A View Of Space

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They have made it further than any other, but what's next..?


Multiple astronauts look out of a ship's viewport, A dazzling display of stars and solar systems mix and merge creating a work of art made fit for the gods. One astronaut softly whispered as if scared the scene would shatter if he spoke too loud “Isn’t it beautiful Luna? Before us is the furthest depths of the universe that any human has seen!”


Small tears of joy started streaming from her eyes as she replied “It- it's unbelievable... after 5 long years of travel we finally made it!”


The crew looked onwards as memories from their voyage started to appear in their minds. Like when Suli discovered a bottle of alcohol that had been snuck onboard and ended up floating around drunk with a face so scarlet she looked like mars, or the time Luna was having trouble sleeping so the rest of the crew made her a stuffed alien from empty ration bags and tape, and all of them remembered when Marti fell asleep on the controls resulting in the crew having to manually avoid an asteroid belt.


A radio buzzed to life on the side wall disrupting this magic moment. “1105-41, do you copy? Have you reached your destination yet?”


Grabbing the radio’s microphone, Suli replied “This is 1105-41, yes we have reached our destination.” “Affirmative, please send- Chhhh before- Chhhh” ground control attempted to reply as the ship's lights flickered and then went out.


The backup lights soon came on showering the crew in a dim red light. “Ground control..? Ground control do you copy!?” Suli replied in a panic only to receive a soul-crushing static hiss back. The crew fell silent, they looked at each other nervously then once more peered through the viewport. The dazzling view now looked a lot darker and scarier than before.


Submitted: August 11, 2022

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