The Falcon Street Club Vol. 3:Plans and Schemes

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Table of Contents

Planning the Future

1: Planning the Future The Falcon Street Club was changing. Drew's father had purchased a farm outside of Colby with some of the mone... Read Chapter

Mower Mishap

  2. Mower Mishap   One Sunday afternoon, Riley asked Tim if he needed some help with his yard work. "Sure," replie... Read Chapter

The Farmhouse

3. The Farmhouse Soon, a moving day had arrived for Drew and his dad. The boys agreed to help, so they all loaded up Mr. Wasco's pick... Read Chapter

City Versus Country

4. City Versus Country  It was late afternoon by the time the boys finished unpacking everything from the truck. Drew and his fa... Read Chapter


  5. Fraidy Drew's dad said the boys could play for a little bit before taking them back home, so they all decided to go exp... Read Chapter

The Investor

6: The Investor One day when Riley walked in from school, he found a man in the living room talking to his parents. “Riley, come he... Read Chapter

City Bound

7. City Bound Drew asked the boys the following week if they would like to go over on Saturday and ride to the city with him and his ... Read Chapter

Danger From Above

8. Danger From Above A few days later, Riley and his parents decided it was time to purchase the bonds for the new shopping center. R... Read Chapter

An Evil Scheme

9. An Evil Scheme A whole month had passed, and still no sign of Fraidy. Drew had told the others at school. They were heartbroken th... Read Chapter

The New Clubhouse

  10. The New Clubhouse The boys had been busy building the new clubhouse at Drew's. They were able to go over on the weeken... Read Chapter

Mr. Roberts

11. Mr. Roberts One day, Riley was home watching television while his father sat on the couch reading the Town Tattler. There was an ... Read Chapter

A Familiar Face

12. A Familiar Face Another  Friday rolled around, and the boys were invited to Drew's house for a sleepover. No school on Monda... Read Chapter

Behind the Cellar Door

13. Behind the Cellar Door It was now late afternoon, and the boys were called in to wash up for supper. It had been a long day. As t... Read Chapter

Buried Treasure

14. Buried Treasure “Ready, boys?” Mr. Wasco said with a smile as he began to saw away at the strap. They all gathered around eag... Read Chapter

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