A Play of Deception: Welcome to the Game

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Ryder Zane, a young man that lived with his family - a poor one at that; working hard everyday to get end's meet. One day at an internet café, he saw an ad from a website he accidentally clicked, which featured a application of entry...for a game; winner is said to receive a large sum of money upon win, which in his eyes, was just a scam. But because of the conditions, he decided to join anyway; going to the train station to go to the location of the said game, but...it was not what he expected.

Table of Contents


An hour passes and the train arrives at the train station of Life city, notic... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome

"The Train to Life City will be departing soon. All passengers must be aboard and be seated on their chosen seats for the train to depart... Read Chapter

The Maze

Beneath the vague light and darkness, between walls as he lays down on the wet concrete ground and breathes the hazy... Read Chapter

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