The comic story of how everyday, insignificant events can have unimaginable, wide-ranging repercussions. Dave, a man of little consequence, becomes embroiled in such a chain reaction. Can a clandestine organisation, known only as The Agency, that monitors the near future for calamitous events using out-of-this-world tech, stop Dave's unwitting chaos?

Table of Contents


Every day, people busily go about their lives and, for the most part, the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea about the interco... Read Chapter


1.   Once upon a time a man walked into a bar.  More like the start of a joke than an epic story.  The man’s nam... Read Chapter


2.   “Wait, what?” “We have traced The Path of the catastrophe to a public house, called The Rose & Crown”, r... Read Chapter


3.   Ben’s last job before clocking-off was to return his truck to the loading area of the brewery’s depot.  There,... Read Chapter


4. Dave had now left the pub. For some unfathomable reason he had decided to have a vodka and tonic and it had left him feeling decid... Read Chapter


5. “We may need to re-evaluate this situation”, said Agent Smith to no one, apparently. “What appears to be the problem”,... Read Chapter


6. Agent Smith, not his real name, had been with the Agency for six years, prior to which he had worked in an advanced systems labora... Read Chapter