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Bristol, New Jersey.


Approximately 2.4 miles off the coast of Pearl Cove. A large yacht, outfitted with the latest computer tech and hardware, had dropped anchor. Upon the vessel was a crew of fourteen.

A dive team was preparing themselves towards the ship’s stern. Suiting up in dive equipment from the suits to having tanks being examined for their oxygen supply. Tests were run for the mics built into the full facemasks.

Cache cases were brought out. Each containing a carbine rifle and magazines. The rifles were specialized to function in and out of water, the magazines were loaded with twenty fletching rounds as the dive team prepared their weapons.

As they readied to dive beneath the ocean’s surface, they were approached by a man in a white suit. An older gentleman in his mid-50s and African American. He stood at six feet even, bald with a thick mustache above his top lip which was riddled with random grays about the remaining black shade.

“Gentlemen, you are about to enter in what has been called the Devil’s Razor. Once you all break past the surface, we will dispatch four remote piloted drones to assist you. Cameras have been mounted to each as well as high powered search lights, we all are with you on the comms.”

“You sure you’re not getting in on this, Captain?” One jokingly questioned. “It’s been a while since the last time you’ve gotten wet.”

“I’m afraid I will pass on that offer, Jenkins. Then again, I do not look too good in neoprene.”

With a light chuckle being shared, the dive team made their way into the water. Entering backwards, they sank and broke past the visual plane. Gathering together, they began to descend as they swam towards the ocean’s floor.

From bays attached at the port and starboard sidings. The drones were released, their cells energized within seconds with the power at 99 percent maximum. The drones were roughly the sizes of a child’s electric power wheel, outfitted with gyro propellers at the rear and sides, slats assisted in addition to their sides in mobility.

Four 360 degree cameras were mounted to the drones which followed suit. The waters of the Atlantica were a crystal blue as the feeling of being submerged in such a wonderful color of clean water brought a relaxing ambience to the team. It wouldn’t be long before the drones surrounded them at their sides, front, and rear.

Further into the depths, the crystal blue hue began to darken. Its aquatic tint remained as the shadows started to linger and soon they reached the sandy bottom. Several yards out was the Devil’s Razor, a jagged fault line of unknown origin.

A flare was lit, having a twisting head that then was peeled back. A red glare emitted which caused him to turn away as he then embedded it into the sandy edge.

“Alright Cap, we’re here.”

“We’re picking up the flare’s signature. Anything out of the ordinary at the edge?”


“Just as I suspected. Continue on.”

Two drones entered first, followed by the divers. The last two followed at the end as they pushed into the darkness. The lights activated, piercing through the shadows as the dive team had tactical lights attached to the front of their rifles barrels, bright and clear illuminations cut through the dark as they descended into the crevice.

The water began to become cooler. While their suits emitted and trapped heat to keep them warm, the change was being felt. The temperature was dropping every few meters and soon a light traces of frost and ice were seen on the cavern walls.

The waters around them had reached a high of 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Their chilled swim would only last mere moments as the temperature began to increase. Towards the bottom of the shadows, there was light, an orangish red aura was glowing and the waters were getting warmer.

Checking the readings upon one of the outfitted screens. A scientist onboard was amazed as the sudden flux in the water’s temperature as it was now at 55.7 degrees. Their descent brought them closer to the glowing aura which soon separated as a series of geysers rested within the sand.

Their funnels were hardened and cracked, glowing like molten caldrons as smoke emitted. The temperature had reached a high of 75.9 as the geysers lined the floor, winding like burning serpents. A total of thirteen rested as they followed along their glowing trail before coming upon a large cave like entrance.

“Captain, you’re seeing this?”

“Everything is pouring into our feed clearly.”

“This is odd.”

Their was hesitation but the team continued. The duo of drones in the front began to have their lights move about as the second duo rose above the team, clearing out the shadows. They came to a dead end, but the only way forth was to continue upward, the drones and men began to ascend, following along the wavy cavern walls which were lined by underwater moss and vegetation.

Light poured in from above as they all made their exit. A series of high rise rock walls and submerge rock facing, almost like mountains, surrounded them. The jagged opening became tighter further down, closer more and opening wider in sections as everything was astonishing.

“Good god man, are you seeing this?!”

“I can’t believe this!”

The team ranted over their mics. Back on the yacht, the Captain and others stood in silence to what they were seeing. There were four structures, each seeming like a temple or house of sorts as one sat atop of a large stone staircasing.

“Jenkins, come in.”

“What is it Captain?”

“We are all onto something here. This is going to be one hell of a discovery.”

“I agree, it has already become that sir.”

“Examine and search for what you can, take precaution as well.”

It wouldn’t be long before one member spotted two sharks in the distance. Other than the illuminating teal jellyfish, they were the main concern. Armed and ready, their guns were powerful enough to take down a shark with one well aimed shot.

The dive team began to separate with drones following in individual directions. Two minutes would count on and the visual feed of the third drone would be lost.

“We lost visual.” A scientist said as the Captain stepped over.

“What’s going on Hernandez, talk to me.”

“The visual was suddenly lost. All cameras are dead sir.”

“Is the drone still operation.”

“Negative on that, I have lost all control to it. Even the GPS signal is dead.” The Captain shook his head, as he went to contact the dive team, he got static in his ear.

“Jenkins? Jenkins…do you read me?”

All comms were filtered with static. The interference began to dwindle as noise could be heard through the jumbling audio feed.

“Jenkins, what is going on down there?” There was no response.

The fourth and second drone had lost their visual feeds. The first sustained heavy damage, being knocked around as the feed rotated about with the drone landing upon the rocks. Upon the screen, the remaining camera had captured what appeared to be a large creature of sorts.

Mistaken for a shark, the Captain did not believe it to be. One of the scientist believed a shark to had attacked the drones but the theory was dismissed. Contacting Jenkins and the other members of the dive team, the audio came through clearer.

There was sounds of groaning and struggling. Men shouting as they were experiencing physical agony, the same drone which remained with one camera had captured what appeared a stream of blood clouding. The same creature that was seen earlier had its jaws locked into the side of a diver, arms extended forth, taking hold of their left leg and head as it repositioned itself to latch down on his neck, tearing deeply through the flesh.

“What the hell is that!?” A female scientist shouted in horror.

The drone rattled a bit, being turned over and held up. The last camera, still recording had captured the appearance of a blue fleshed face with illuminating white eyes. Red streaks marked the sides of their face and down the bridge of their nose, tendrils lingered about the sides of their head like dreadlocks and it seemed they had black tipped horns positioned at points about the top and sides of their head.

The drone was flipped over, coming to the sand, and becoming smothered by the flooring. The camera was still operational but within an instant, all power was lost.

“Do we have that footage on file?” The Captain asked.

“Yes sir, everything that was recorded has been saved.”

“We are returning to the port, now!”

“Sir, what about the dive team?!”

“There is nothing we can do for them in this moment, we need to head back to shore. Get Director Mitchell on the phone this instant!”

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