My name is Elaine Bower and, for ten years, I was a prostitute in Victorian America. Born in 1832, at fifteen, I was sold into the most ancient trade known to mankind. No average man could pierce my iron heart until he fell, literally, into my life.

Before I met my beautiful, mysterious angel, a brighter future didn't exist. He took a soiled dove, loved her and placed a crown upon her head. Every day, I sit beside him on a throne. Trusted by billions, we rule a futuristic, Roman planet in a far distant galaxy. Our journey from cast outs to monarchs has been one of intrigue, danger, betrayal and, above all, redemption.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning...the very beginning. When survival and harsh reality outweighed the luxury of dreams.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

        "Tonight is going to be amazing,” Dolly Morgan proclaimed excitedly, brushing out her hair.... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

      The miles were hot and dusty, blurring under the stagecoach. Elaine grimaced as the wheels hit a deep ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Over the next few weeks, Elaine settled into wilderness living. She hadn't been quite prepared for the unending stream of essential tasks... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Before Elaine could jump into eternity, a lifegiving thought entered her mind. There was one soul, no matter how small, which needed he... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

  When Elaine reached the meadow, she glanced up at the sun. Three hours had passed since she had left this morning. Trudging thro... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Through the long night, she sat by the man's bedside. A lantern glowed, flickering off the walls and his sleeping face. Nestled in a ro... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Elaine's first waking sensation was delicious, lifegiving warmth. Her eyelids fluttered open. She found herself in bed, cocooned under ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

"Elaine, have no fear of me. I would never hurt you, darling girl.” Kneeling by her side, Gavin settled a possessive hand upon her ab... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Crisp autumn days were swept in upon cold winds. October was nearing its end. Elaine was regretful as the colorful season drew to a clo... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Elaine stepped closer against him. “Darling, what's wrong?” “There are eyes watching us.” She looked around intently but ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Elaine rushed forward to comfort Gavin while Antonius untied the ropes. They assisted the exhausted man to a tree stump to rest and cat... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Darkness had fallen when the men donned two homemade backpacks filled with food and clothes. Elaine took a pillowcase filled with her b... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

The two handmaidens guided her along. They gripped her arms, not giving a chance to escape. She glanced between the women, searching th... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

The cell had been made into a makeshift hospital room. In the furthest corner, Gavin cowered naked, his knees drawn up to his chin. Dar... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Muffled voices drifted through Elaine's consciousness as she opened her eyes. She blinked, honing her senses. She glanced around at the... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Elaine was led to her own, luxurious chambers to bathe and change into a silky, red gown. She was left alone in a firm bed, wider than ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

The early morning hours found Elaine sleeping under warm, comfortable sheets. The night had been sleepless. A hard, motionless slumber ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Further into the morning, Elaine woke slowly, stretching her arms above her head. Gavin lay on his side towards her, his bandaged hand ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Elaine couldn't hide her awe as she was swept into the command center on Gavin's arm. Screens flashed across the walls, assaulting her ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

The hour was growing late by the time Gavin stepped through into their chambers. Lying in bed, Elaine heard his heavy, familiar footste... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One

The day had been a grand affair though Elaine couldn't truly relax. Once the guests had filed through, she was escorted by her husband ... Read Chapter

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