. Christina saw something lurking behind the tree.

 “I see something,” she told Art. Buttercup, quiet!”  A chill trickled down her back as she crept toward it.  Her heart pounded quickly in her chest while her muscles tensed up as she slowly moved toward the tree. 

Just then, Christina heard a crunch behind. She looked back and saw Buttercup stepping on a twig. “She sighed and continued walking. Then, she heard a ruffling sound behind her and turned back around to see something running away.

It was just a flash of yellow and green merging through the trees. Buttercup barked and chased after it.

BUTTERCUP!” Christina and Art shouted and ran.

Branches slapped them in their faces as they ran through the dense forest.  Leaves crunched under Arts feet as he sprinted through the overgrown path. For a second, the trees became thin and Art and Christina thought they saw a bright green (tail). Then, they saw Buttercup dashing after it.

HEY!” Art shouted.

The trees thinned out and Art saw what it was.

HEY, COME BACK HERE!” he yelled as the lizard creature ran. He also saw Buttercup chasing it. The curved path had a lot of rocks and stumps making it difficult to run.  Art stumbled, falling hard to the ground after catching his foot on a large branch.  Christina helped Art up and asked if he was OK.

The two started running again, eventually coming up to a clearing.

What the…” Art said as he saw the trailer. The lizard creature was running to it.

Huh?” Christina said.

 They ran a few more feet…  then Christina and Art screamed as the lizard people saw them.  It looked like there were about ten of them, gathered just outside the trailer. Before they could run, two of the lizard people were by their side, grabbing their arms.

Hey!” Art exclaimed as they started dragging Christina and him toward the trailer. 

LET US GO!” screamed Christina. She struggled but they were holding her too tightly. Their claws dug into her arms as she kicked and yelled.

CHRISTINA!” Art shouted, struggling to break free.  The lizard people dragged them to the door.  One of the lizard creatures kicked the door open and shoved Christina and Art inside.Even more lizard people looked at Christina and Art as they fell to the floor.  The two lizard creatures came in and slammed the door.  Christina and Art stood up and saw Rupert at a desk in the corner. His face was all red and swollen, and he had black eyes.

Rupert!” Christina exclaimed.

What did you do to him?!” Art exclaimed.

One of the lizard creatures started knocking on the wall. 


Again, more knocking. 

NO!  YOU CANT!”  Rupert shouted.

The lizard creature pounded on the wall.

Whats going on?”  Christina asked.

For the love of God, let them go!  Im helping you!”

The lizard creature knocked.


Rupert, what the hell is going on?” Art asked.

“Rupert, can you understand them?”  Christina asked.

The lizard creature knocked and gave a quick jerk of its head to Christina and Art as if it was saying, Go on, tell them.”

Rupert sighed. Art and Christina, the lizard people told me they secretly have existed on Earth, for about four point five billion years since the planet was created. They basically were the first creatures on Earth!  They use Morse code by knocking out the code. Luckily, I remember it from Boy Scouts. They speak a separate clicking language to each other; they call themselves, Glizzes.’” He paused, terror in his eyes. And theyre forcing me to make a concoction that will turn the human race into Glizzes… or creatures like themselves.”

Christina gasped. Oh my God! Could they really turn people into them?”

“Yes,” Rupert said and sighed again.  “And I have the knowledge of very advanced human genetics to make such a formula. Somehow they found out about my work.”

YOU CANT DO THIS! YOU CANT KIDNAP US!” Art bellowed at the Glizzes.

Their scaly mouths formed into smiles.

Rupert, you cant…” Christina said.

Sorry, I have no choice. They said they would find you and kill you if I refused.”

YOU BASTARDS!” Christina wailed and ran towards them. She slugged one in the nose and it backed off. It came at her and smacked her down.

Christina!” Art and Rupert yelled. 

Art punched a Gliz. It hissed and threw a punch back. Art quickly ducked and kicked the Gliz down. One of them went behind him and slammed him down onto the floor.

STOP!” Rupert shrieked and they heard barking outside. The Glizzes looked out the window.

Buttercup was snarling at the group of Glizzes.  Her tail was down and her ears were back.  A loud growl emerged from Buttercup.

