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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Backstabbers pretending to care about you are the worse. There's no way for some betrayals to be forgiven. But there is a way to make people pay for what you didn't deserve. When the perceived loser becomes the winner Karma is doing its job perfectly.



When Vincent called Debra to tell her he was coming home early from work she started getting goosebumps just thinking about the ecstasy that was going to take place between them. Today was their tenth anniversary and she loved that man now just as much as she did on their wedding day. In a euphoric state of mind, she ran to the closet and pulled down a box she'd hidden a brand new negligee in. Like an anxious little girl being handed a present with pretty pink ribbons on it she ripped it open and pulled out an eye-popper. The negligee was black satin with two cute little red bows stitched on the left side to reveal her shapely thigh. It was purposely purchased with a low cut in the back as well because her man loved doing it doggy style. Consumed with excitement she ran to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out she put the negligee on and a pair of knocked-out stilettos, topping it off with her most sensual-smelling perfume. She could hardly wait for Vincent to see her. He was going to be so excited that she could visualize him dropping his pants right in the middle of the floor. Standing before the mirror she smiled and said, " You look good enough to eat and that's funny because it's exactly what I expect him to do."

 Thinking Vincent had to be getting pretty close to home she ran downstairs to get the atmosphere right for a wild afternoon. Feeling the sensuality inside her unleashing itself she stopped by the cd player and put on a little Kem. She just couldn't get enough of his song called: When Love Calls Your Name. The lyrics of that song touched her very core of her. With the music right she went to the refrigerator to make sure the wine was chilling and the chocolate on the strawberries was solidifying. She started to nibble on a few of them but shook her head and put the container down because she wanted her stomach to be empty so she could be as flexible as her man needed her to be when they make love. The flow just wouldn't be right on a full stomach.

 Just as she was scattering a trail of rose pedals from the living room to the bedroom upstairs she heard the garage door opening. The thought of her handsome man coming through the door made the walls of her treasure ache for his big, good, hard, hot, glistening rod. There was just something about the initial pressure she's always felt when it's making its way inside her that made her quiver and need him so badly.

When she heard the garage door go down and the sound of Vincent's key in the door she ran over to the cd player and said, " Kem it's time for me to start you over so you can do your part." Then she struck a pose and waited for her man to come in the house so he would be knocked off balance when he check out what she was wearing. With a big smile on her face when he opened the door she asked, " Well! How do you like it?" Forcing a smile on his face that didn't fool her for a minute he said, " I like it. I like it a lot. You look beautiful." Debra was taken aback by his pacifying compliment so she asked him but didn't really want to know if something was wrong. All she wanted to do was lay in his arms for hours on end getting satisfied and sealing a bond between them strong enough to get them through another year. Walking up to him and teasing his ear with kisses she whispered, " Baby whatever has you a little down is gonna have to take a backseat because today is our anniversary and we shouldn't be letting anything spoil it."  

When she said that Vincent hugged her tight and kissed her a time or two, but her instincts and the way he was caressing her felt pretentious and awkward. She was horny as hell, but the feeling was tapering off because she could tell that he was just going through the motion. Getting annoyed because he was ruining their precious time together she stepped away from him and said, " Okay! I surrender! What's up? What's got you so preoccupied that its interfering with us having a good time on our anniversary?"

Vincent said, " I'm sorry baby, but I really do have something I need to talk to you about."

Catching her by the hand he led her to the couch and both of them sat down. Wringing his hands he said, " Now that we're sitting down I'm having a tough time getting the nerve to tell you what's bugging me."

Debra said, " It can't be that bad, so just get it over with. I really need you."

Vincent sighed and said, " Okay. But I hate doing this. I don't know how to say this without tearing your heart apart, but I want out of our marriage."

At first, Debra thought he was just joking and was going to laugh at her when she acted like she was taking him seriously. But the expression on his face told her that he wasn't kidding causing her sensitivities to go thru the roof. Jumping to her feet she screamed, " What do you mean you want out of this marriage!?"

Reaching for her hands to try to calm her down or stop her from slapping his face Vincent said," I'm sorry Debra, but this marriage isn't working for me. For the last nine months, I've been seeing someone else and me and my lover and want to spend the rest of our lives together."

When he told her he'd been cheating on her she lost it! She got up from the couch and started beating on him. He tried to stop her but not before she got in some really hard licks. Tears were pouring down her face and she was visibly shaken by what he was telling her. She screamed, " Why are you doing this to us?! Why are you foolishly throwing ten years away?! Why on earth did you go out and have an affair?! I've been trying to be the best wife I possibly could be to you!"

