Enterprise Incident, Mirror Universe

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Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident" but how did it end in the Mirror Universe. I envision a much darker finale.

The Imperial Starship Enterprise, at maximum warp, a speed only Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott could coax out of his battered and bruised engines, crossed the Neutral Zone eluded their Romulan pursueres and was safe in Imperial space.

The mirror Kirk, still wearing his "borrowed" Romulan uniform, complete with pointed ears, arrogantly strutted into the ships interrogation chamber.  The Romulan Commander, her arms bound behind her back still managed to stand proud and dignified, despite her humiliation.

For a long moment, Kirk gloated over her.  Finally he spoke.

"Quite a haul I've had today, wouldn't you say Commander?  A Romulan cloaking device and a Romulan group commander.  Tell me Commander, what would your empire pay me for your safe return?"

"After my failure today, I doubt they will even acknowledge my existence."

"Yeah, I wouldn't want you back either.  But, you know secrets, and have inside knowledge of the inner workings of the Romulan government and military that we would find very interesting.  For the right information, I can make your life here very comfortable."

"I will tell you nothing." She almost spat the words out. "Don't even consider torture.  We are trained to resist."

"Oh I'm quite aware of that.  I've taken part in my share of torturing Romulans.  They've all died before we could break them."

He reached up and caressed her cheek.  She jerked her head away.  The red shirted guard grabbed her head and twisted it back to face Kirk. He laughed lightly and touched the point of her ear and traced along it's outside.

"You know, as my concubine you would be an impressive status symbol." When he reached her ear lobe, he dug his finger nails in in so deep, a small drop of green blood appeared.  "But I have no desire to wake up with my throat slashed.  Albright, Baldwin,"  He said, addressing the guards standing behind her, "escort our guest to deck 31 and throw her out an airlock."

After the prisoner had been dragged from the room, Kirk turned to his first officer, who had been standing silent the entire time.

"Well Spock do you have any thing to say?"

"As Always, you are logical.  She is of no use to us."

"Good, for a moment there I thought were starting to like her." Kirk touched the tips of his ears. "Now to sickbay to get these things cut off."

On deck 31, the guard's and their helpless prisoner approached the decks main airlock.  She was beginning to feel some apprehension.  She didn't fear death.  In fact because of her failure, she welcomed it.  But to simply be tossed out an airlock like a piece of trash, was an indignity that no Romulan should suffer.

Albright accessed a control panel.  With a hiss, the inner hatch slid open.  Albright stepped in front of her and leaned in close.  Their lips only inches apart. 

He whispered.  "Oh, not yet.  First we're gonna have a little...going away party."

Baldwin groaned and collapsed from a Vulcan nerve pinch.  Before Albright could react, he found himself staring down the muzzle of Spock's phaser.  Spock pushed him into the airlock and while keeping his phaser trained on Albright, grabbed Baldwin by the belt and with his Vulcan strength, slung him into the airlock.  In the same motion he hit the control panel.  The inner hatch slid closed and the outer hatch opened.

The two men suffered a fate they had inflicted on many crewmates, who had dared to cross Kirk.

Spock took the commander by the arm and led her a short way down the corridor.

"What are you doing?" She demanded.

"Trying to save your life." He responded.

They stopped in front of another hatch.  Spock removed the cuffs that bound her arms.  He opened the hatch and put her in an escape pod.  He began reprogramming the pods computer.

"When the pod launches," he said, "it will be destroyed by the ships phasers.  Or at least that's what the sensor logs will show.  I'm setting the transonder to a Vulcan frequency.  We have a colony a few days from here.  There is a small community of Romulan disidents living there.  You will be safe.  When you are picked up, tell the captain you are defecting from the empire.  He will know where to take you."

"What about you?"

"Do not concern yourself with me.  In reality, I command this ship.  I can not tell you more of my plans.  Suffice it to say, when the time is right, I will come for you.  And you will have more power and influence on this side of the Neutral Zone, than if you remained on Romulus."

He kissed her, stepped back and rendered the traditional Vulcan salute.  "Live long and ruthlessly."  The hatch closed and the pod launched.

An hour later Kirk sat on the edge of a diagnostic bed in Sickbay.  His normal appearance restored.  He shook the data pad he had been reading at Spock.

"Do you expect me to believe this garbage?" He said.

"I care not what you believe.  Just that you accept the results of my investigation.  A very valuable Romulan prisoner killed your two most trusted body guards and was subsequently killed attempting escape."

Kirk's face was twisted into a scoul.  He took a stylus signed signed the report.

"Why should I give a damn if you've got a Romulan concubine squirreled away somewhere.  You'll be the one waking up with a slashed throat." He tossed the pad back at Spock and thrust his finger in his face.  "But you remember this.  I have friends on this ship and across the Empire.  I will maintain command of this ship."

"Perhaps." Spock said. "However, there is something you should consider carefully.  I too have friends on this ship and across the Empire.  Some are very powerful.  They would, no doubt, be rather displeased if I were to just disappear.  As so many of your opponents have.  I have no desire to command the Enterprise.  My ambitions are much higher.  A fortunate situation for you."

Spock performed an about face and walked away.

He repeated. "Very fortunate indeed."


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