BUTTERCUP!” Art shouted. 

She growled at the Glizzes as they came toward her.

She let out a terrifying bark and jumped on one of the Glizzes.  The Gliz fell back and Buttercup bit onto its arm.  The Gliz made a noise and whapped her. The poor dog let go and yelped as the Gliz got back up.

Leave her alone!” Rupert exclaimed.

One of the Glizzes kicked Buttercup in her side. She yelped and it picked her up. It carried her into the trailer over to a chair that was bolted down to the floor.  She was growling and struggling in its arm. Christina leapt for Buttercup before another Gliz knocked her down. She watched as a Gliz got some rope and helped tie the Rottweiler up to the chair.

“LET HER GO!” Christina shouted. She jumped on one of the Glizzes. The Gliz gave Christina an upper-cut and she fell on the trailer floor.

CHRISTINA!” Art screamed and punched the Gliz.  The Gliz fell back, bright red blood dripped from its nostrils.

Suddenly, one of the Glizzes grabbed a stool. 

ART, LOOK OUT!” Rupert hollered as it snuck up to Art. He turned around and the Gliz bashed him upside the head with the metal stool.NOOOO!” Rupert screamed as Art collapsed.

One of the Glizzes knocked out a message. 

No. I wont make the formula unless you let my friends go after you wake them up!” Rupert exclaimed.

It knocked again.

But they could slip into a coma if you dont help them now.  You cant wait until after I make the formula!”

It banged on the wall. It lifted its foot up and pretended to step on Christinas head.

Rupert shouted, DONT HURT HER!  You can kill me, but I wont make the formula unless you help my friends FIRST!”

Suddenly, another Gliz got into Ruperts face.  It hissed, looking at him in his eyes, and banged on the desk.  Its sour breath made Rupert gag.

I will not make the formula until you help my friends!” Rupert responded.

The Gliz smacked Rupert.  The other Glizzes hissed as Rupert gave them the finger. Two of the Glizzes started going to Christina and Art.

What are you doing?!”  Rupert cried.

They kicked Art then Christina.

STOP!”  Rupert roared. Another walked to Buttercup. No, please STOP!”

Just as the Gliz was about to crush Arts head, Rupert screamed, OK! I WILL MAKE THE FORMULA!” 




Two hours later, Art woke up.  He moaned and thought, What happened?He looked around and saw the white walls in Ruperts bedroom.  He moaned again and sat up, feeling dizzy.

He saw something green in the bed.  He slowly took the covers off and screamed.

A Gliz was in the bed with him.  The Gliz jumped up and let out a high pitch shrill.

GET AWAY!” Art screamed, but he didnt recognize the sound that came out of his mouth.

The Gliz clicked.No, you get away!” 

“What?” Art said.

Get away from me, you lizard freak!”

Im not a Gliz. Youre the Gliz! And why can I understand you?”


Who are you?”


Christina?!” Art clicked loudly.


“I’m Art… Oh my God, I think we’ve been transmutated into…”


Art looked around and found the mirror on top of the dresser. He slowly walked to it and gasped.  He saw dark green skin, a long fat snout, and silted, yellow eyes.

Christina stared into the mirror and let out a shrill noise. 

While they were still staring in horror, the door flew open and Rupert zoomed in. Oh my God!  What have I done?!” he exclaimed. Im so sorry.”

Christina clicked.

What?  I cant understand the clicking.  Its different than Morse code. I know you guys dont know Morse code.”

She looked around the room and found a pen and paper on the desk. She went to it and snatched them up. She wrote something down and showed it to Rupert.

Good, youre still able to write,” Rupert said. As you guys probably figured out, I made the formula and tested it out on you. Again, Im sorry.  As part of the agreement, the Glizzes helped me carry you two back to my house.”

Art was about to write something when he saw something out the window.  He rushed to the window and looked out but nothing was there. 

Whats wrong?”  Christina asked. 

I thought I saw something,” Art replied. Christina and Rupert looked out.  All they saw was Ruperts empty patio.

I dont see anything,” Christina said.

Just then, they heard something on the roof. 

“What the hell?”  Rupert said. Footsteps scampered across the roof. It sounded too heavy to be a squirrel.