Vincent said, " I didn't plan to have an affair, it just happened and when it did I never intended for it to threaten our marriage." Debra was beside herself with heartache, but he hadn't even told her the part yet that was going to make the hair on the back of her neck stand up. But it had to come out and when it did it hit her like a mack truck.

Like the calm before a storm, Vincent said, " I don't like hurting you Debra, but I can't hold it inside any longer and you're going to find out eventually anyway so here it is. My lover is a man." When those words rolled off his tongue she looked at him like she had misunderstood what he said. Finally finding her voice she said, " I beg your pardon. But did you say what I just thought you said? Are you standing in my face saying that after ten years of marriage you're not only having an affair, but the affair is with a man?! "

Vincent was confessing something that was far beyond her comprehension. It made her feel like she was just hearing the sound of language for the very first time. Never in a million years did she ever think her husband or any man she was involved with would be telling her something so damn insane. Vincent didn't answer her question right away because he knew he had her angry enough to do some pretty drastic shit to him. Never had he been so glad that he took the gun out of the house before he left that morning. Because he knew he was telling her something that could make her kill him. Cautiously he continued, " We're very much in love and I'm not ashamed of our relationship. How could I deny how I feel when every molecule in my body's begging me to follow my heart?"

 Debra screamed, " Follow your heart! Motherfucker what do you mean follow your heart!? Just yesterday you were telling me how in love you were with me! Now you're telling me how in love you are with some guy. I need to know right here, right now, did you use protection when you two were having sex!?"

Vincent tried to avoid eye contact with her and replied, " Truthfully sometimes we did, sometimes we didn't."

His response scared the shit out of her. It felt like he had sucker punched her in the stomach. Besides feeling like someone just ripped her heart out of her chest all that was going through her mind was if they'd made her sick. Just the thought of Vincent jeopardizing her life made her want to go for blood. But fortunately for him, she couldn't visualize herself sitting in prison for goodness knows how long. How in the hell could he have been so careless to be sleeping with someone, man or woman, and not use protection? Choked up she asked, " Damn Vincent how long have you known that you were gay? I'm not being judgmental about the road you've chosen to take in life. I just know that you've known me long enough to know that I needed a voice in what role I wanted to play as a result of it. "

Vincent said, " I can assure you that when we got married I definitely wasn't gay and I'm still not absolutely sure that I am or not now. All I know is that for the first time in my life when I saw this man I had an indescribable desire to get to know him on a very personal level. Chris the man that I'm involved with and I met a little over a year ago. But nothing transpired between us for at least three months."

Debra shouted, " Excuse me, but is that supposed to make me feel better?! "

Vincent responded, " What I'm saying is I don't know why I allowed myself to get caught up in a complicated web like this, but I did and will have to live with my decision, right or wrong."

Debra was trying to digest what Vincent was telling her but confusing thoughts were racing through her mind at the speed of light. She started wondering, how in the hell do you tell your family and friends that your man not only had an affair with a man, but he chose the man over you? Everyone thought she and Vincent had the perfect marriage. So they were naturally going to be in disbelief. As she traced her mind she wondered if there were signs she should have noticed about Vincent that went unnoticed. The only thing that came to mind was that her friend Brandy had told her not too long ago that it seemed like Vincent was acting different. She said she couldn't put her finger on it, but a word to the wise she needed to get to the bottom of it. She remembered shrugging her off by saying, " He's alright Brandy just a little overworked that's all. He's working for a greedy ass company that's expecting him to do two men's jobs with one man's pay. So naturally, he's a little moody and aggravated."

Brandy said, " Maybe you're right. I hope that's all there is to it because I certainly don't want to be perceived as a troublemaker."

She said, " Rest assured that if there was cause for concern believe me I'd be all over it."

Now after the bombshell Vincent just laid on her it looked like Brandy knew her man better than she did.

After crying, yelling, and arguing to the point of exhaustion she stormed upstairs to their bedroom slamming the door behind her. Vincent left the house she assumed to go tell his man that they were free to walk off into the sunset. Ten minutes after he left there was a knock at the door and it was her sister Katy. She had a friend that was running late for work to drop her off because she'd just put her car in the shop. She noticed that Debra's eyes were bloodshot red and asked her if she was okay. Debra lied and told her that she was battling allergies, had just taken some medicine, and was just getting ready to take a nap. Katy said, " I have a Doctor's appointment in thirty minutes. Do you think you can take me?" Debra said, " This medicine is going to kick in real soon so why don't you use my car and I'll take you to get yours later this evening when you bring mine back? Katy said, " I'll tell you what. It's two o'clock right now I'll give your medicine a couple of hours to wear off and will be back over here around five o'clock. How about that?" Debra said, " That's fine." So she gave Katy her keys and walked her to the door to lock it after she left.

