The Love Diaries: Timeless Forever

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Valeria Rose, young as she is beautiful; yet ignored by so many in school and shunned by one: A normal girl, hoping to be loved in the eyes of the only one. Trying to rekindle an old flame, but she will soon learn that it is so much harder than it ever was before. Time will either be another that will help her, or it may be the very thing that will snuff the fire forever.

Table of Contents


Dear Diary February 3, 2009 — I have done something… that I should have never done. I have tampered with forces beyond my underst... Read Chapter


Valeria sat still on her seat, holding the envelope with both of her hands as she examined it; feeling the soft texture and reading the e... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: The First Entry

“Val… Val… VAL!”   She shot up from her bed, the white blanket covering her face dripped down quickly from her cheeks ... Read Chapter

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