The Aftermath Of The Mugging

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The Aftermath Of The Mugging:

Andreya was rushed to Colchester General Hospital after being discovered by a passer by in the park where she’d been mugged.

Her colleagues on Oliver Tuff mental health ward were shocked when they received a phone call from the A&E department that Andreya had been brought in with stab wounds. Charge nurses Nicola, Martha, and Trina made their way to A&E as soon as possible.

When they reached there Andreya was very dazed and confused.

“Are you okay?” Nicola asked.

Andreya slowly nodded.

“I…., I….” Andreya stuttered.

“Just take it easy. We’ll come and see you later alright?” Trina reassured her.

Andreya fell asleep as soon as they left.

An A&E nurse came and woke her up.

“Andreya, there’s some officers from Colchester police station who want to ask you about the attack” she told her.

Andreya nodded and allowed the officers in. She explained to them about what had happened and gave a description of the assailant who attacked her. But Andreya wasn’t very hopeful that her attacker would be caught.

But a fortnight later her attacker was caught for attempting to rape and mug another woman thankful she gave the same description as Andreya had said.

Her attacker was arrested and charged with theft, GBH to cause harm with intent, and attempted rape. He was sentenced to six years in prison. Also the officers handed Andreya back to her. She decided from now on not to take her iPod to work and instead to leave it at home. She wasn’t going to let this incident scare her and was glad to see her attacker locked up for his crimes!

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