Highly upset and needing some downtime she tore off her negligee and put on some pajamas. Nothing about it appealed to her anymore. It served no purpose. Feeling like she'd been in the ring with a prize fighter she laid in the bed until it was obvious that rest wasn't coming her way. It was incredible how a perfectly planned day had bit the dust and all that was left of it was a broken heart, anger, and an imminent divorce. With that in mind, she went to the basement to sift through a couple of things she was already anticipating taking with her when there was nothing left to say but goodbye.

Vincent came back, but she didn't hear him come in. The phone rang and she picked it up. But just as she was getting ready to say hello Vincent was on the other end beating her to her point. On the other end of the phone, she realized that it was her friend Jade. She held the phone quietly because she didn't want to talk to anyone yet. Vincent didn't realize that she was on the other line so she heard him tell Jade that she was gone because her car wasn't in the garage. She was glad he said that but to her surprise Jade wasn't calling for her. She heard her say, " So it's okay for us to talk then huh?"

Vincent responded, " Yeah. It's cool."

Jade said, " How did she take it?"

 Vincent said," Not very well. I think it was too much for her to handle when I told her that I've been seeing a man."

Jade said, " Don't worry about that. You had to say it was a man. It was the only thing that would keep her from trying to salvage the marriage. If you told her we were seeing each other her stupid ass would have been doing everything in her power to hold on to you and we both want her out of our hair. Don't we?"

Vincent said, " I know you're right, but I sure didn't like hurting her like that. She really didn't deserve it."

His sensitivity for Debra annoyed Jade. In a harsh tone, she said, " Are you still holding some deep-seated feelings for her?" Even if he was he knew the answer Jade was waiting for so he told her exactly what she expected to hear.

 Debra was so shocked by what her so-called friend and Vincent had been up to that she stood in the middle of the floor paralyzed in one spot. Her mind was fucked up. She couldn't believe that Jade and Vincent had stooped that damn low. Adding insult to injury Jade told Vincent that it wouldn't be long before she would started talking about divorcing him and when she does he need to tell her that he want to sell the house right away. Then they can take their part of the money and leave town so they can start a new life.

 In agreement with what Jade was saying they small talked a little while longer with Jade telling Vincent that she loves him and would keep him posted on what she said when she call and cry on her shoulders. Both of them found some sick humor in that before they hung up the phone. Then she said," I'll see you later on this evening big daddy!"

Vincent replied, " I can hardly wait."

After hanging up the phone in a haste Debra texted Katy to tell her not to bring her car back until around seven o'clock. She figured Vincent would be gone over to tighten Jade up by then. That way he'd never know that she was in the house and heard everything he and her enemy had to say. It was tough, but she kept a low profile in the basement, and just like she knew he would Vincent left the house.

For the rest of that evening, Debra convinced her eyes not to cry and her heart to put its pain on hold because it was time to teach her whore ass husband and backstabbing so-called bitch ass friend a well-deserved lesson.

 The next day the first thing she did was just what Jade said she'd do. She called her over so she could tell her about Vincent having an affair with a man. Jade should have gotten an Oscar for how devastated she pretended to be by what she was being told. They were sitting at the kitchen table and that bitch actually knocked the chair she was sitting in over to get to Debra so she could hug and comfort her. While she was hugging her all Debra was thinking about was how much time she would end up doing if she killed that bitch. At the same time, she lost count of how many motherfuckers she called Vincent in her head for fucking around with that scum in the first place. To top it off that home wrecker had the audacity to hold Debra's face in her hands and say, " If I was you I would contact a lawyer and divorce Vincent's dumb ass immediately."

Yes, things were going just like Debra planned and she could hardly wait to tear Jade's little playhouse down. She knew she was destined to lose her rotten-ass husband, but she was determined to make sure that Jade wasn't going to be her replacement.

Over the next several months Debra continued to pretend that she wasn't up on what was going on between those two trifling tramps. She even filed for a divorce and attended every single meeting their Lawyers summoned them to divide their property up. Both parties agreed to sell the house so they could be equally compensated for it. The house was listed and shown to several families. She and Vincent were contacted because an offer was made. Both of them agreed to meet at Cracker Barrel restaurant to see if they were in agreement with taking what their realtor said was four thousand dollars less than what they were asking for on the property.

