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Chapter 4 - Pei Hui


In this world, every first day, no matter if it’s school or work, you’ll meet a few new friends. And in this world, we had 3 types of people. We had an introvert, extrovert and ambivert. 


I can’t consider myself as an introvert, since I can talk a lot at times. Not extroverted too, since I can also be quiet at times. So I think I’m an ambivert, which means I can be both. Well, as an ambivert, it’ll be a bit easy to find a friend, even though being an extrovert’s the easiest. 


And I met a new friend during the first day break time. 


The bell rang once more. Great, it’s break time! I thought to myself while looking at the timetable that was stuck right on the wall. I walked to Chloe’s seat, and said: “Chloe, are you done taking that bento of yours?”


Here’s a fact, Chloe will take quite a long time to get ready for break, cus she needs to take her bento from her little bag. Inside, there’ 2 bentos, one for break, one for lunch. So she needs to check which lunchbox is the correct one. If she took the wrong one, gg, that’s the word.


We went to the school’s Cafeteria, and we went to find our seats. According to Mr Khidihir, one of the staff chose seats for us in the Cafeteria, and we all had to sit at the places prepared by them. 


And in the end, both of us sat at different places. Sobs. We can’t talk to each other during break time easily. But that doesn’t matter. What matters now is that we need to finish our food in 30 minutes. 


I went to the counter and bought myself Chicken Glutinous Rice. I quickly settled down at my seat, and started to eat it up. It’s so delicious and also cheap. It only cost only RM3. 


Soon, a girl sat right in front of me. She’s a bit quiet, I think she’s an introvert. But actually, no. She showed herself as an extrovert, right after I started to talk to her. 


“What’s your name?” I asked with a smile. “Pei Hui.” the girl replied. But she replied in Chinese. 


And soon I realised, she’s not really good at speaking in Chinese. But I can understand that, because her mother tongue is Chinese, plus it’s not easy to get used to a place where you just came (It’s my first time meeting her, and there’s only 1 class in Primary 6, so.). 


We talked a lot and we both had fun. But there’s one thing about her. She’s in 1 Hope (Cus I didn’t see her in my class), but it seems that she is sitting in the 1 Faith area. I asked her why, and she said she just realised that she went to the wrong class. Duh! 


During lunchtime, I introduced Pei Hui to Chloe. At first, I was a bit afraid that they wouldn't get along well. This is because Pei Hui isn’t really good at speaking English, and Chloe just doesn't like speaking Chinese. What will happen to both of them?


In the end, they get along well unexpectedly unexpected (The Jessie phrase, better put it in your vocabulary list! But don’t write this in your essays!)! And soon enough, we became friends!


And also the next day, she came to our class. And we had a great time together! Wanna know what we did? Read on!


Submitted: August 04, 2022

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Yo guys what's up? Chapter 4 was released! Hope u enjoy it!

Thu, August 4th, 2022 8:36am

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