Suddenly, there was a loud thud outside. Whatever it is just fell off!”  Rupert exclaimed.

Art and Christina rushed out the bedroom door to the patio and looked around. It was quiet.  As Rupert stepped out, he looked up at his eve and immediately noticed that a chunk of the roof had been torn off.

Shit!” he whispered. He looked around a little more but didnt see anything.

Art was about to go toward Ruperts garden when something caught the corner of his eye. He turned around as a flash of green ran by.

Hey, come back here!” Art exclaimed as he saw the lizard person. It was blue-green with yellow and red splotches scattered all over its body, especially on its neck and skinny tail.  Art started chasing it. He dashed through the tall grass, ran through sprinklers, and passed by other houses and onto the rocky pavement. The lizard person easily jumped over a riding lawnmower on someones driveway. Art jumped and bashed right into the hard metal of the shiny John Deere. He let a loud screech out as the Gliz continued running. He grunted, got back up, and continued chasing it.

Art gracefully darted through the dirt road. Energy charged through his body as he felt unusually light. It was if as he could fly off at any second.  He felt himself speed up as he passed many small ponds and houses.

Art was getting closer to the Gliz. He could smell the faint odor coming from the green creature. It was more of a fresh sense than an odor. He sped up and knocked it down before it could look back. Art could see it had splotches of yellow and red all over his body, especially his stomach. The green almost looked blue in places, such as his arms and legs.

Now, tell me what you were doing out here or Ill break your arm!” Art demanded and bent its arm back.

Piss off, I aint tellin nobody!”  the Gliz exclaimed and Art twisted its arm.  It hollered. In an uncanny New York accent, it blurted out, OK, I was spyin. We dont trust you.Capiche?"

Why would you?!” Art replied, a little taken aback by the accent. You kidnapped Rupert and made him make a formula that changed Christina and me into Gliz!”  He put more pressure on its arm. What are you going to do?”

Glizzes.  The plural form of Gliz is Glizzes', OK?”

I dont care about being grammatically correct! Tell me what your plan is or you will have a broken arm!”

OK, OK! Chill out, scrap! Were gonna transform the planet into Glizzes. Think about it.  There would be no discrimination and wed all look the same.  All of us would rule the world! Now stop buggin out and get your freakin hands off of me before I kill you!”

Christina gasped.

What is it, Christina? What did it say?” Rupert asked.

How do Christina and I change back?” Art clicked.

What do I look like? A scientist? Your pal Rupert made the formula. If anything, he knows.”

Art looked at Rupert.

What?” he asked.

It seemed to laugh. Youre screwed! You might as well join us!” 

“Let him go, Art, he’s no use to us,” Rupert said.

“But, we could hold him hostage,” Art clicked.

I assume thats a retort.  Art, what good would it do if we kill him, if thats what youre thinking? Sure it would send a message to the others if they found out. But also it would make them ang—”

Art shook his head.

What? Is that not what you're thinking?”

Suddenly, Christina sat down on the ground and put her arms behind her back.

What?” Rupert asked and she pointed to the Gliz.

Oh, for Gods sakes, you stupid bitch! Let me tell him. You suck at charades!” the Gliz exclaimed and jerked his arm free. It knocked on the concrete.


The Gliz seemed to smile. It knocked. (But you didn’t, did you?)




This is a bad idea, Christina,” Art said, walking through the woods at night. They will catch us and—

If you chill out, everything will be fine.”

He sighed. If you say so.”

"Wow! That's weird!"

"What?" Art replied.

"I just got deju."


"Yeah, it's like I've been something else before..."

"Like reincarnation?"

"No, not in another life... in this life... What the freak?"

"So, you think you were transformed into a Gliz before?"

"No, not a mutant reptile thing... Something else."

"Like what?"

"I... I don't know."

"Bizarre," Art clicked.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Christina clicked, scratching her green snout with her claw. "But, hey, at least our freaky lizard eyes can see in the dark."

To Art and Christina, everything was clearer, more detailed.  The color was also enhanced, but not necessarily brighter.

Yeah, I can even see wolves running through the woods… and up high, owls turning their heads and tracking their prey!” Art replied.




