The Westin: Virginia's Tallest Tower

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An informational article, written and edited by The Ghost-Bull, about the tallest skyscraper in Virginia, of the United States.

The Westin

Virginia’s Tallest Tower




Virginia is not exactly a state known for her skyscrapers as there isn’t even a single building, she holds, that is included to the list of the “Top 100 Skyscrapers in the U.S.”. Although it is true, the tallest building in the state at least reaches over 400 feet, high. The tallest tower in Virginia stands exactly 413 feet to its roof, which is 855 feet short of the tallest skyscraper in the United States, “One World Trade Center”, standing in the Manhattan borough of New York City—1,368 feet, high, to its roof, with 94 floors above ground. The Westin Tower, crowned the state’s tallest building, is located in Virginia Beach, addressed at “4535 Commerce Street”.

The tower is a 38-story structure for residential living and hotel stay, with a 4-star rating. A count of 236 hotel rooms belong to floors 3 through 16 while each story, above, are for residents living in 119 condominiums. For the hotel section are 3 elevators, though an additional 2 are restricted for residents on the higher levels.

Beginning construction in the year of 2006, the Westin opened her doors on November 28th, 2009, but the higher floors had not been completed until 2008. Building the 400-foot structure was expensively 98 million, in cost of U.S. dollars, according to a great amount of research. Designing Virginia’s tallest skyscraper was by an American architecture and interior design firm, B.B.G.M. (Brennan Beer Gorman Monk).

B.B.G.M. is based in Washington D.C., ranging around 50 architects and interior designers. Designing big residential buildings, offices, and hotels are of their specialization, working on projects around the globe—including Egypt, the Caribbean, Russia, Canada, Mexico, China, South America, and more. In Washington D.C., alone, many buildings have been designed by their honorable architects. Awarded “Top Architects & Designers of 2014” would be one of their achievements.

One notable building in Washington D.C. is the “Mandarin Oriental Hotel”, architected from the mind of Mark Boekenheide, under B.B.G.M. Sir Boekenheide’s work of art is positioned not too far from the “Smithsonian Institution” and the “National Mall”. Inside the low-rise hotel are 373 rooms, 2 restaurants, and 51 suites. She is a luxurious postmodernist-style building with a rating of 4 stars.

Falling back to “The Westin” tower, her building rests, just, 2 blocks from the 6th tallest skyscraper in the state of Virginia. Called “Armada Hoffler”, she stands 396 feet, to the apex of the antenna spire, with 23 stories—also the 2nd tallest in Virginia Beach. Though this tower may appear quite close to the state’s tallest, it is not as the antenna spire extends 95 feet, higher, causing the Westin to be exactly 508 feet of total height. Especially from traveling across the “Veterans Bridge”, in Chesapeake, both structures are visible, at a distance, by a handful of bridges. The Westin and Armada Hoffler are, both, located at the ‘Town Center’ of the city.

The “Armada Hoffler” is an office building, consisting of real estate, but is also the nest of WTKR’s—a news station—secondary studio. In 2003, her doors opened. Development of the Westin had, in-fact, been by the real estate company of the Hoffler tower.

As expected, the Westin has a fitness center, conference spaces, reception venues, and a heated in-door pool. The tower is pet-friendly as well as having sustainability—footprint of 460.88 liters per night’s stay, though information does not specify on Blue Water, Grey Water, or Green Water. For the lovers of coffee or tea, a shop sits in the lobby area of the Westin skyscraper, called “The Market Place”.



Written by Troy “The Ghost-Bull” Powell

Submitted: July 10, 2022

© Copyright 2022 The Ghost-Bull. All rights reserved.

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Mon, September 5th, 2022 11:13am


So glad this was a good story, documentation of a building. For some reason I thought it was going to be a another mass shooting. Glad I was wrong

Thu, September 8th, 2022 12:38am


Dear Troy,
Thank you for sharing this interesting article. You have a pleasant writing style, very readable and your photo is very clear and nicely balanced. I go through most of my days never seeing any building higher than 12 stories and I've always wondered how it would feel for me to look at a building such as the Westin Tower.
I see from your profile that you are open to read requests. I've written some poems, a short article on rhythm in poetry and some song lyrics and music harmony nested within a short story. I'd really like to read your thoughts or receive a short comment.
Thank you again for sharing your article and photograph.
Keep writing, it reads like you are having fun!

Tue, September 20th, 2022 9:09am

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