You Can Never Forget Your Feelings

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You Can Never Forget Your Feelings:

I did love Hollie but unfortunately for her I wasn’t ready for marriage and also a long distant relationship as she been offered a job in Wales as she was an actor and dancer and had accepted it. She’d told me she was starring in a musical at Cardiff ‘s theatre and had signed a two year contract. So as a result of this we decided to spilt up as we both wanted different things and in the end we came to the decision to be just friends as we’d met at Warrick university and formed a friendship which soon blossomed into a romantic one.

I worked as a drama, English, and music teacher at my local secondary school called Brookfield high school and was also a year seven form tutor. I found the break up with Hollie difficult as we’d been together for six years. I decided to forget about Hollie even though deep down I loved her.

It wasn’t long until I meet Amanda who worked as an IT technician at the school and we hit  it  off right away. But as the months rolled by I began to regret my decision. As Amanda was a gamer and was addicted to it as she’d begin at dusk and finish at dawn she would do this Friday and Saturday nights as well as long bank holidays and during the school holidays. It felt like she was more in love with the game world than with me. I couldn’t believe that I’d dumped Hollie for her!

I had to think fast. I knew exactly what I was going to and decided to put my plan into action right away!


Submitted: July 27, 2022

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