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Chapter 2 - Our Homeroom Teacher 


It’s assembly time, and all the students went outside to line up. Well, after observing every student who is in my class (y’know that I went to this school since Primary 6 and most of the students who’re in my class right now are in that class.), I already knew it’ll take quite a time for us to line up, despite being teenagers now. 


After proceeding to the Multipurpose Hall (MPH for short), we all settled down at our seats, and our assembly started by singing the national anthem, state anthem and school anthem. 


Our principal Madam Rachel went up the stage gracefully and gave us a speech for the new academic year. I got excited, and also had butterflies in my stomach at the same time. A hundred thoughts and questions suddenly popped in my mind, making me have a blurry vision inside me. 


What will happen this year?


Will it all go well?


Will I be able to cope with my Mathematics?


Who will be our homeroom teacher?


The last question was something I thought about the most at that time. I always worry about who will be my homeroom teacher for the year everytime. I always wished that the teacher would be a kind, patient (and sometimes cute) one. Wonder who will be our homeroom teacher for this year?


Soon, it’s time to announce who our homeroom teacher will be. I got excited to hear the news. So does Chloe, who kept whispering to me about the idea (Looks like I’m not alone).


And our homeroom teacher is named Mr Khidhir. Well, from the name, I can already guess that our homeroom teacher’s a male (There’s the word ‘Mr’ written, so how could it be a female?). But I kinda heard of the name somewhere, just can;t seem to catch the moment. 


Assembly ends with noises of students discussing while leaving the hall. It’s been a long time since they last came back to the school, due to the pandemic that caused chaos around the world. And I understand, even though that’s not the reason why my class, no, the Form 1s were discussing. 


We went back to our classroom. I immediately sat down on my chair, and thoughts rushed into my brain without knocking my brain’s door. 


Is he kind?


Is he a patient teacher?


Will he be mad at us easily?


And right before I could even answer those questions in my heart, a man came into our class. 


It’s our homeroom teacher. I guessed, since after having 6 years of being a student, and realising the fact that mostly the homeroom teacher will be coming into our class on the first day of school. But man, he looks handsome (I don’t mean to show off my teacher how great he looks, but it’s just me being honest and he really looks amazing!).


All of us immediately went silent. And we start to have our greetings just as usual. He also introduced himself and his voice made me remember everything, as if he refreshes my mind. 


It was at the moment that all of the new students, including me and Chloe, were taken on a tour around the school, just to get us familiarised with the environment. 3 teachers and 1 principal (Actually we had 3 principals in our school, one is kindergarten, one is primary and one is secondary) were present, and that includes Mr Khidihir. I saw him standing right in front of me ( and you already know what I was thinking at that moment when I first met him). 


Another time I met him was the moment we had our sports day competition. I was in the Red Team, but he’s in Green. So how do I meet him? That all has to do with one activity, which was tug of war. He was there to help the Secondaries with the competition. Even though they lost, I can see he had quite a lot of fun. 


Okay, back to where we’re supposed to be. He told us that he’ll be teaching Sejarah, Science and PE. He also told us all the important stuff we need to know for our studies, such as what’s the format for scoring well in the assessments, and so on. I quickly took my notebook out from my bag and quickly jotted down all the important things in my notebook. 


But he’s a bit different than any other teacher I know. After he’s done, he just lets us do anything we want. There’s more things that I find interesting about him, but more on that later. 


Soon, the bell rang. It’s time to have our next class, basically nothing much exciting happened, just some random stuff happening during class. ?


  • Our Maths Teacher Ms. Thiba kept saying one thing that had been still stuck in my till this day, which "I give you double homework."


  • English teacher Ms. Jennita uses a dice for one thing. What thing? Using it to "TORTURE" us (Actually it's just introduce ourselves, but y'know that some people are just too shy about it). 


Well, these were basically all the things that happened in class. But I still got some I haven’t mentioned about, like the assembly, there’s actually one more part I haven’t talked about yet, so see you in the next chapter! 

Chapter 2 Ends


Submitted: August 02, 2022

© Copyright 2022 UnknownGirl0830. All rights reserved.


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Chapter 2's out! Be sure to check it out!

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 10:09am

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