These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts.

Inflate your ego and deflate your conditioned influences like religion, culture, morality and society.

Liberty is not a statue, it’s my life.

Luck is expected optimism.

Treat me well and I will treat you better.

My better-half is the Universe to whom I cast my desires with hopeful expectation.

The word spell is a writerly meaning in both the senses.

I see my future near to success.

Fiction has to celebrate the meaning of life.

Echoes are whispers of hope.

Better be a writer than never.

Science objectivizes life and philosophy idealizes it.

I aim to become an author of repute.

Camus absurdized existence where I celebrate existence.

Let your thoughts be rich in depth and in love.

My muse is a goddess of creativity.

Time is a dull and creative beast.

Debauchery is a goddess of passion.

I am living the life of the Prodigal Son.

The moon has the eyes of a seer.

Sexistentialism is a philosophical idea of liberated sexuality.

Dreams have to realizable entities.

Words are the spell of imagination.

The soul that comforts is a friendly soul.

My purse has to be tightened with savings and relaxed with expenses.

Books are the open windows of knowledge.

My significant other is named as Mignonette the flower.

Hell is blasphemy of pessimism.

Don’t condition your mind with dogma.

I ignite the self with proclamations.

The Holocaust of the mind is depression.

My love is polygamy with many women.

Light your soul with the flame of love.

Veto negative feelings of the soul.

I worship Epicureanism as a philosophy of life.

Philosophy is the brothel of ideas.

Rewire your brain with thoughts of optimism.

Passion comforts me when I smile at it.

Money bonanzas are a feast for the eyes.

When food comes to my mind I am a glutton.

Mind feeds on what you give it as appetite.

I affirm with faith that I can afford luxury.

Money is not evil and it can grow on trees and can buy love and happiness.

Devil is a carnivorous predator of the soul.

Communalism contaminates politics.

Feed the mind with books and the body with exercise.

Become a nobody to somebody.

The soul swims in the ocean of love.

A family is a treasure to care for.

Surrender to your passions with love.

Faith is the experience of a positive outcome in life.

Pursue your passions with zeal.

Beauty is found within the soul.

India is rapidly changing from a secular democracy to a fascist theocracy.

Infiltrate your thoughts with positivism.

Treat money with respect and love.

The body is a fruit of experiential discovery.

Chase fear with the armor of courage.

Bitterness is poison that you don’t have to carry in your soul.

Sex is nirvana for the mind and ecstasy for the body.

Pot is magic for the soul.

Submitted: July 10, 2022

© Copyright 2022 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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