As they approached the trailer, No Glizzes were in sight.

Christina, I dont like this. Where are the Glizzes?” Art clicked silently.

Art, hush!”

But…” He looked around and sighed. The trailer looked creepy in the dark, even though Arts improved vision. He could see the mud spots everywhere (or he hoped it was mud.) The trailer cast an eerie shadow by the moonlight.

The door to the trailer was wide open.

Christina crept toward it. She could hear her own heartbeat racing.

Christina, wait,” Art clicked.


Them door is open. Don't you think they might be inside?”

We look like them. They won't recognize us.”

But what if they do?”

Just stop worrying, OK?”

They crept into the dark trailer. Chairs, couches, and tables were scattered everywhere. Some chairs were on the tables while couches were tipped over. There was no kitchen, just a refrigerator that looked like it hadnt been cleaned for years.

Christina was about to go over to the couch when she screamed.

What?”  Art said.

I saw a huge roach!”

Art rolled his eyes.

They looked around and did not see any Glizzes (other than themselves.)

This place is creepy in the dark,” Christina said.

Yeah,” Art replied and went over to the desk. He looked at the desk and opened the drawer. Found it!”

What? Youre kidding!”

No. They just put it in the drawer.” He walked over to her and held a little red vile up.

How do you know thats the potion?”

He looked at it. Uh… Good question.”

Suddenly the lights turned on.

Well, well, well, look who it is,” One of the Glizzes hissed as Art quickly put his hand behind his back.

I told you they would catch us!” Art whispered. Wait, how did they know its us? We look the same.”

The Glizzes gathered around Christina and Art. Whats behind your back?”


Nothing, huh?”


Uh, we want to join you; we realize itd be better for the world if everyone was turned into Glizzes,” Christina blurted out.

Art just looked at her.

You do?” a Gliz replied.


Youre tricking us.”

No, really, we want to help.”

Christina, what are you doing?” Art whispered.

Uh, Excuse us for a moment,” Christina said and yanked Art outside.

What the hell, Christina?! Were joining them now?!” Art whispered.

Were just making them think were on their side,” she calmly replied.


Just follow my lead, trust me.” She went back in along with Art.

What were you talking about?” one of the Glizzes asked.

”Um, we were just speculating about how wonderful it will be when we turn the world into Glizzes. Right, Art?”

“Oh… Yes, we were.”

We will kill Rupert and make you watch and then kill you both if youre lying,” it hissed.

Were not, we really want to join you and help you.”

Alright, we will give you one chance.


As Art and Christina jumped into the back of the colorful, yet dirty VW van full of Glizzes, the aroma of burnt electronics came as an insult.

Ugh!  Whats that smell?”  Christina asked.

Oh…we had a small electrical fire earlier, but it should be fine now.” 

Should?”  Art repeated.

Yes.” The Gliz hopped in the drivers seat and put the key into the ignition.

Uh, would it be better to w-

The Gliz turned the key. POW!  Art and Christina jumped as the van backfired. Then it started.

Were going to die!”  Art whispered to Christina as the Gliz drove off


Art temporarily lost his balance every time the Gliz hit a curb. There were no seats in the back and it was crowded with Glizzes. Jesus!” He looked at Christina. She had the same horrified look in her silted eyes as she was stumbling around.  The ride seemed to take forever. The Gliz abruptly kept changing lanes, making Art almost have a heart attack every time.


As soon as the Gliz parked in the almost empty lot, Art and Christina immediately opened the door and jumped out of the van.  They gasped and took several deep breaths of the fresh night air.

Thank God were out of that van!” Christina exclaimed.

Art didnt say anything. He just had a panicked, wide-eyed look on his scaly green face, which was pale like he was about to puke. 

As the Glizzes all piled out of the van, one of the Glizzes turned to the rest and said, Weve had three of our Gliz watch the treatment plant for the last two weeks to check on how many employees and guards work at night.  They use the computer-operated system called Guard Dogs but weve sabotaged the system so it wont find us. Dont worry; weve made the system look like it has been working correctly to the employees. They wont suspect a thing.  It should not be too hard to sneak through to the UV chamber and drop in the potion. The moon should stay hidden beneath the heavy clouds. Any questions?”

