There was a girl, living in a small home town of Bokkos LGA,Plateau State of Nigeria. This girl she undergo's both physical and spiritual mile's of traveling around the world. This girl name is TAIHELA, and she is the only daugter to her parent's that are living in a very bad poor baground in Bokkos LGA, Taihela she begin's to view her situation at home with her poor baground parents. Her parents are not able to send her to school because of their situation an she sometimes get hungry without food to eat at day or night.


Girl Taihela, she somehow begins to have a new plant ahead of her parents and she traveling to Delta State of Nigeria without leting her family to know her where-about. when she undergo's a miles in search of a small scale business in the area of Ethiope east LGA, this girl cried for justic and success in her traveling.

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Heart of Rock's in Taihela

On her arival at Delta State, Taihela meet with a young an gentle guy, his name is Lazz Niga Dbz, this guy age is around 25 years old and he has access money. This guy when he made with Taihela, he
accept to take her in his home and work with her. As time goes on Taihela she begins to grow so quickly with Lazz Niga Dbz, business and she found so much of favour and support from her boss Lazz
Niga, Taihela she is now someone that her boss he can't do without her. One day Taihela called on her boss and she told him about the challanges that she is facing with her poor baground parents at
Bokkos vilage and she make her boss to understand the secret's of all in her family Typing please wait....
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