What if you could relive yesterday? Would you do anything differently? You can find out at Sanders Pond.

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Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim was always an eccentric. He sure did march to a different beat. He once told me the Egyptians were wrong. The new day doesn’t... Read Chapter

Circle of Lights

I was the only nineteen-year-old in Cloverdale who owned two hundred acres of land. It didn’t make me rich but it made me popular. I th... Read Chapter


A year passed since I’d repeated that day in October and changed the results of my fantasy football matchup with Sammy. I picked up two... Read Chapter

Captain Chip's Learjet Service

The death of the middle school teacher weighed heavy on me. Her name was Holly Hanson and she was only twenty-six years old when she’d ... Read Chapter


Doctor Sims asked me if there was any history of dementia in my family and I said there was. My great uncle on my mother’s side died of... Read Chapter

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