Vargo Nova: Short Stories Part 3: Heading Home

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In the final chapter, it's time for Janet and her crew to head back to Nile Space Lab and United Military Federation to give her report to the military brass with Ami and Miranda after a long hard battle with the Ladearains. Ami tells Col. Tiff why the Ladearain dreadnought that was captured will not be given to the military.

Janet is sitting in one of

the rooms on the dreadnought, looking out a window into a dark empty space,

thinking about what they all just went through to get the ship. Janet took a deep

breath and leaned back in the chair she was sitting in when Pursha and Ya’veita

entered the room.

“You can stop worrying now. The

battle and fighting are all over. The Ladearains underestimated how big the war

was going to be.” Ya’veita said Janet with a kind-hearted smile. “That they may

have, but at what cost? I mean, are they going to come back looking for revenge

or come back and try to retake the ship? These are questions that have to be

answered.” Janet said, getting up from the chair and walking around the room. “Those

are hard questions to answer, my dear. No one knows what the Ladearains will do

next, but rest assured they will not do anything anytime soon.” Pursha said to

Janet while looking at her.

Beelah, hearing the

conversation as she walked the corridor, stopped in the room that Janet,

Ya’veita, and Pursha were in.

“The answer to your question

is yes. The Ladearains will seek revenge, but not in the way you think. Instead,

the Ladearains will forge a friendship and an alliance with you humans. War is

coming, and the last thing they want is to fight against a worthy enemy that

has won two battles against them.” Beelah said to Janet after walking into the

room. “Wait! What war is coming?” Janet asked Beelah shockingly. Pursha looked

at Ya’veita and Beelah as she walked back and forth in front of the window. “Thousand

years ago, before the spirit council went silent. They said a violent war was

coming and that many alien species would not survive the upcoming war and that

a new unknown powerful species would rise and end the war before countless species

are lost to this war.” Ya’veita said to Janet in a sad voice.

Janet walked over to the door,

turned around, and looked at Beelah, Pursha, and Ya’veita shook her head. “If

what you say is true that it’s time for all of you to get ready to fight. Far

as I am concerned, our war with the Ladearains is enough to last my crew and me

a lifetime. On that note, I will explore this ship and learn something about it.”

Janet said to them and left the room.

Pursha, Ya’veita, and Beelah

didn’t know what to make of what Janet had said but took it in stride. Over a

couple of days, everyone learned about the dreadnought ship with the help of Evae

and Beelah before arriving at Nile Space Lab. Janet told Ami that she would not

be giving the ship to the United Military Federation after all the hell

everyone went through to get it, and Ami agreed with Janet. When they arrived

back at Nile Space Lab, every mercenary was there to greet them after hearing about

the battle.

Ami returned to Colony One

Space Station with Janet and Miranda to give a full report of the mission to

the military brass. Ami told Col. Tiff that she would be remaining as a crew member

onboard Janet’s ship and told Col. Tiff why the dreadnought would not be given

to the military.

After giving their report,

everyone returned to the shuttle to fly back to the ship and head to their new

home planet that Tuk’uth had promised to prove their loyalty and trust for

doing that side mission. Things are going to be quiet for them as they settle in with their new friends and home planet until the Ladearains come for revenge in a different way.

Submitted: June 28, 2022

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