Three young boys find a black bag hidden between the walls of an old shed. Joy soon turns to panic as a mystery man begins to threaten them for its contents. Should they go to the police, tell their parents, or keep it a secret amongst themselves? Join Jordie, Drew and Tim as they grapple with their own decisions to 'do the right thing.' Will their choices be unified, or could this spell the end for the members of the Falcon Street Club?

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*The characters in this book series are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead is strictly coincidental.

**This series of books is geared towards children, aged 9-15 years but I believe adults can enjoy them just as much!. Happy reading.~
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CH 2

  2. When the last bell rang on Monday afternoon, the boys met at the back of the school to walk home together. "Whatcha g... Read Chapter

CH 3

  3. The walk back into town was slow since Jordie could only step lightly on his shoeless foot. As he hobbled over sharp ... Read Chapter

CH 4

4. That night Jordie lay in bed, unable to sleep. His mind began to race. What if someone came back looking for the bag? ... Read Chapter

CH 5

5. Friday afternoon, Drew asked Jordie and Tim to come over and play his new video game. I got Phantom Jet Force!" "Wow! How did yo... Read Chapter

CH 6

  6.   The next day was Saturday. Jordie got up and took the hundred-dollar bill that he had hidden in his sock d... Read Chapter

CH 7

  7. Crackle, crackle, the walkie-talkie announced. "I'm here. What's up, Jordie?" said Drew on the other end. Jordie blur... Read Chapter

CH 8

8.  Jordie walked over to the club rules and tapped his finger against the paper nailed to the board. "Do you see this?" YOU b... Read Chapter

CH 9

  9. A few days had passed, and the boys were hardly speaking to each other. Tim tried to be the peacemaker. "Hey guys, do... Read Chapter

CH 10

  10.   They decided to take the money back and stick the stack Drew had taken the bills from in the bottom of the ... Read Chapter

CH 11

  11. Jordie breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived. Julie spoke up, "Oh, did you guys hear the latest? Darcy's... Read Chapter

CH 12

12. They all carried the box to the video store. "Can I help you, boys?" the man asked as they hoisted the box onto the counter. "Um,... Read Chapter

CH 13

  13. A few days had passed, and all of the boys were relieved because none of them had received any more frightening phon... Read Chapter

CH 14

  14. It was the last day of school. The boys were excited to ride their bikes, run through the hose and take their skateb... Read Chapter

CH 15

  15.   The boys all entered the little Colby Grocery Store where the long aisle of candy seemed to stretch as far ... Read Chapter

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