What Did I Do???

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The spider's point of view before it gets smashed!

Minding my own business, spinning my net

Along comes this big monster, very upset

What the heck did I do to deserve this Raid?

Incinerating my skin like a hand grenade.

I ate flies for you! Kept your yard free of pests

Yet for my whole existence, you gave me no rest

Here I am, smashed under the sole of your shoe

My severed legs quiver in a thick soup of goo.

My life may have meant nothing to you and your kin

For all my months on this planet, I could never win

A footnote of history, blown away like my web

'Til my son drops down onto the face of Aunt Deb.

Then you'll rage out again, bring out more of your spray

So much easier to murder than let him on his way

But the world will be ours, after your race is history

Your irrational hatred has always been a mystery

To my kind, that's only wanted to live and let live

I eat all your mosquitoes. How much more should I give?

Arachnids unite! We will take back what's ours

Bit by bit, inch by inch, we take pride in these scars.


Submitted: August 17, 2022

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