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The earth has secret groups worldwide embarking on secret missions and projects. These agents work together in parallel to watch and monitor and protect the missions assigned to them. These are also called EYES (or The Eye) - They work in partnership with the "Watchers - also known as the fallen angelic beings ) - the fallen angelic beings hold power and secretive dark ancient knowledge. They also have lost most of their greater powers which they possessed in their previous life in heaven, they depend mostly on working in partnership with humans. One of their weaknesses is their inability to talk like humans do, they transfer messages in the form of telepathy, the reason for this is a curse that fell upon them when they fell from power.

There are many events taking place around us. We must know that we are not alone on this planet. There is no more hiding this. What I see will be revealed soon and everyone will know and understand that there is no turning back.

I pray for those in the light to remain bright and shining till the very end. All energy needs a source of power to keep on shining. As a godly being on earth, whoever and wherever you are in this world, remember the source of the light that shines in you, stay connected and never let go of the oil that keeps your lamp alive.

I pray for those who are in the dark to see the light and that they may find life and understanding of the Truth so that they may be saved.

This book is for the truth seekers and vision bearers as well as the prayer warriors and the gatekeepers who reside in various parts of this world.



Submitted: July 15, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Watchman Ezekiel. All rights reserved.


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