My View on Postmen/women Who Deliver Our Mail

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My View on Postmen/women Who Deliver Our Mail:

This my article on postmen/women who deliver our mail.

Postmen/women have a very important role to all of us as it’s their duty to deliver our mail come rain, snow, or shine.

However, they do annoy me sometimes when they deliver another person’s mail at your address it really bugs me. It doesn’t happen every time but sometimes the mail for a neighbour across the road or in another road but has the same house number as you but in a different road.

It’s extremely important that these postmen/women do their job properly by posting the mail to the correct address. As the home owner may have important letters such as a NHS appointment, a new bank card, or council tax for example.

When the postmen/women has been giving us the wrong mail for another address. It makes me angry. As to work as a postman/woman when delivering mail you need to have all the mail ready that you’re delivering to the house and must remain calm and steady. These qualities are what make  great postmen/women but if they rush and aren’t prepared with the correct mail for the house that they’re delivering at. Then at the end of the day being a postman/woman is not the job for you I’m afraid!

Submitted: July 27, 2022

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