“Yeah, I have a question,” Art silently clicked under his breath. “Were you trying to kill everybody in that van?”


The sky was completely black but security lights lit up the plant.

Through the security fence, they could see that the complex was massive.  There were several holding tanks of purified water ready for distribution. 

There was a long narrow reservoir that supplied the water for clarification.  They heard beeping from pressure gauges. Even though an electric fence surrounded the complex, the Glizzes jumped right over it with ease.

Christina and Art hesitated and looked at each other after watching the others jump.

“Come on, you can jump it; you’re the same as us,” one of the Glizzes said.

Yeah, we know, its just that weve never capered that high before,” Art clicked.

The other Glizzes, including Christina looked at him.


Capered?” Christina clicked.

Yeah, it means to jump.”

No, it doesnt. It means to prance… like some happy, cheery… person.”

Prance, jump. Same thing.”

Just take a running start and jump,”  A Gliz with orange spots clicked.


Dont think about it. Just do it!”

Art and Christina took several steps back and looked at the fence. They read: DANGER! ELECTRIC FENCE! KEEP AWAY! They each took a deep breath and started running as fast as they could. When they were about five feet from the fence, they jumped. They both shut their eyes… and to their surprise, they leaped clear over the fence and landed on their feet.

Come on, lets go!” the Gliz in front of them quietly hissed. They passed the small Control building.

As they came across the walkway, they saw five giant cylinders.  They heard the humming of motors circulating water.  Mazes of water pipes weaved throughout the complex.  Clarification pools silently swirled as they passed by them.

They stayed in the shadows and kept quiet as they moved along, dodging whoever might see them.

This place is amazing!” Christina whispered to Art.

Yeah, if we werent with evil lizard people, I might explore it!”

Suddenly, all of them noticed a guard approaching. Quickly, they moved from behind the building to a poorly -lit side of a clarification tank and dove onto their bellies. Lying in the shadow of the wall, they waited as the guard walked by on the cat-walk above them.

After the guard passed by the tank, they got back up and crossed over a bridge to get to the UV chamber.  Right in front were the six outlets which distributed water to different sections of the town.

When they got near the chamber, one of the Glizzes with an old Stephen Colbert tote bag got the vile out and said, We made sure your friend made the formula strong enough to survive the chemical process the water goes through to get purified, including the bacteria. He put microscopic bugs in to protect the chemicals in the potion.”

OK,” Christina clicked.

Now, listen, the water goes through three treatment tanks before it goes to the Quaintown Public Water system. They are: the Anoxic Basin, Aeration Basin, and the Clarified water tank. Then, the water goes through the UV chamber, which has a thin entrance channel that glows bright green. Were already just a few feet from it. After it passes through the entrance channel, thats when Christina and Art need to put in the potion.”

What?!” Christina gasped.

Well, if youre really with us, you have to do it.”

Christina and Art looked at each other.

Of course were on your side!” Christina exclaimed.

Well, do it!”

Come on, pour it!” another Gliz exclaimed.

Suddenly, Art grabbed the vile from the Glizs cold, clammy hand and slowly went to the green, glowing UV chamber.

Art, what are you doing?” Christina asked as he continued walking. He didnt say anything. Art?”

I thought you were with us, Christina,” one of the Gliz calmly said.

I-I am,” she stammered as Art continued walking towards the chamber.  He watched the water run through the narrow passage. The green glow was almost hypnotizing. He walked to it, raised the vile past the chamber, and…

STOP!” a familiar, yet strangely echoing voice shouted. Art jumped with the others.

That idiot, I thought he was looking out for guards!” one of the Gliz exclaimed.

What the hell?” Art said, realizing he had heard his own voice.

In that moment, one of the Gliz went sprawling backwards. Everybody leaped back. Art and Christinas eyes were wide as they watched another one fly forwards.

What the hell is going on!?” Christina exclaimed as more Glizzes jumped back. They hissed, moving their arms, not knowing where to punch. Some knocked each other down.

Suddenly, two translucent figures appeared. They were floating in the air.




Submitted: June 25, 2022

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