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Chapter 3 - Clubs & Society


Every school has a club for all students to join, and our school was no exception. During assembly, one of the teachers announced to us that Primary 4 to 6 and all the Secondaries will start our “Clubs & Society” journey! 


Clubs & Society, huh. I wonder if there is anything I would like to join. 


And these are the clubs open for all of us: 

  • Guitar
  • Performing Arts
  • Culinary
  • Board Games
  • Sewing


I looked at the screen, and had no idea which one I should join. 


Which one should I pick? I can’t afford to buy a guitar, I already learned how to perform in HandKidz. I wished I could join the culinary club, but I’m just afraid that I’ll burn the kitchen down (Just me worrying too much)! Board games are freaking boring and I don’t want to go prickling my fingers in sewing. 


Ideas keep popping into my mind. Chloe’s call to me made me come back to life. “Jessie, which club do you want to join? I was thinking of going to the guitar club.” 


“Nah, I don’t know. I think I can’t get myself a guitar. You know that guitars are really expensive. Plus, I don’t even know the basics of playing a guitar.” I replied.


Chloe sighed: “Then which one shall the both of us join? I don’t think I’ll be joining culinary, I will burn the kitchen down, I swear I will!”


Did you read my thoughts before asking me, Chloe? You literally said the same thing as I did. 


I told her my idea of joining the Performing Arts club, since there’s nothing more I can do. But as I expected, Chloe didn’t really like my idea. 


Actually, Chloe was a talented girl. Unlike me, she performed in school, joined various competitions and so on. But sometimes, she can be a bit shy. Me? Well, I was just an average student during Primary, who hadn’t got the confidence for going on a competition.


We stopped talking and continued listening to the teacher. According to the teacher, we will be given a form to write down 1 club and 2 backups (just in case the places for your first choice were full, y’know that there’s always a chance that a club will be the most popular one of all) you wished to join. 


And after that, we left the hall and went back to our classrooms to start our lessons. I won’t be talking about much because what happened next was connected to Chapter 2. 


The form was given after lunch, all of us must pass the form today, because it’s no big deal that you need to talk to your parents about it. Chloe wrote the form earlier than me, so I get to see what she wrote. 


And her choice made me feel a bit surprised. She joined Performing arts! Really, I thought she didn't want to join this club. So I just write the same thing as how she did (Both of us wrote Performing Arts, Sewing and Board Games that’s all). 


While waiting for our next teacher to arrive, I quickly took the time to ask Chloe why she wanted to join the club. And do you know what she said? 


She said: “You said that you want to join the Performing Arts Club, so I followed you, since you don’t wanna join Guitar. Since I already had piano classes, I think there’s no need for that.” 


Actually, what Chloe wanted to tell me was, she just wanted to follow me. Hehehe, guess that’s the power of friendship.


Chapter 3 Ends


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Chapter 3' released! Be sure to read it!

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Good one!

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