Chapter 6: A Cute Yet Painful Massage

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6 - A Cute Yet Painful Massage


Have you ever gotten a massage? Sure, some of you have this experience. But by a homeroom teacher? Surely that’s not something a teacher would do! But Mr Khidihir does! 


Well, it all has to do in PE class. All of us had to do some warm up before doing some sports. Our sports expert Theophilus will be taking the lead. But as you know, even a sport expert will get tired of it, if it’s a child. 


He got so tired and was feeling really bored of doing those warm ups. So he just sat on the stage of the MPH hall. We all looked at him, waiting for his response, but nothing happened. 


We all got bored too, since as long as we don’t finish the warm ups, we’re not allowed to do anything. So we just talked to each other. Really, people these days are just impatient! 


“Theo! Now’s not the time to sit around and just daydream! Look at them, they can’t wait to start PE, plus 5 minutes have just passed and we’re not done with it yet!” I called. “And also, are you even listening?”


Well, as a normal student, I had no right to speak like this. But I can’t seem to get myself down. Even if I had the advantage to do so, he just won’t listen! He literally turned into a non-living life sized wooden doll!


I started to get nervous, so did Chloe and Pei Hui.


I understand that Pei Hui will be nervous because she doesn't know what is going on, but why is Chloe nervous now? Did she read my mind? I thought to myself. 


Feeling nervous, I glanced at Mr Khidhir, who was teaching us PE. He was sitting right behind the piano (Yes, we had a piano in the MPH hall, for special purposes.). He looked at me back, and I turned away. 


A few seconds later, I looked at him again, and right at this moment, he walked towards Theo. 


Do you know what Theo was doing at that time? He was talking to Geeiry, the tallest student in our class. No, I should say, tallest student in Form 1 category. 


Theo was so focused on talking with him, that he didn’t realise one thing. Mr Khidhir was just standing right behind him. And soon, something funny happened. 


Our teacher raised both of his hands, and grabbed Theo’s shoulders. And started to massage him! My gosh, look at that! So cute!!! But I felt one aura coming from him. An evil and mischievous aura was floating in the air. 


What happened? Instead of giving people a relaxing feeling, that ‘massage session’ hurts a lot! Theo cried in pain, and all of us laughed so much that some of our stomach hurts a lot (You know that sometimes if you laugh so much, your stomach will ache a bit.)! 


Theo cried out for help. “Ouch, teacher! Stop it! It’s so painful! What kind of massage is this?”


The massage of torture, of course! Made just for people like you! I thought to myself just to reply to Theo's question. 


“I’ll stop only if you finish the warm ups, all of your dear classmates are waiting, y’know.” said Mr Khidhir, who’s actually smiling (with cruelty, I guess) inside. 


And Theo immediately sprang to action. And because of that, he’ll always do warm ups during PE! Even if he wants to stop, just looking at Mr Khidhir's eyes is enough to make him do it. 


Well, in conclusion, we all know, Mr Khidhir’s message saves the day! 


Chapter 6 Ends


Submitted: August 06, 2022

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Imagine being massage by a teacher, it sure feels weird, right?

Chapter 6 released! Be sure to check it out!

Sat, August 6th, 2022 6:01am

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