The Falcon Street Club Vol. 2: Rags to Riches

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In the first book, the boys find a lottery ticket in front of the grocery store and are eager to return home to tell their families…

**The characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.
*Special thanks to Shannon Harp photography for the cover design.

Table of Contents

A Pleasant Surprise

1. A Pleasant Surprise    The wind began to pick up as the boys headed for home. "Let me see the ticket!" said Tim with... Read Chapter

An Unexpected Twist

 2. An Unexpected Twist    When they reached Falcon Street, Jordie said goodbye to them and ran down to his house,... Read Chapter

Big Plans

3. Big Plans   Meanwhile, Jordie had rushed into his house and blurted out the news. His sister, who had been watching tel... Read Chapter

Drew's Father, the Inventor

4. Drew's Father, the Inventor   Drew's father was already making suggestions to him about his share. "Some... Read Chapter

The Borrowing Begins

5. The Borrowing Begins   Not even a week had passed before the whole town of Colby knew about the winning ... Read Chapter

The Celebration

6. The Celebration   Soon it was Saturday, and everyone went over to the town hall for the celebration. Ril... Read Chapter

Where's the Ticket?

7. Where's the Ticket?   Nearly three weeks had passed, and it was almost time to pick up the check from the state lottery o... Read Chapter

Distribution of Wealth

8: Distribution of Wealth   At last, the day came for the money to be distributed amongst the boys. Riley’s family offered... Read Chapter

The Long-Lost Uncle

  9. The Long-Lost Uncle   One morning, the phone rang at Tim’s house. It was an uncle on his father’s side, Un... Read Chapter

The Ransom Note

10. The Ransom Note    The boys decided to have a meeting of the Falcon Street Club to decide what they wanted to get f... Read Chapter

The Confrontation

  11: The Confrontation   “You guys go down Falcon Street that way,” directed Drew, “and Tim and I will go... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Halloween   It was almost Halloween. The boys couldn't wait to Trick or Treat in the neighborhood as there were ... Read Chapter

The Clubhouse Gets a Makeover

13. The Clubhouse Gets a Makeover   Drew's father was eager to show off his invention. He told Drew he had used some of the ... Read Chapter

Christmas Shopping

14. Christmas Shopping    The boys sat around the clubhouse one Saturday afternoon, thinking about Chr... Read Chapter

All Gone?

15. All Gone?    When Drew went home that evening to check his money, he found his father had used all but a hundred an... Read Chapter

Merry Christmas

16. Merry Christmas   It was Christmas morning. Every house in Colby seemed to be alive with the spirit of the season. It ha... Read Chapter

A Happy Ending

17. A Happy Ending    A week later, Drew returned to his dad's. Riley was excited to take the foam chairs up to the clu... Read Chapter

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