Seated across the table at the restaurant Vincent Debra said, "How have you been?"

Vincent responded, " I can't complain. Things have been going okay."

 Debra started playing her hand. She said, " I've been doing pretty good too since I found out that there was no reason for me to be concerned about having the AIDS virus."

Vincent asked, " What do you mean?"

Debra said," Well Jade stopped by the house a couple of weeks ago and told me everything. Including the fact that there was never a man in the picture. Said her conscience was killing her for what both of you were putting me through. Also said she wish I wouldn't have been so hasty in divorcing you because all she wanted was the money, and I could keep the honey. Said you've been padding her pockets pretty good."

Vincent's usually pleasant facial expression turned to one of anger. He hung on to Debra's every word. And that's exactly what she wanted him to do. He couldn't think that she was lying because she didn't even know what he and Jade had been up to. And he thought they had covered all the ground that would have kept her in the dark. Jade had to have tipped their hand. After seeing that she knew everything he dropped his head and Debra could tell that an apology was getting ready to slide off his tongue. She stopped him before the words could form in his mouth. She said, " Don't do that. It's so typical of what someone would do after they find out that you know what they've been doing. If I was still naive about what's been going on there would be no apology. So please don't appease me. I wouldn't even have one coming if your girl hadn't stabbed you in the back. I honestly gave you more credit than that. I never thought you would sleep with someone that claimed to be a friend of mine. Fortunately for me, I was able to separate my mind from my emotions and get on with my life. Baby I've cried until I was as weak as a newborn kitten. There were days that I screamed your name and asked God why you put me through all this hell. I begged him to please tell me what I did for something this awful to be happening to me. But no answer came causing me to get thin as a rail and too depressed to deal with even the most basic things. There were days that I really needed you to rescue me from myself. Some days I drank myself into oblivion, but it didn't take the pain away, it only dulled it. I would fall asleep drunk because I couldn't just close my eyes and get a good night's sleep. It was an incredible feeling knowing that I truly loved you and Jade's only intention was to take you for everything you have. Even as I speak I don't know why I'm going through the trouble of pulling your coattail about your woman in waiting. After the devastation, I've suffered a part of me hopes she drag you until your flesh is raw. But the other part of me that remembers the good man I used to have still wished you well. I realize it's too late for us, but you should know before you go riding off into the sunset with Jade that she doesn't want you. Said she has two other men that she's talking to and you damn sure wasn't going to run them off. It's burned into my memory the way she winked at me and said you're just in her life to keep her shopping. I don't know how true it is but she told me that once you and I sell the house that ya'll are supposed to be leaving town together." That did it for Vincent, he was convinced more than ever that Jade had been running her big mouth because there was no way Debra could know that they were moving away. Smiling under her breath Debra realized that that was the icing on the cake. She knew he had to be convinced that Jade was spilling the beans. Twisting the knife even further she said, " Vincent I don't know how to tell you this but it's the only way you'll ever find out. Jade made me feel like a fool when she had the audacity to tell me that she felt sorry for me."

Vincent said, " After all the shit we've put you through I know you didn't buy it that she feels sorry for you."

Debra's Grammy moment came when she lowered her head as if to look embarrassed and said, " Her sympathy wasn't exactly for doing me wrong. She wondered how in the hell I could spend ten years with a man that was so worthless in bed. Said fucking you without laughing in your face was one of the toughest things she's ever had to do to keep a wallet open. Said you should be kissing my ass for all the years you've wasted my time in bed."

When she said that Vincent looked like he needed oxygen and she reassurance that what Jade said wasn't true. But Debra pretended not to notice and said, " I've said enough. I don't want you to hate the woman before ya'll ever get gassed up to leave town. But one last thing you definitely should know is that she said when your money runs out, she's running out. In a nutshell that's what's getting ready to go down with you and your girl, so watch your back okay!"

Vincent knew Jade was a home wrecker. Hell, she had broken up with their neighbor down the block from them marriage. She was a head turner and liked to have driven that poor man insane. When his family left him he walked around acting all cocky like it was no big deal because he thought he had something much sexier than his wife. But Jade flipped the script and broke up with him immediately afterward. But before she jumped ship she cleaned his bank account out. It was her way of getting compensated for all those times she let him hit it. She talked about him like a dog because she couldn't believe he didn't get it that she never intended to end up with him. Luckily his broke ass was able to get his family back and learned the hard way that the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side.

