The Falcon Street Club Vol.4 Lessons Learned

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Table of Contents

The Fire

1: The Fire    It was early evening, and the boys sat around the guest room of Drew's house, talking about the day's fi... Read Chapter

Confession Time

2: Confession Time   The Fire Department arrived shortly and was able to put the fire out before it spread beyond the attic.... Read Chapter

The Time Capsule

3: The Time Capsule   The next day, Mr. Wasco loaded the boys' bikes in his truck and drove Jordie, Tim and Riley home a day... Read Chapter

Bad Dog

4: Bad Dog    When the boys had collected everything, they laid it in the box and sealed it up, with each boy helping ... Read Chapter

The Trunk

5. The Trunk   Time passed, and because of the wig mishap, Jordie had been grounded, at least for a week. Drew would be off ... Read Chapter

A Haunted House?

6. A Haunted House?   Mr. Roberts' house was creepy looking, just the kind of house one would find in a scary movie or magaz... Read Chapter

The Baking Contest

  7. The Baking Contest   Thanksgiving was fast approaching, and the elementary school was having ... Read Chapter

Let the Baking Begin!

  8: Let the Baking Begin!   The contest was held on the Thursday before Thanksgiving break, and everyone had to ha... Read Chapter

The Big Mistake

    9: The Big Mistake   Jordie stood at the bowl and began to mix the dry ingredients for their chocolate... Read Chapter

The Trunk Delivery

10: The Trunk Delivery    It was time for Mr. Wasco to take the trunk up to Mr. Roberts. Drew asked if he could go with... Read Chapter

Lonesome Holiday

11. Lonesome Holiday   When Drew returned to his house, he got on the walkie-talkie to tell the others about  Mr. ... Read Chapter

The Invitation

  12. The Invitation   “Hey, mom, do you think we could ask Mr. Roberts over for Thanksgiving?” “That is an e... Read Chapter

The Hospital Visit

13:   The Hospital Visit The boys were on Thanksgiving break, which meant they could spend more time at the clubhouse. Riley had... Read Chapter

A Friend In Need

14: A Friend In Need Several weeks had passed, and Mr. Roberts had returned home with a nurse who cared for him round-the-clock. He w... Read Chapter

The Rude Awakening

  15. The Rude Awakening Another Christmas was soon approaching, and the Falcon Street Club had watched another year come... Read Chapter

The Gifts

16. The Gifts  When Jordie, Tim and Riley got out of school, they all rode the bus home with Drew. His father was going to give ... Read Chapter

No Sale

17. No Sale It was two days before Christmas, and Riley and his family had gone to the big city to shop. The warm, sweet fragrances o... Read Chapter

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