Chapter 1: Downfall of an Empire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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3600 B.C.

The Kingdom of Atlantis.


The skies had darkened over the kingdom.

As if a storm were brewing upon the ocean itself. The pure white tone of the cloud had become a polluted gray. Flashes had begun to run across the blackened skies, illuminating in brief seconds as lightning surged and thunder clapped.

The kingdom had become overrun by the enemy. For one hundred years, Atlantis has found itself locked in a war against the Abyss. A legion of sea creatures that were said to have originated from their people, sacrificing their humanity for power through the accursed mystic arts of the Dark Waters.

Black magic that had been banned from Atlantis centuries ago. The truth to their origins remain unknown but the Abyss has proven to be a potential threat for their people and homeland. The war raged was back and forth, however, Atlantis mostly had the advantage against them.

Yet, on this day, it wouldn’t be a battle they fought in. It would be a siege as the Abyss poured from the Atlantic in great numbers. Two of their Generals led the way with ten-thousand foot soldiers strong behind them as the trekked across the white sand shores of the outer coast, coming through the lush forests and before the kingdom’s outer walls.

In possession of powerful advancements the world has not seen. The Atlantean defenses were great but lacked the relentless numbers that the Abyss provided. Ten-thousand was a high quantity and seemingly even greater than what Atlantis had in their ranks.

The high powered hydro cannons mounted at five points on the wall rained heavy fire upon the troops. Cutting them down by vast numbers with warriors on foot waiting on the outside. Swords and spears clashed as the physicality quickly dialed from zero to eleven.

Though strong, the Atlantean warriors were outmatched and the majority were slain. Retreating beyond their wall, they relied on cannon fire and archery to strike down those on the opposing side. Unknown to them, those from the Abyss had brought a strange device.

A large cauldron of sorts that was barbed with spikes at the base. A strange mixture was poured into the gourd like centering with a secondary barbed sphere attached to the top. The large cannons couldn’t aim lower and fire closer to the wall, a drawback to their long range design.

Panic ensued as archers picked off more Abyssal soldiers but it wasn’t enough to stop what was coming. A large burning husk was brought forth as a soldier headed to the device, dropping it inside as within a split second there was a blast. Loud enough to deafen all sound momentarily, a bright flash gave way, throwing back multiple soldiers from the Abyss as their lives had been sacrificed for the purpose.

The thicket of concrete had been penetrated. The steel that reinforced the wall which towered over one-hundred feet had been comprised as the blast tore a gaping hole through as smoked poured through with burning debris scattered about. Atlantean soldiers had suffered the same, being violent blown away with many either killed or injured.

One soldier came to his feet, shaken by the blast as he had lost his helmet. Blood rushed from his head as he took up a nearby sword. Coming into the smoke, he could not see but began to lash out with a series of strikes which met with nothing.

Catching a glimpse of something, he lunged in only to be struck himself. His grip lightened upon the swords handle as it tumbled to the ground. Stepping back into view, a sword had been drawn through his armor and chest, piercing right out his back as four inches of the blade was exposed and trickled with blood.

Removing his sword, the Abyssal General turned sideways and kicked him back. Rotating his sword, he pointed forward as foot soldiers began to scamper and scurry through the wall. Those with the energy to stand and fight tried to hold them off but the situation had worsened.

The Abyssal foot soldiers would soon pour into the streets of the city. The grand and fine architectural design to the city would soon be undone in a matter of minutes. Chaos roamed freely as those within the kingdom retaliated, pushing back against the forces of the Abyss but eventually the progress made would soon be lost.


“Sire! More Wraiths have been seen exiting the Atlantic.”

Sitting upon his throne. The King of Atlantis sighed heavily. Anger seethed within him but was tamed by a calm composure as next to him sat his wife and Queen.

Before them was a group of men and women. Their Counsel, consisting of aids and assistants. Between them sat a cradle with their infant child, asleep and unknowing to what was transpiring.

“Any news from Scout Squadron 6?”

“None, sir. With the method used by the Abyss upon the wall, I would not put it past them to had slain the sixth Scout Squad.” He balled his right hand into a fist, rising from his throne.

“We have dealt with the Abyss for far too long. There will not be peace between us and at any cost, they will see through our end. Are there any soldiers who have not been dispatched?”

“They are still equipping themselves and heading out into the kingdom. They have been alerted of the invasion.”

“I want the Calvary dispatched in full force if every rider has not left the barracks. I need for some to traverse the five districts and the rest to head forth to the coast. I want every soldier who has not left suited, armed, and out in the streets as soon as possible.”

“And what about your wellbeing, as well as your son and wife.” A Counselor asked.

“The Elite Guard shall escort you all to the Pearl Caverns beneath the palace. You all will be safe and out of harms way. I want all civilians to be escorted to the Shimmering Coves, adjacent to the Pearl Caverns, if need be, the people will be evacuated beyond Atlantis via the pods.”

“And what about you?”

“I am not a concern. You all are important. I will be heading out to join the other out in battle soon.”

“My Lord, that is insane! You cannot join in on this battle, not this time.”

“I will not let my people suffer and struggle. I refuse to sit back on a throne and just give orders. I am not afraid to fight and will do so if must.”

“King Orkos, you must reconsider this decision!”

“I will not!”

“We have the military, as well as the Wave Warriors on our side. They have been proven to be powerful enough to handle the Abyss.”

The doors to the throne room opened. A squadron of thirty had entered inside. Dawned in silver, navy and teal armor stood the Elite Guard.

“King Orkos. The kingdom has come under heavy siege from the Abyss. What is your instructions for the invasion?”

“I need ten of you to escort the Counsel and my wife to the Pearl Caverns. The rest, on me. I shall join you all in the battle…let this be our final call to arms against the Abyss, if they come against us so hard, then we shall reveal the full might of Atlantis.”

Submitted: August 06, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Aquarius0218. All rights reserved.


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