Midnight Mystery Mini Series Passion Rush: Long Weekend

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Lizzi is spending the weekend with her friends when she gets another text message from a mysterious guy that has fallen in love with her. Lara and Ashlynn are surprised at what this guy has been saying to Lizzi. The text messages he has been sending Lizzi are romantic and sweet.

I woke up a little after 8 am with my phone going off with text messages. I reached for my phone on the nightstand next to me to see who was texting me. To my surprise, it was that guy who texted me last night with another romantic message and two from Ashlynn and Lara telling me to wake up. I texted them both and told them I wanted to show them something, come over, and stop off at the donut shop and bring me a couple of glaze and maple donuts.

I got up to take a quick shower and got dressed before Ashlynn and Lara came over. I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee and read the text that this strange guy had sent me.

(Lizzi, you don't know me, but I have seen you countless times at work, and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I so much want to come up to you and say. I want to kiss your soft pinkish lips, which remind me of a gentle pink rose dripping with the morning dew. Come, my love, and let's go to a place where the summer air is mild, the winds are gentle, and look upon your beauty as the wheatfields dance the love song behind you in the wind.)

After reading that, I just about dropped my cup of coffee because no guy has ever said those words to me. Reading those words made me feel so special inside. Ashlynn and Lara arrived at my house a half hour later, and I couldn't wait to show them the text message.

"Lizzi, we are here. Come open the door." Lara said as she knocked on my front door. "Hold your horses. I am coming," I said to Lara on my way to open the door. "Took you long enough, Ms. Slowpoke," Ashlynn said to me, laughing. (Laughing at Ashylynn.) "I see you got jokes this morning. "Here are the donuts you asked us to pick up for you. So what did you want to show us?" Ashlynn asked me. I handed my phone to Ashlynn. "Read what that guy sent me last night and this morning," I said to Ashlynn.

Ashlynn and Lara looked at the message on my phone sent to me by a strange guy watching me at work. "Oh wow. This is deep. Whomever this guy is, he is really into you." (Lara and Ashlynn said surprises.) Lara said to me. "I know, but I've been trying to think who this guy is. I mean, it has to be someone we are working with or maybe a client." I was saying to Lara as I took my phone from Ashlynn. "It could be that or someone in the building. I mean, we work with a different business in that building, and it is no telling who it can be." Ashlynn said to me while thinking. "It can be anyone or someone who doesn't work in the building and is not a client. People do come and go throughout the day." Lara said to me while playing with her hair. "Whoever this person is. He is not making himself known as to who he is. So instead of sitting here wasting a Saturday morning trying to figure out who this guy is. Let's go to the county fair. Cassie, Alex, and Suvi will be there." I said to Lara and Ashlynn with a smile. "Oh, joy, the troublemakers. (Lara laughs.) We will have fun keeping them three from doing something stupid." Lara was saying.

We all laughed at what Lara said. I got my phone and house keys and left with Lara and Ashlynn to attend the county fair. For the next several hours, we had fun getting on the rides, laughing, talking, and trying to keep Cassie, Alex, and Suvi out of trouble which was easier said than done.

We left the county fair around 4 in the afternoon and went to get something to eat and take with us to the lake. "Cassie, what are you guys doing tomorrow?" Lara asked Cassie as she was parking her car close to the lake. "My family is having a get-together so I will spend some time with them. As for Alex and Suvi, I don't know what they have planned." Cassie told Lara as she was getting out of the car. "Is it okay that I come with you?" Lara asked Cassie standing next to her car. "Sure, my family doesn't mind bringing friends with me," Cassie told Lara with a smile. Lara smiled and nodded her head.

Ashlynn and I got out of Lara's car, and Alex got out of his vehicle with Suvi. We all walked to a picnic table close to the lake to eat what we got. For three hours, we enjoy each other company laughing and joking around.

While having fun with my friends, I got another message from that mysterious guy; this time, his message was more profound than the one from this morning. I stopped to look at it and was floored by what he said.

(Lizzi, I saw you today at the county fair while I was with my friends. I had to stop from afar and look at your beauty. So sweet and gentle you are. Seeing you is like watching a fire that no water can put out. It makes me want to run to the hills and shout your name passionately. I want to come up to you and hold you passionately, kiss you gently on your neck, give you a flower, and say my love until next time.)

I stood there with a blushed look on my face. Lara and Ashlynn looked at me and knew I had received another text message. They came over, looked at my phone, and read what I had sent. Lara put her hand over her mouth, and Ashlynn was just speechless at what they read. They both looked at me with shocking smiles on their faces. I told them not to say a word to Cassie, Alex, and Suvi because I didn't want them to know. Not yet, anyway.

After the sun had set, we all left the lake and went home. I wanted to spend some time with my mom and dad at their place on Sunday. Lara dropped me off at my place, and I told Lara and Ashlynn I would see them on Monday at work.

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