“Nick Reigns NIGHTMARE FUELD Scary stories Volume 1

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I will be doing a series of short scary chapter stories here.

Table of Contents

“The presence of Olivia”

It was late one evening, I was pretty tired and just wanted to sleep. I was all alone in our house, except for the spirit who lives in ou... Read Chapter

“The phone call”

It was back in 2011, I was home alone for the night when the phone rang. Now I usually don’t answer the house phone when I’m alone be... Read Chapter

“The serial killer at work”

I was at work, when a serial killer approached me. At the time I had no idea who he was.
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“How my stay in France could have gone terribly terribly Worse”

I had just gotten all A’s my fifth straight report card, so I was feeling over the moon with myself and my school had suggested I go on... Read Chapter

“Creepy man with the doll following me home at 11 at night,Let’s not meet again”

I was seventeen at the time and had just gotten of the bus coming home from the bowling alley. I was a teenage women, I did not see the m... Read Chapter

“Sleep paralysis”

This is one of the best stories I have on booksie. This story alone has bee. Read 27,25 times total.
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“Something is watching me”

A young kid is haunted by “sleep paralysis and something demonic.”
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“Late night visits”

I had never really thought about supernatural or paranormal things before until I rented the house across the street from the cemetery. I... Read Chapter


This story is about a creepy older man, named Boris.
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“My life could have been over, if it wasn’t for this number”

Sometimes it’s easier to not answer the phone, but sometimes it’s a deathly mistake not too.
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“The women in my dream”

When I was seventeen, I was recuperating from a very bad fever. I felt like I was hallucinating and having these really bad dreams. ... Read Chapter

“Psycho chases me from the pool”

My name is Chris, and I was on a vacation with  family. This was our first official day as we had drive down here from the car for t... Read Chapter

“Lead Pipe”

This is a short horror story about a “Holiday inn”
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“The Longest Walk Home”

I was leaving work one evening when I had the feeling I was being followed. I turned around and saw several men watching me from the oppo... Read Chapter

“Horse and biggie ride Gone wrong”

It was a cool dark night out bats where flying all around as people walked down the cobblestone road.  The sound of my horses fe... Read Chapter

“He thought I was leading him on”

I was twenty three at the time. I am 30 now, so this happened to me 7 years ago. I only remember it because I heard about it on the news ... Read Chapter

“Hide and seek”

When playing hide and seek always be prepared for who may show up
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“The dare”

Sometimes it’s best to not take dares.
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“The woman at the Bar”

I went bar hoping with a friend a night I will never forget.
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“Was it a dream? Or was it real?”

I entered my best friends guest bedroom. We had spent the day together at “put in bay” where he proposed to me. We have been dating f... Read Chapter

“I was chased by “La Llorona”

The time was 12 am, I had been asleep for the last 3 hours. I had school early the next morning. I’m not sure exactly what woke me up b... Read Chapter


Two friends take shelter inside an abandoned building during a storm.
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“The Voice”

This is a creepy tale of a young lady who hears a voice calling out to her at night.
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“I was followed home”

This is a scary short story that takes place on a cold Halloween night October 31st, 1976. My friend and I went to a very haunted cemetery with a very scary legend. Hope you enjoy!
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“True Scary Funeral Ghost Story.”

Back in 2012, one of our relatives we didn’t know too well had passed away.  We showed up to the funeral a few miles from our ... Read Chapter

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This is the first in 3 books i have created About short scary stories

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