Looking at her watch Debra told Vincent that she was willing to take a cut in the price of the house if he felt the same. They finished their chicken fried chicken meal and then got up to leave. Walking behind Vincent Debra smiled because she was responsible for the thunderstorm that was drenching his parade. He was clearly disturbed by their conversation. Sweet revenge was hers to savor at last.

Jade was still coming to her house during her separation from Vincent trying to play her for a fool. To keep her upset she told her that on several occasions she'd seen Vincent and his man at a couple of parties. Debra pretended to believe her, but kept thinking every dogs got their day, and bitch yours I guarantee is going to be the upset of the year!

 There were times during their separation that Debra missed her husband something fierce and there were times when she wanted to beg him to come back home. But she couldn't bring herself to do it because she had vivid images in her mind of him and Jade betraying her and the extent he went to kiss their marriage goodbye. She wanted to give Jade a run for her money, but Vincent had to have wanted to be Jade's man for him to hurt her as he did.

Friends and family still believed that she and Vincent were meant to be together and tried to convince her to be patient because he was probably just going through a mid-life crisis. She considered that a nice pipe dream but knew that wasn't going to happen because of the lengths he went through to leave her. So she kept her dignity intact and never asked him to choose between her and his home wrecker.

 Three weeks later they were asked to come to the title company to sign papers to dissolve their names on their house so it could be sold. As the papers were handed to Vincent to sign he blurted out, " I'm not ready to sell my house! I thought I was, but I'm not Debra. I shouldn't have ever lied and hurt you and let our love go on such a cheap note. I've made a major mistake. I gave up the woman I love. For what!? Nothing. I feel like a fool and have no one to blame but myself." The representative in the room with them stared at him with disdain on her face and said, " Mr. Carver I've seen men like you come in my office for years throwing your wives away like a pair of run-over shoes. You go out casting your hook in the water catching an abundance of fish, but they can't and never will compare to the one you're letting get away. I don't know, nor do I want to know what you did to your beautiful wife, but it damn sure isn't from what I can see is worth it. I'm supposed to remain impartial to your personal affairs, but I'm only human and you're disgusting. Just another fuck up."

Debra looked sadly into Vincent's eyes with tears flowing down her cheeks and said, " Baby I haven't mastered unloving you yet. If they sold a remedy in a bottle how I would use the money from the sale of this house to buy an unlimited supply of it? You see your change of heart isn't about a deeply devoted love for me. It's because I let you know that your girl doesn't want you. Before I told you what was going down you were ready to sign our house away and drift off into the sunset with another. My love wasn't enough for you, and yours was up for grabs. If we got back together I couldn't trust you to walk into the kitchen while I was in the living room. What kind of life would that be for either of us?"

Vincent said, " Debra I walked away from our house with unscrupulous intentions so it would be dirty as hell for me to stand by and watch you go live in an apartment. You deserve your home. Tomorrow I am going to get with my attorney to have him draw up some papers to make you the sole owner of our house. "

The title representative looked at Debra and figured out by the expression on her face that she was getting ready to decline his offer. So she quickly intervened by saying," Excuse me! I really don't want to interfere again but Ms. Carver thinks about what he's saying. Don't let your pride get in the way. He's trying his best to right a wrong he's done to you. Take his offer, there's no reason to do otherwise."

Pondering over what the representative said Debra decided to look out for her best interest and thanked Vincent for his generous offer. Vincent got up to leave then turned to Debra with a grim look on his face and said, "I had it all and let it get away. Please forgive me."

 Debra walked up to him and gave him a gentle hug, wished him well then walked out the door. Their departure was bittersweet because she knew they could have gotten back together, but it would have been for the wrong reason.

Jade's nerve got to redeem herself. Vincent wasn't interested in a word she had to say. She tried to keep up with his life by visiting Debra because she heard that he visit her regularly. Not only did Debra not tell her anything, but she was also sick of her phony ass darting her door.

When it was crystal clear that Vincent didn't want Jade anymore Debra broke off their so-called friendship. She never told Jade that she found out that she was a backstabbing bitch. If she had Jade would have chased Vincent to the end of the earth to tell him that she never told anyone about their plans.

Debra made sure Jade could see how it feels to be left out in the cold. Eavesdropping on them was a secret she was going to take to her grave.



I won't end up with him, but neither will you.

He'll find another woman, but you two are through. 


Submitted: August 05, 2022

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