My name is Jazmyne. I am a Mtaalam or what Earth humans might call a xeno-anthropologist. I study off world species and their cultures. I am a member of a reptilian race, which in ancient Earth history might have been called dragons. That said, we don’t fly, and we don’t breathe fire and we most certainly do not have British accents. In our natural state, we sort of look like a humanoid version of a Komodo dragon, except that we’re far more handsome and most certainly smarter.

I’m a proud citizen of the Klausian Empire. If you look up at the constellation of Orion, our home star is about fifty light years behind the first star on the left of Orion’s belt. My home world is Klaus Prime. It’s about 850 light-years away, or about five or six sub-realm jumps.

It's another day in paradise as my friends back home call it. It’s another day to get up and perform human chores and wade out into human society and do my best to study, document and hopefully understand their silly culture. I am of the opinion that the entire species are a bunch of dunderheads.

The Klausian race and my ancient Mtaalam colleagues have been with the human race on this world since before the time of what humans refer to as the Garden of Eden. In fact, it was an ancient Klausian Mwalimu or what Earth humans might call a cultural teacher named Siduri who perhaps influenced some of the primal myths about the early human culture.

This all happened in ancient Mesopotamia about 12,000 years ago. A team of Khausian Mwalimu were assigned to numerous fledgling cultures to teach them cultural skills, written language, laws and agricultural skills. Among those early efforts was to teach humans to cultivate grains from numerous species of wild cereal grains indigenous to the region.

Early humans were very much hunters and gathers in those times. After a big hunt, the hunting parties of the various clans would return to a loose central village and feast upon the yield of the hunt. During the feasting, a malted beverage which we now call beer was also consumed. The feasting after a hunt lasted as long as the beer that the women of the village brewed lasted. The early malts used to brew beer were made from harvested wild cereal grains. It was these wild grains that were in limited supply. Needless to say, when the hunters ran out of beer the rapturous feasting ended rather abruptly.

It was the enterprising Klausian Mwalimu ‘Siris’ that hit upon the idea of teaching the village women to cultivate those previously limited supplies of wild grain into plentiful supplies of cultivated grain. As the supply of grains grew so did the availability of more beer. As the demand for beer grew, more laborers were required, to help cultivate the crops of grain for beer production. This endeavor gradually shifted the human cultures from hunter-gatherer to that of agricultural production.

Biblical mythology states that Eve ate from an apple and served it to Adam, and god cursed them to work in the fields. Humans were not thrown out of the Garden of Eden because Eve ate an apple and gave it to Adam.

Humans were thrown out of the garden and culture of hunting and gathering because women served the men “beer,” therefore turning humans into an agricultural society.

Klausian Mwalimu Siris became celebrated as Siris the Mesopotamian goddess of beer and immortalized in the Epic of Gilgamesh as Siduri, a wise female divinity of beer.

The Mwalimu colleagues of Siris soon became elevated to divinity status as well: Nephthys, became the Egyptian goddess of beer, Ninkasi, became the Sumerian goddess of beer and Eastern Africa Mbaba Mwana Waresa, became the Zulu goddess of the rain, agriculture, and beer.

Of course, in ancient times we Klausian Mtaalam and Mwalimu were free to present ourselves in our natural reptilian form. The truth is that our ancient colleagues were usually honored guests of the Kings and honored friends of many a Prince and Princess alike. Klausian teacher-advisors were considered wise ones, they were frequently sought out for their expertise and knowledge. They were routinely well paid for their wisdom and advise, therefore known to be wealthy. Hence the myth that has been handed down over the millennia that dragons hoard gold.

Around the late 13th and early 14th century there began a purge of Klausian teacher-advisors and of course our anthropologists. It was that period that has become mythicized as the era of the great Dragon hunters. Every human school kid knows some fairy-tale story of a beautiful princess held captive by an evil dragon, who was later slain by a handsome knight in shiny armor. These stories sometimes speak of the dragon with a huge hoard of Gold.

One by one all over Europe the Klausian teachers and advisors were exterminated either by the muscle-bound thugs called knights or by church sponsored courts of inquisition. Europe fell into its darkest times and we, as friends of Earth, could do little to stem the tide

It wasn’t until the 18th century and the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment that there was an intellectual and philosophical movement that brought Europe out of the dark ages. It was at this time we Klausians were welcomed back; but since those days we’ve had to cloak ourselves in a projected Glamour and appear to be human.

How? We Klausian dragons have a unique ability to cloak our appearance and can look like whatever species we want, within certain limitations. While I could indeed appear to look like a green one-eyed Cyclops, if he were a giant and hugely taller than me, then I can’t match appearance with him in terms of height. But human beings are easy to mimic since we’re about the same size.

Our appearance illusion is more or less a trick of projected consciousness. The only problem is people who are medicated on psycho-therapeutic drugs, they tend to see me in my true form.

Likewise, small children under the age of four or five can usually see us quite clearly. It’s common to be standing in a supermarket line and have some small child in a shopping cart point back at me and say, “Look, mommy, a Dinosaur!” All I can do is smile and complement the mother on her cute hatchling, I mean offspring.

Of course, in these modern times there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there on the human world wide web data network that many world leaders are secretly Reptilians. Absolutely not! We live by a code of non-interference. We may be advisors or independent experts that support prominent political leaders, but we don’t control anything. If we did control things, this world, would most certainly be a saner place than it is.

I’m always amused when Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) experts tell radio hosts that we off-worlders walk among you and are hidden in plain sight. Those poor UFO researchers are constantly laughed at, it’s really such a shame.

We dragons do walk amongst you, inspiring you and sharing in your triumphs and your failures. Nevertheless, we have been and always will be friends of humankind!

Submitted: July 20, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Cheryl Costa. All rights reserved.

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